People across nations want to visit Canada as the country has so much to offer. Some major highlights of the country make it lucrative for everyone. The FlyOver Canada in Vancouver is one of these important attractions of the country. A gentle ride is offered by FlyOver Canada. A large, spherical screen is displayed to guests while they sit in chairlift-style seats. Special effects, such as wind and scents, enhance the visuals to give the impression that the viewer is actually flying over the landscape.

Anyone who visits the country makes it a point to visit the place and enjoy the flying ride. If you are interested in knowing everything about FlyOver Canada in Vancouver, you are at the right place. Read on to learn every important aspect of the topic!

Reasons to Ride the FlyOver Canada in Vancouver

FlyOver Canada Vancouver

While many people are confused about the FlyOver, you should try to visit and experience it on your own to understand what it offers. You should take the FlyOver flight ride to Vancouver for the following reasons:

  • A Flying Experience

The ride has gotten its name from experience it gives people. When you take the FlyOver flight ride Vancouver, you will feel like you are floating in the air. The ride will make you feel that you are practically flying. The adventure ride will roll you and give you a thrill beyond what you can measure. You will also witness the cityscapes from the height of the FlyOver.

  • The Ride Surrounds You

The ride provides you with an immersive experience. When you get on the ride, a movie is played before you. This movie will not give you a regular theatre-like experience. The entire screening experience will be something you have never witnessed before. The film surrounds you from all sides, and the circular screen will make you feel that the events are actually happening around you. The ride uses a one-of-its-kind projection system to achieve this effect. Also, the sound that the ride uses is of excellent quality. The ride creates a virtual environment for you that is quite immersive.

  • Smooth Sailing

Some of the best engineers and visual experts have brought this ride together. FlyOver Canada in Vancouver uses cutting-edge technologies to make the entire experience smooth and enticing. The ride uses unique mechanical technology to make you feel like a bird flying above oceans and mountains. The additional visuals make the entire experience breathtaking. The FlyOver flight ride in Vancouver is a technological marvel you cannot afford to miss if you are in Canada.

  • An Out of-the-World Experience

Unlike any other ride available worldwide, the FlyOver flight ride in Vancouver engages all of your senses. Apart from the beautiful landscape and natural sounds that will keep your ears engaged, your limbs will feel like they are floating in the air. The ride involves your entire body to make the entire experience even more immersive. Your body moves with the landscape so that you will feel that you are a part of the entire scenario. You will see the magic happening in front of your eyes.

Details of the FlyOver

Details of the FlyOver

The park where the ride is situated is stationed at the Convention Centre East at 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, V6C 3C1. You must travel to the park’s north side to enjoy the ride. You can take the elevator to reach level A. You can buy the FlyOver Canada tickets here. And then, take the elevator to level M to enjoy the ride.

Try to reach the place at least an hour before the ride begins. The area tends to get crowded as the day progresses. Hence, you can skip the crowd and the long queue once you reach the place before rush hours.

Operational Hours

The ride is functional from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day, and the ride slots are available every 20 minutes. Hence, you can take the ride without any hassle. The entire ride lasts 25 minutes, of which 8 minutes are dedicated to the Ultimate Flying Ride. Ensure that you wear or carry comfortable clothes with you to have a comfortable experience on the ride.

What to Expect From the Ride?

The ride gives you a flight simulation where you get a flying experience. The entire experience lasts 25 minutes, during which you are placed in a theatre with three stages. These three stages are the pre-show, pre-launch, and Ultimate Flying Ride. The final stage, where you experience flying, lasts 8 minutes. The show involves audio-visual elements that involve scenic landscapes from Canada, giving you an all-encompassing experience. The pre-show zone gives you a glimpse of the general public of Canada. After that, you will be taken to the boarding zone, where the experts will brief you about the flight. Once they understand all the safety guidelines, you can move to the flight deck. The people who take care of the ride will get you buckled up for the ride. The ride will take you through all the scenic places of Canada, like the high peaks, lakes, countrysides, etc.

You can feel the wind on your face and every element of the visual scenery. The ride will also engage your nose as you will be able to smell the scents based on the area you are flying through. The entire ride will give you a sensory experience like never before.


Unlike other places in Canada, FlyOver sees a huge crowd on weekdays and weekends. Therefore, if you want to skip long queues and enjoy the ride, you must book FlyOver Canada tickets online. You can also pre-book your tickets if you plan to visit the place.  The Flying Ride in Vancouver is one of the best experiences. If you are in Canada, you must visit the place and get a ticket for the ride. The ride engages all of your senses and gives you an audio-visual treat. The ride also gives you a taste of flying. You should definitely take the ride at least once in your lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ticket validity of Flying Ride in Vancouver?

You have to book a ticket for a specified date, and the ticket will be valid for that particular day from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm. However, if there are any changes in plans, you need to cancel the ticket at least 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund. However, if your plan changes a few hours before your designated ride time, you will not receive a refund for the ticket cancellation. Therefore, you should try booking a ticket for a day when you are sure you will be taking the ride. You either book the tickets online or get them offline from level A.

How long does the ride take to complete?

The entire ride lasts about 20-25 minutes, out of which the last 8 minutes are dedicated to the Ultimate Flying Ride. This ride will give you a real flight experience where you will feel like you are flying like a bird over beautiful lakes and mountains in Canada. The ride begins with the pre-show and pre-launch phase, which takes around 12 to 14 minutes on average. You should arrive at the place at least 30 minutes early to avoid any hassle or rush.

Which Canadian places can I see on the flying ride?

The ride gives you a glimpse of several beautiful places within Canada. Some popular places you will see during the ride include the Canadian Rockies, Maligne Lake, Mount Somervell, etc. Different shows will cover areas like Niagara Falls, the vast prairies of Canada, etc. You can check the show's details before booking the FlyOver Canada tickets online.

How long does the FlyOver Canada experience last?

One session of the ride lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the places the ride will cover. However, once you take the ride, you will experience a lifetime. You can also book tickets for two or more shows on a single day as there is no bar on the number of rides that you can take in a day.