Science World in Vancouver is run by ASTC Science a non-profit organization, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Pinned at the end of False Creek, it displays various exhibits. The metallic orb has become a landmark in the Science World or the “Sweet spot” as described by the CEO. A zone that will bring the Amazon rainforest or the galaxy right by you. The place has an OMNIMAX theatre and family-friendly science things. One of the several dinosaur exhibits, including the Jurassic Quest. The CEO of Science World in Vancouver, Scott Sampson, is a dinosaur palaeontologist who has curated a museum in his name and has numerous dinosaur discoveries. We hope this doesn’t offend Ross Geller!

The Science World in Vancouver turned 33 in May 2022, growing and putting an effort to support STEAM (science. Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning. Being called a geek or a nerd is an achievement here at Science World!

Let’s Take the First Step into the Science World

First Step into the Science World

When you first walk inside you might not know where to begin. Many galleries will not allow you to take your eyes off even for a second.

BodyWorks (this is pretty different from Bath and BodyWorks so pay attention!) exhibitions of the science world in Vancouver let the visitors learn about their own heart, skeleton, muscles, and organs.

With the Biologically Interesting Quest, the gallery lets little ones crawl through a real Beaver hut and marvel at her Rex skeleton.

In the gallery, kids can launch parachutes, skip around with their feet on giant keyboards, and propel themselves on giant propellers that provide an environment for kids to thrive.

Environmentally-minded young individuals will also love Our World: BMO Sustainability Gallery. Here, you can ride a giant hamster wheel; officially comprehended as the “Kinetic Wheel”, play with wind turbines and discover how to save the planet.

The Tinkering Space exhibit allows budding engineers and architects to build and test everything from homemade slingshots to Ozobot dance moves.


Science World Gallery in Vancouver

Science World in Vancouver has added many new additions in current years. For example, in 2017 during the season of spring, the newly designed BodyWorks gallery opened with newly refurbished exhibits to make the shows more contemporary. Science World has opened a very popular new exhibition for 0-5-year-olds called the Wonder Gallery.

With 3,300 square feet spread attractions, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their guardians can scour, experiment and retain through games and recreational activities. The Science World in Vancouver consists of Wonder Gallery, which has 6 activity zones. In the experiment zone, kids can ask questions and find their answers with various activities. You can even do minilab-style experiments or play with Wonder Wheels science vehicles.

Other zones in the Wonder Gallery are the Splash, Shine, Climb and Build areas, where little learners can play with water towers and lights. You can also climb structures and build fortes out of big blue blocks. There is an enclosed crawling area also specialised for 0-18 month-old toddlers, where parents can relax, and tots can crawl and lie down safely. Recently, Science World also opened a new craft area for young and old explorers. The craft room consists of blocks and additional items that one can use to craft things with their creative imagination.

The History behind the Geodesic Dome

The History behind the Geodesic Dome 

It was the Great Vancouver Fire of 1886 that might have been the end of Vancouver itself.  The railway workers lost control of a fire which consumed the whole town in a short period.

Nearly 100 years later, the Expo 86 Crown Corporation built a 17 storey geodesic dome in False Creek. The signature building was built specifically for the 1986 World Fair on Vancouver’s 100th birth anniversary.

Today, the futuristic dome structure is a beacon of the Vancouver skyline and home to the Science World in Vancouver–the city’s non-profit science centre. The structure overshadowed the signature building.

Did You Know? 

The Geodesic Dome or the Metallic orb featuring the OMNIMAX theatre, designed by the architect Bruno Freschi was a temporary structure to tear down later.

“I saw it as short-sighted”, Bruno stated. 

Location of the Science World in Vancouver

Science World Vancouver 

Located at the eastern end of False Creek, Science World in Vancouver is a short walk from Vancouver’s Olympic Village in one direction and BC Place Stadium in the other. The address is 1455 Quebec Street, near the corner of Main Street and Terminal Avenue (the latter being East 1st Avenue).

Science World in Vancouver is located next to the False Creek Seawall and a short walk from the Main Street Science World Skytrain Station.

Contact Science World in Vancouver

  • For Memberships:

The Membership for members information and registration for Summer camp and Preschool Curiosity Club
Contact: 604.443.7500
Email: [email protected]

  • For School and Group Bookings:

If you wish to visit the Science World with a larger group, get in touch with the sales team of the organisation for more information.
Contact: 604.443.7500
Email: [email protected]

  • Kaleidoscope Science Store: 

The in-house souvenir store contains multiple science and nature-themed items generally related to the exhibits.
Contact: 604.443.7580
Email: [email protected]

  • For Rental Facility:

Book a space inside the Science World in Vancouver.
Contact: 604.443.7474
Email: [email protected]

  • For Media: 

For media kits, media releases or any other media inquiries get in touch with the team of Science World in Vancouver.
Contact: 604.443.7548
Email: [email protected]

  • For Research: 

If you are interested in conducting research projects at the Science World in Vancouver get in touch with the team at Email: [email protected]

Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting the Science World

Things to Keep

  • Take the COVID-19 Self Check

All visitors are asked to take the BC COVID-19 Self-Check before their arrival. Please stay at home if there any symptoms to ensure the safety of staff and other visitors at the Science World.

  • Treat all Staff Respectfully

Science World is committed to ensuring that everyone has a safe and welcoming experience. Ensure that the facility of Science World upholds anti-racist values. There is no tolerance for discrimination, sexism or racism towards staff or visitors.

What Makes Science World in Vancouver a Must-visit?

Science World in Vancouver

The Science World Vancouver takes you on a journey of science and nature, kindling wonder and empowering visions. The vision of the Science world is to make Canada a country of flourishing, sustainable communities entrenched in science, creating a deeper connection with nature. Exploring and trying new things is their fortė! Creating curiosity to find the unknown.

“We wonder, we imagine, we create, we tinker, and we go on incredible adventures” as stated by Science World. Play is a fundamental way to approach life, opening their arms to all communities to give shared experiences.
Presenting relevant experience, getting to know their audience and giving them an experience that matches the public’s aspirations. Believe in the fact that achieving the biggest goals requires deep collaboration; the Science World in Vancouver will go to the top to provide you with an experience you will not forget so easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does everyone need a ticket to the science world?

Children aged two and under get free entry and do not require a ticket. People can book their timed ticket at the official website of Science world

Can you bring food into the Science World?

Yes! Feel free to bring your food. Also, there are three restaurants inside the exhibit.

How long can you stay inside the Science World in Vancouver?

With a curious crowd, around 2-3 hours depending on the special exhibition and the places of your interest.

How much do Science World Vancouver tickets cost?

Adults (19+) - $30.40, Senior (65+)- $24.30, Youth (13-18)- $24.30, Child (3-12)- $20.30, and Child of 2 and Under- FREE

When was the science world in Vancouver built?

The science world in Vancouver was built back in 1977.

How big is the dome of the Science World in Vancouver?

The iconic geodesic dome is 100,000 Square Feet big.

When to visit the Science World in Vancouver?

Science World is open 7 days a week from 10 am–5 pm and ready to torch curiosity and wonder through their galleries and displays.