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18 Stories by Meghna Chakraborty

Know The Best Places To Invest in Canada 2023

As the year 2023 approaches, investors worldwide are looking for the best places for real estate investment their hard-earned money. Canada is a great...
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Insides of Patrick Dempsey Malibu House

Patrick Dempsey Malibu house, the heartthrob best known for his role as Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy, has recently experienced a significant shift...
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Eid Al-Adha in Canada 2023: Date, Celebration, Traditions & Customs

In remembrance of the willingness of Ibrahim to offer his son Ishmael as a sacrifice in deference to God, the Muslim holiday known as...
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What is The Significance of Family Day in Canada 2023

Family Day Canada 2023, observed on the third Monday of February, is not an officially legislated national holiday in Canada. Most Canadians, however, live...
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Know About Freehold Vs Leasehold property in Canada

Do you intend to invest in real estate in Canada? Understanding the various forms of Canadian property ownership is the first step towards selecting...
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Best Places To Spend Christmas in Canada

Winters are magical at the best places to spend Christmas in Canada! A true epitome of the most beautiful winter wonderland, Canada is the...
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Best Christmas Events in Mississauga 2022

This holiday season, Mississauga Christmas Events will host a number of magical moments. This rundown of Mississauga Christmas Lights 2022 is ideal for you...
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Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Ontario, Canada?

Buying a house in Canada is a massive decision! It is probably one of the biggest investments ones has to make in their lifetime....
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A Guide To Help You Steer Through The Ottawa Housing Market

Selling a home in Ottawa might feel like losing years of memories and a neighbourhood of friendships. If the sale entails a significant life...
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Top 10 Lakes In Ontario You Should Visit

Ontario is the fourth largest province in Canada, mainly famous for its beautiful scenery lakes; around two hundred and fifty thousand Lakes in Ontario...
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Why Do You Need a Title Insurance?

Before knowing what title insurance is, you will need to know what the term ‘title’ implies. The title refers to the legal ownership of...
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How Do Rental Property Management Companies Help?

Managing rental properties can be an overwhelming burden for property owners who don’t have the time or relevant expertise for the same. To ease...
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