Vancouver is listed among the most beautiful cities across the globe. The city has everything that a tourist can ask for. It is known for opulence and best tourist attractions in Vancouver, offering numerous activities for the indulgence of both visitors and locals. From architectural heritage to picturesque landscapes, everything is worth taking a glimpse at in Vancouver. Know the best places to visit in Vancouver.

Best Tourist Attractions Places to Visit in Vancouver

The diverse climate and mild temperatures throughout the entire year make it more suitable for visitors from all over the world. The shopping paradise, cultural life, and the fine-dine experience make it one of the greatest tourist hotspots in North America. . In this article, let us walk you through the top-rated activities to do and the best tourist attractions places to visit in Vancouver. 

  • Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain visit in vancouver

The Grouse Mountain offers such an experience that comes with great panoramic views of Vancouver during all seasons. The nights are more lively on this elegant mountain. 

There are numerous activities to do on the Grouse mountain:

    1. Eye of the Wind: Eye of the Wind is the world’s first wind turbine with a publicly accessible elevator and a  viewing deck. The viewing deck or the view OD is suspended just below the hub of the giant blades of the wind turbine.
    2. Sky Theatre: The Grouse mountain features a high-definition electronic theatre that broadcasts wildlife-related movies on loop.
    3. Wildlife Retreat: The mountain has a retreat for the endangered species of the wild.  A Centre for Conservation, education, and research has been built at the top. The education centre makes learning fun for kids;   therefore, it is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver if you are travelling with a family.
    4. Fine Dining: If you want to refuel yourself with some delicious food after an exhausting hiking session, then the Grouse mountain offers a fine dining restaurant. The observatory is a cosy and relaxing bistro at a high altitude. It also features the Lupins Café for those who need a caffeine bar for refuelling their daily dose of caffeine.
    5. Skyride:  The unspoilt atmosphere of the mountain feature a super Skyride, that gives an experience of a lifetime due to the view and the altitude. The Skyride takes visitors from the hem of the Grouse mountain to the Alpine station in just eight minutes.
    6. Snowboarding and Skiing: The Grouse Mountain is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver for hitting the slopes. The mountain offers trails for beginners as well as advance level skiers and snowboarders. 
    7. Night Skiing: Since the Grouse mountain stays open till 10:00 pm, It is possible to ski at night and get a dazzling view of Vancouver city.
  • Retail Therapy at Granville Island

Granville Island

Granville Island has a distinctive and relaxed atmosphere. Once solely dedicated to the industries, now serves as the hotspot for retail therapy. The retail items include seafood, vegetables, fruits and even fast food. Granville Island has several covered warehouses along with theatres, galleries houseboats and delicious food offering restaurants. Furthermore, Granville island isn’t truly an island, as the art hub is connected with the residential area by a road from the south to the Downtown Peninsula.

  • Totem Poles at Brockton Point

Totem Poles of Brockton Point, Stanley Park canada

Totem Poles of Brockton Point are one of the most visited attractions of Vancouver, British Columbia. Stanley Park has numerous stunning Totem poles at two different locations. 

In the late 1920s, the Totem poles were situated at different locations. Later the collection was moved to Beacon Point. Currently, there are around nineteen astonishing Totem poles situated around tall evergreen trees, attracting tourists and locals alike. The complicated carved designs are a treat to the eyes. They are also known as the nation’s first artwork.

  • Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a lush green oasis, ideal for going on a walk during any season. Spread over an area of 400-hectors, It is a world-renowned park and a tourist attraction. . You can explore the park’s natural and enchanting beauty on your own or go on a guided tour.

Furthermore, Stanley Park features the Vancouver aquarium and the Beacon point which is famous for the Totem Poles. The paved seawall path offers a spectacular view. Go for a walk or a bicycle ride to make your visit worth remembering.

Along with the Totem poles and seawall pathways, the park has an outdoor swimming pool adjacent to the ocean’s edge. The heated pool is ideal for people of any age group due to its gently sloped entrance.

  • Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology canada

The museum of Anthropology is a division of the University of British Columbia. The museum deals in culture and art from all across the globe. The entry of the museum provides an overview of politics and history. Moreover, the museum is defined for its collection of artefacts of non-western and small-scaled communities. The museum projects the culture and history of Canada, making it one of the perfect places to visit in Vancouver.

Initially, the museum building was part of a WWII-era Fort, which makes it as famous as the collection within. Arthur Erickson (a Canadian architect) completely transformed the Fort into an extraordinary museum in the year 1976.

  • Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach is also known as Kits Beach

Kitsilano Beach is also known as Kits Beach. The beach features a playground, multiple basketball courts, a swimming raft and a seaside seawall system ideal for a relaxing session away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you want to soak up the sun, then this could be one of the perfect places to visit in Vancouver.

The beach offers an irresistible view of the mountain range and the city. Furthermore, Kitsilano Beach has numerous trails for walking and cafés and several shopping strips close to West Fourth Avenue. Aquabus service is also available that will take you to other tourist attractions in Vancouver such as Vancouver Maritime Museum and Granville Island.

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge visit in vancouver

Constructed in 1889, the Capilano Suspension Bridge was one of the first tourist attractions in Vancouver. This 70-metre  long suspension footbridge hangs 70 metres above the Capilano River. The suspension platform crosses through the towering evergreen forest and features the famous Totem Poles. Millions of tourists visit Capilano Suspension Bridge every year.

While you are at Capilano Suspension Bridge, the salmon hatchery is also worth visiting. The salmon flashes while climbing upstream, making the sight a fascinating thing to look at.

  • English Bay

English Bay

The oceanfront beach is also one of the best tourist attractions in Vancouver. The English Bay has it all, from high-end restaurants to shopping stripes. The stunning sunset and sweeping views attract visitors and locals for sightseeing, bike riding, rollerblading and walking. The place is a hotspot in Vancouver. However, during the summers, due to its sunbathing option, the English Bay witnesses the most crowd. The English Bay features fireworks during festivals that are just amazing to look at. The English Bay is near Stanley Park and connected by a seafront trail.

  • Gastown


Gastown is the oldest part of Vancouver. The district has a historic charm with an independent spirit. Moreover, the architectural design of houses, the cobblestone streets, lampposts and the steam clock gives a peek into Vancouver’s heritage. Gastown is heaven for food lovers as the area is full of some of the city’s hottest restaurants. The Victorian buildings, galleries and shops add ambience to the unparalleled atmosphere and make it one of the nicest places to visit in Vancouver.

  • Robson Street

Robson Street 

Robson Street is the shopping capital of Vancouver, famous for its outlets of international brands. There are about 155 shops and restaurants. Some of the high-end restaurants are situated on Robson Street. From mid-November to the end of February, the street becomes an ice-skating rink in Vancouver that attracts tourists and locals alike.

Robson Street is the oldest shopping district in Vancouver. The street was named after John Robson who started as a merchant in the printing business in 1861 and was the first to run a newspaper in British Columbia.

  • Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park visit in vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park is marked as the elevated point in Vancouver city. The elevation of the park gives the best view of the mountain range and the city centre. Visiting the park is free, but the conservatory which is full of birds requires a pass. The best time to visit the park is during springs, as the park features numerous flowers. The park features a restaurant and a small yet great golf course of 18 holes which is ideal for every golfer including the beginners.

  • Science World

Science World - places to visit in vancouver

If you are interested in futuristic gadgets and innovations, then the Science World is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver. The Science World is a children-friendly exploration centre that exhibits indoor and outdoor science exhibitions. The demonstration theme includes air, water, motion and inventions.

  • Richmond Street


Richmond is known as the Chinatown of Vancouver city. Chinese shops, food, and everything else can be seen on site. There is a wide array of authentic Chinese restaurants that serves delicious food. Richmond also features a Buddhist temple, old boat shed shops and waterfront restaurants. 

Once you have done sightseeing, then you can head towards malls that offer Asian imported goods. At night, you can see the flea market similar to the Hong Kong markets as the whole area has the essence of Chinatown. 

  • Whale Watching

whale watching is a places to visit in vancouver

Vancouver’s coastline water has whales, the lucky ones have a great opportunity to watch whales closely. Grey and Humpback whales, along with orcas and small  Minke often show up in the waters of Vancouver.

During Match to October, visitors can see whales in the coastline waters. Floatplane and zodiac boats give the areal view to those who want a stable platform for sightseeing. However, there are strict regulations for boats to stay at a safe distance from whales.

To Sum Up

Vancouver has a global image in terms of tourist destinations. The city continues to add jaw-dropping tourist attractions. . However, the city has conserved its popular heritage sites, one of which is the alluring Gastown. The summers could be the best time to visit Vancouver, as the weather remains warm and cosy during this time. However, each of the seasons offers a different experience worth remembering. The city offers a great opportunity for those who want to indulge in different activities and experiences. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Vancouver popular for?

Vancouver is a modern city in Canada that has numerous popular places to visit,  Including Richmond Street, Gastown, science world, Queen Elizabeth Park, English Bay, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and Grouse Mountain are some of the best tourist attractions in Vancouver.

What language is spoken in Vancouver?

English is mainly spoken in Vancouver, by about  87% of the population. Only about 1% of the people speak French.

What is the best time of year to go to Vancouver?

March to May is the best time of the year to visit Vancouver, as the weather is warm and receives the least rainfall during this time. Summers also offer a great sightseeing opportunity. If you are a person who loves adventure sports, then you should visit during winter as Vancouver receives snowfall in huge amounts, and is an ideal place for skiing and snowboarding. The Grouse mountain is known for its ice sports and offers a ton of other activities such as Sky Theatre and Skyride.