Moving is an exciting affair but moving during the pandemic is a bit challenging. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world and has made even normal activities quite difficult. Considering this, you need to be more cautious and keep yourself and your movers safe while getting on the road. . The below post is all about practical moving safety tips that will help you move in these certain times without much stress.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the process of moving seems a little daunting since it is impacted by social distancing guidelines, potential lockdowns, and other restrictions apart from safety measures. After being stuck for several months inside our homes for almost a year, even the thought of moving to a new house scare most of us. If you happen to have planned and are packing to move to your new house in Canada or any other country, you must be seeking some packing and moving tips. 

Read this article comprising packing tips for moving and some hands-on tricks that will help you to get your shifting done safely and keep you healthy throughout the intense process. You will also get to learn about some packing tips for moving that will help ease up the entire process.

Reasons to Hire Professional Movers Who Know How to Take the Safety Measures

Hire Professional Movers

It was before the pandemic when you could contact a few family members and friends to help you out with the moving of the furniture and belongings with the promise of a party. However, it is quite important to practice social distancing while moving during the pandemic. You can now interact with a limited number of people with masks on. Make sure you do not interact with too many people as it might not just put you and your family but also others at risk. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire professional movers who will make a customized plan to help you with your specific concerns and take all precautions and safety measures while helping in packing to move

Also, do proper research on practices to consider while you are moving through professionals can take to reduce the spread of the virus. Ensure that they are wearing masks, disinfecting surfaces, and practicing other CDC guidelines as they will be meeting so many people. It is crucial to follow these practices since these professionals are moving in and out of the house. Having said that, we would suggest going for skilled and experienced moving professionals to keep yourself and your family safe along with your belongings. 

Keep the Windows Open While Moving

Moving to Canada

We all know that wearing masks is not enough since the mask can just restrict the particles to go inside our mouth and nose. It is important to block these particles from building up in a confined space as they may increase the risk of infection. Keeping the windows open in the house you are moving to is a must. Moving during the summer months is feasible because the new air into the room will help diminish the moldy air inside during warmer days. 

Spare a Little Extra Time for Yourself

The pandemic has affected our everyday lives and has made us conscious about every move of ours. Since things are harder during these tough times, it is not feasible to pack and move last minute. You need to give yourself extra time before moving and do not forget to keep washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces, eating right, resting properly, staying hydrated, and more. In case you are moving with kids and pets, it is important to give yourself more time. Keep in mind that the process of moving will be more physical as well as mentally draining than expected. If possible, take time off work for packing and wrap your belongings as safely and carefully as possible. 

Learn the Donation Procedures


Moving before the pandemic was a bit easy as we could be able to sort our belongings out and ship them off in a box to a local donation center. It could make us feel confident that we could manage to do a little downsizing during the packing process. However, now it is not as easy as it used to be. There are new procedures at local donation centers for accepting the boxes you donate to keep it safe against the coronavirus. 

We would suggest checking the website of your local donation center beforehand to know what items can be donated and where you can drop them off. There might be a few donation centers that would not accept clothes whereas others may have different points to drop off the stuff for minimal contact. In general, donation centers have rules and regulations with local as well as state guidelines. So, it is required to check the local guidelines of your donation centers as well. 

Collect More Packing Materials Than You Think You Require

It is no doubt that you will have to face many challenges while packing during the pandemic. There might be a few items you thought will not require separate packing but need to be packed in their own boxes now so that they do not need to be handled directly. What else? Well, you might have to make the last-minute visits to hardware stores for more packing materials which is a pain. You can avoid such issues while moving by having enough packing materials beforehand. By packing materials, we mean boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and more. 

Summing it Up

So, in case, you are planning to enter a new chapter of your life but fear moving during the pandemic, follow the above-discussed tips for safe and secured moving. We understand that life doesn’t stop and must go on during the pandemic, thus, it is crucial to hire a dedicated moving professional team you can rely on for maintaining stringent safety standards and providing safe moving services to protect yourself, your family, and others from coronavirus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccine should I go for in Canada?

The authorized vaccines in Canada are AstraZeneca Vaxzeria, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), and Moderna Spikevax. All these vaccines are proven to be safe, effective and of high quality by Health Canada.

What precautions should we take while moving to a new house in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you are planning to move to a new house in Canada, follow these safety measures. Protect yourself and your family from the virus:

Hire skilled and experienced moving professionals.

Wear masks while moving in and out.

Always keep the hand sanitizers with you.

Stay at least 2 meters away from the removalists throughout the moving process.

Remove the items from the boxes as quickly as possible.

Try to thoroughly wash your hands between boxes while unpacking.

Make sure you do not touch your face while unpacking the boxes.

Can we move to a new house in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If moving to a new house, take all the above-mentioned precautions and get your moving done safely. However, reconsider your plan to move in case you are shifting to an area that is classified as one of the COVID-19 hotspots. 

Are moving services available in Canada during the pandemic?

Yes. The moving services are available in Canada at this point. There are no notable shutdowns of moving services among renowned moving companies in Canada. 

What is the COVID-19 policy of moving companies in Canada?

Every moving company has its own practices to operate under the pandemic. You can go to the website of your moving service provider or contact them directly to discuss their protocols.