Ontario, Canada, is capturing the attention of skilled workers and global companies in Canada like never before. With its thriving economy, welcoming business environment, and access to a diverse and skilled talent pool, Ontario has emerged as the ultimate destination for those seeking new opportunities and companies looking to expand their global footprint. in 2021, Canada ranked #1 in the US News & World Report’s Best Countries rankings. The rankings are based on the country’s ability to drive investment, trade, and travel. Not only this, but Canada was also at the top of the list of most desired countries to relocate to.

From its robust infrastructure to the presence of skilled workers worldwide, Ontario has everything for global companies to excel and grow at unprecedented rates. In this article, we will explore what makes Ontario a hub for a skilled workforce and global companies.

Why Are Global Companies Choosing Ontario?

Why Are Global Companies Choosing Ontario

There are numerous reasons why global companies prefer Ontario. A few of these reasons are detailed below.

  • Ontario’s Favourable Economic Landscape

The above statistics were enough to show why Canada is among one of North America’s best countries for business. But you may ask – why not any other province in Canada? Why Ontario? well, one of the reasons behind this is that Ontario is Canada’s largest economy, and its economic landscape is perfect for welcoming new investments and companies. As per fdi Intelligence’s America’s Cities of the Future report, Toronto ranks second in its economic potential and business friendliness. 

Ontario’s economic potential and business friendliness are not just limited to Toronto. Hamilton, Mississauga, and Waterloo are also included in this report as some of the best places for human capital and lifestyle. 

Here are some other reasons why Ontario’s economic landscape attracts global companies:

    • Ontario boasts a stable and competitive business environment. According to Forbes, Canada’s business environment ranks among the top five business-friendly environments. 
    • The province provides access to clean and affordable energy. More than 90% of the electricity generation is done with zero emissions, making the electricity rates competitive. 
    • Ontario’s strategic location in the centre of North America also makes it easy for businesses to access millions of customers. 
    • It offers competitive corporate tax rates that enable businesses to save costs and invest in their growth. 
    • Ontario also has a thriving technology sector, with major hubs located in Waterloo, Markham, Ottawa, and Toronto.

The top growth industries in Ontario include aerospace, automotive, real estate and rental and leasing, manufacturing, finance and insurance, construction, and professional, scientific, and technical services. 

  • Access to Skilled Labour

Access to Skilled Labour

One of the significant reasons why global companies prefer Ontario over other places is because of the presence of a large number of skilled workers. As per the CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent 2022 Report, Ontario is a top tech talent destination, especially in the cities of Ottawa, Waterloo, and Toronto. Additionally, 71% of the people here have post-secondary education, making the region better educated than any OECD country. 

However, it’s not just Ontario’s own talent that makes it worthwhile. It’s also the presence of an unparalleled global workforce. Canada’s fast-track visa program, Global Skills Strategy, provides work permits and ensures easy immigration. Therefore, global companies in Canada get access to some of the best talents in the world.

Why Are Skilled Workers Choosing Ontario?

With the presence of so many global companies in Canada and Ontario is a hub for people looking for exciting opportunities. However, it’s not just the companies that make the province attractive. It’s also the opportunity to live an extraordinary life. As per EIU’s Global Liveability Index 2022, Toronto ranks 8th among the world’s most liveable cities. The list evaluates cities on factors like healthcare, infrastructure, green cover, crime rates, etc. 

Here are some of the reasons why Ontario is popular among skilled workers.

  • Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

As per a report by Statistics Canada, the labour market in Canada depends heavily on immigration. The employment rate for immigrants as well as their earnings have also increased a lot since the early 2010s. Ontario boasts a diverse and thriving economy. It is home to several industries, including finance, technology, aerospace, and real estate. Therefore, people immigrating to Canada have plenty of opportunities to explore here. 

  • Universal Healthcare Access

Canada provides universal healthcare access to all its citizens and permanent residents. Therefore, Ontario also provides free high-quality healthcare services to all its citizens. 

  • Infrastructure


Ontario’s infrastructure is another reason why people move here. The province provides state-of-the-art facilities, modern transportation, and world-class amenities. It also has a low cost of living, making housing and other amenities affordable. 

  • Multicultural Society

Ontario is a multicultural province that welcomes people from all backgrounds. The Time Magazine even declared Toronto one of the world’s greatest places in 2022. Describing it as forward-thinking and diverse, the city prides itself on creating an inclusive and warm society. 

  • Thriving Economy

Canada is one of the most economically stable countries in the world. The country has been prosperous in maintaining its post-pandemic growth. At the same time, Ontario continued to be the largest economy in the country. 

  • Education System

Education System

Ontario is home to top-notch educational facilities. With a free public schooling system and some of the best universities in the world, the province is perfect for people with families. The University of Toronto in Ontario is among the top 20 global universities. Therefore, people moving here can choose to pursue higher education for career advancement and skill enhancement. 

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Ontario is home to numerous incubators, research institutes, and accelerators that enable people to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Skilled workers can grab these opportunities and join ground breaking start-ups or research. 

Wrapping Up

Ontario has emerged as a magnet for skilled workers and global companies, especially in recent years. With its diverse and thriving economy, strong education system, business-friendly environment, and robust infrastructure, Ontario offers a perfect opportunity for both businesses and people to thrive. skilled workers are attracted to the abundant skilled jobs in Canada, high standard of living, and career prospects. Meanwhile, global companies in Canada have access to a highly skilled workforce, global markets, and precious resources.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are some of the fastest-growing industries in Ontario?

Ontario's fastest-growing industries include travel agencies, semiconductor machinery manufacturing, automobile wholesaling, scheduled air transportation, e-commerce, online auctions, movie theatres, and full-service restaurants.

What are some of the popular cities for skilled workers and global companies in Ontario?

Toronto, Brampton, Ottawa, and Waterloo are amongst Ontario's most popular cities for skilled workers and global companies.

What is the process for obtaining a work permit or permanent residency in Ontario?

To gain permanent residency in Ontario as a skilled worker, check whether you are eligible. If you meet the criteria, make your profile on the official website. Upon acceptance, you will receive an invitation and have 60 days to submit your application. Then, you can sign in to your account, fill out the online form, scan and upload all the required documents and pay the fees to submit your application.

What resources are available to help skilled workers and global companies succeed in Ontario?

Ontario offers many resources to help skilled workers and global companies. These include the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), Ontario Action Plan, Ontario Together Fund, government funding, etc.

What is the outlook for Ontario's economy and job market in the coming years?

Ontario's economy and job market saw a substantial boom in 2022. However, by the end of the year, the boom had slowed down. Ontario Economic Report 2023 has predicted the economy to contract by 0.4% in 2023. Similarly, the job market is also expected to see a cooldown, with the employment rate not increasing much.