Home ownership is usually the next big milestone for most after securing a steady source of income. It is a big investment, a place you and your loved ones can call your own and put down roots. If you are considering moving or buying properties in Ajax, G.T.A., Ontario, is one location that should be on your radar. Neighbourhoods to buy properties in Ajax has a lot to offer, from the majestic views of Lake Ontario, well-maintained parks, picturesque walking trails, affordable home ownership, and more.

Why Neighbourhoods to Buy Properties in Ajax are Best?

buying properties in Ajax Neighbourhood

Ajax has a total population of approximately 1,26,000 as of 2021. It is a very safe space to consider living in, especially if a tranquil country lifestyle is what you are looking for in the G.T.A. Ajax also has great schools. It has over 26 public schools, 13 Catholic schools, and a private school. Children will grow up in a community with loads to do, explore, and learn. It is considered one of the safest areas in Canada, with a very low crime rate. It is only 35 kilometres from Toronto, so it is a great option for those who work there but prefer to settle down closer to nature.

Ajax is divided into 28 neighbourhoods, Audley Road Business Area, Carruthers Creek, Carruthers Creek Business Area, Clover Ridge, Deer Creek, Discovery Bay, Duffins Crossing, Hermitage, Lake Vista, Lakeside, Meadow Ridge, Applecroft, Memorial Village, Midtown, Pickering Beach, Salem Business Area, Southwood, and Westney Heights, Central Employment Area, Downtown, Nottingham, Audley North, Salem Heights, Audley South, Pickering Village, Riverside, Duffins Bay, South Greenwood.

Top Neighbourhoods to Buy properties in Ajax

Based on your preferences and budget, Ajax has a lot to offer in terms of housing. From modern infill buildings to buildings dating back to the 1900s, they stand strong against the sands of time. Here are some popular neighbourhoods to buy properties in Ajax to consider.

  • Duffins Bay

buying properties in Ajax Duffins Bay

Duffins Bay is a pleasant and family-friendly neighbourhood. It was developed in the 1980s. The Waterfront Park and the Veteran’s Point gardens are Duffins Bay’s main attractions. This is also a safe community with a 35% lower crime rate than the national average. The St. Francis Centre also hosts many events, such as live theatre, film screenings, concerts, and art shows. Residents of Duffins Bay also have access to a large number of restaurants and retail stores.

    • Real Estate

Duffins Bay mostly has single or two-car garage brick single-family dwellings. The larger executive homes along Lake Driveway are situated on large plots and offer impressive views of Lake Ontario. High Rise condominiums have been built along the waterfront as well.

Homes for sale in Duffins Bay generally cost around $750,000.

  • Riverside 

Ajax Riverside 

Riverside is located in the northwest section of Ajax. It is considered one of the most affluent neighbourhoods to buy properties in Ajax. Most of the homes were built here between the 1990s and early 2000s; post the development of this area happened after the Riverside Golf Course was built in 1985. Almost all the homes here offer beautiful views of the golf course that runs through the neighbourhood.

    • Real Estate

Most of the homes in Riverside are large executive homes built on expansive lots. Many feature traditional architectural styles with brick or stone exteriors and manicured gardens and driveways. This neighbourhood is perfect for large families who prefer 3-6 bedroom homes with 2 or 3-car garages.

Homes for sale in Riverside generally range around $595,000.

  • Discovery Bay 

Discovery Bay 

Discovery Bay has a rich history, was developed in the 1970s and 80s and is one of the oldest planned neighbourhoods in Ajax. It’s located in the South West region of Ajax. Discovery Bay’s most significant landmark is Rotary Park, which offers residents picnic areas, children’s playgrounds and lookout areas.

    • Real Estate

Homes in Discovery Bay are detached houses with brick or frame exteriors. These homes prominently have single or double-car garages at the front of the house. The streetscape is pretty and pedestrian-friendly

Homes for sale in Discovery Bay generally range from around $850,000 to $2 million.

  • Pickering Beach

ajax Pickering Beach

As the name implies, this neighbourhood is located along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. This is a slightly older neighbourhood, but the lots are spacious, and the entire area is well-treed. Residents here have a wonderful view of the lake. This place is 5 minutes from Downtown Ajax, the closest shopping destination.

    • Real Estate

Some homes here date back to the 1900s and can be best described as cottage-type homes. Many more modern infill homes have replaced the original cottages in recent years.

Homes for sale in Pickering Beach range between $1.5 million and upwards of $3 million.

  • Clover Ridge

Clover Ridge is a great place to consider for first-time home buyers who still want to live close to the Ajax Waterfront. On average, property prices are 3% cheaper than the rest of Ajax. The homes are slightly smaller and are built on smaller lots.

    • Real Estate

Clover Ridge offers a wide range of properties, from brick and frame-clad split-level homes to semi-detached homes to large ranch-style bungalows on the Western part of Clover Ridge.

Homes for sale in Clover Ridge range between $290,000 and upwards.

  • Central Ajax

From the affordability perspective, Central Ajax is the ideal place to live. Compared to the rest of Ajax, the homes here are slightly smaller. Great for young families, this area in the heart of Ajax is peaceful and quiet, with a great sense of community. Since it is centrally located, everything is within walking distance.

    • Real Estate

Most homes were developed in the 2000s and feature traditional architecture with brick exteriors. Homes for sale in Central Ajax generally range around $850,000.

Buying Properties in Ajax

Buying Properties in Ajax

Knowing which type of property works best for you is important. It should be an informed decision as a large chunk of the population can afford to buy a home once in their lifetime, and you should know what options are available to you. Here are a few types of homes available if you are looking to buying properties in Ajax.

  • Detached homes with property nearby

If you want a stand-alone home with your own private space, this is the type of home for you. They are expensive as you also pay for the land around your home. The advantage of these homes is that, since you own the property and the surrounding land, you are free to renovate your home as long as it’s within the rules and regulations of your society. These homes are great for large families.

  • Semi-Detached homes 

These are two homes on the same property divided by a common wall. They are considerably cheaper than detached homes, with almost the same benefits as having a detached house. You are limited in terms of renovation. 

  • Condominiums

If you want the added expenses and headache of maintaining a property, this is the housing type for you. You do not own land or the common spaces but just the unit and share all the amenities, such as the pool and the gym. This type of housing is becoming quite popular with the younger generation as it is convenient and is usually built closer to the city, making accessibility easy.

Summing it up

If you want to settle down or buying properties in Ajax, G.T.A. is the place to do so. From swanky mansions to smaller, cosy homes, Ajax has something for everyone at various price points. Some of the popular neighbourhoods in Ajax mentioned here should help you get started searching for your perfect home.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Ajax, Ontario, a town or city?

Ajax is a town in the Durham Region of Ontario. It was incorporated as a town in 1955, before which it was an area with several small settlements and farms. The city came to be named Ajax after a competition among D.I.L. employees.

Is Ajax part of the G.T.A.?

Yes, Ajax lies east of the city of Toronto and is considered part of the Greater Toronto Area.

What is Ajax, Ontario, known for?

The Ajax was named after a Royal Navy cruiser, the H.M.S. Ajax, who served during WW2. Defence Industries Limited (DIL), the largest defence industry in North America during WW2, was also located here. In recent years, Ajax has been a traveller's delight with its rich history and culture and beautiful views of Lake Ontario.

What kind of people live in Ajax?

Ajax is mostly home to Blue Collar and middle-class families. English is the most common language spoken in the town. Ajax is also home to a lot of young families.

What is the best area in Ajax?

In terms of affordability, Central Ajax is the best area in Ajax. Almost all the amenities are close by, and it is peaceful and quiet. Great for young families. Duffin's Bay, Riverside, and Discovery Bay are some of the more popular Ajax neighbourhoods.