For those who are looking for paradise amidst the whirlwind of bustling cities, your search ends here!  Featuring panoramic views of the stunning landscape and farmlands, the Durham region is a remarkable municipality in the Greater Toronto Area. The areas in Durham boast a quintessential mix of rural and suburban towns and cities.  from Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering for urban living to the rural areas of Nestleton, Sunderland and Greenbank, Durham’s supremacy cannot be questioned. The real estate of the majority neighbourhoods has been thriving as it has a little something to suit everyone’s lifestyle. Let’s have a detailed look at the best places to live in Durham region.

 Best Places To Live in Durham Region

  • Town Centre, Pickering

Town Centre in durham
Credits : Downtowns of Durham

Durham, the lucrative location east of York and Toronto, flaunts some of the most exciting neighbourhoods of Town Centre in Pickering. The growth rate and the neighbourhood economics make it a public favourite. The town was on the top spot in Durham with a touchstone price of $687,240 in December 2021. 

The Town Centre is renowned for the energy and manufacturing sectors in the Durham region since it has a great role to play in Canada’s automotive industry. The region is also host to the Canadian headquarters of Volkswagen and General Motors. The neighbourhood also has Ontario the nuclear plant ‘Power Generation’ in its proximity which provides immense employment opportunities in the area. 

  • Port Perry

Port Perry in Durham
Credits : Ultimate Ontario

Port Perry is a petite community comprising around 9455 residents. The town is particularly renowned as a tourist destination, especially in the summer when the park is full of fun activities. Lake Scugog renders a perfect temperature for tubing, fishing, and boating. Port Perry is renowned for its rich history where the buildings have been restored to their original state, adding character to the town. 

    • Real Estate

Durham region real estate market in Port Perry is a blend of historical homes belonging to the 1800s and several new developments. The majority of houses in Port Perry are single-family homes that are detached with stunning retirement residences and a few row homes. The average cost of real estate in the town is approximately $728,228. Several large estates are situated on huge lands. Plenty of farmland surrounds the town that makes up for panoramic views along with a dash of a quiet country feel. 

    • Commutes

Port Perry is located within an hour’s drive to some of Southern Ontario and there is most famous and best places to live in Ontario. From the hotshot Toronto to the beaches of Cobourg, there are a number of natural resources and attractions that you can benefit from. 

  • Brooklin 

Brooklin in Durham
Credits : Archdaily

A trendy village, located in Whitby town, Brooklin was first used as expansive open grounds and farmlands. Beautiful neighbourhoods have now been constructed to meet the demand in this ideal location. It is one of the hotspots in the Greater Toronto area. 

    • Real Estate

Houses for sale in Brooklin flaunts homes that are majorly made up of detached and attached single-family homes. The demand has led to an increase in the development of beautiful subdivisions. Brooklin is a bedroom community and most of the residents travel to the GTA for work. The average cost of living in a luxury away from the city noise is approximately $932,747. 

    • Commutes

Several stunning locations surround the village of Brooklin. Easy access is provided to numerous cities and towns through a series of highways and roads. 

  • Pickering Beach

Pickering Beach in Durham
Credits : Wikipedia

Located along the scenic Lake Ontario, Pickering Beach is home to Ajax. The town offers picturesque scenery amidst surging gentrification. It is perfect for all the nature lovers who want to settle down and take in the serene surroundings. 

    • Real Estate

Pickering Beach is one of the best places to live in Durham region to live in. The houses for sale in Durham town is extremely competitive and the listings move on quickly. The town is now home to many modern permanent residences along with luxury cottages. The average cost of properties in Pickering Beach is $912,207. The luxury homes in the area range anywhere between $550,000 and over $1 million. 

    • Commutes

If one gets enough of the plethora of waters and parks, the 400 series is the ideal place to go on an expedition. From the tranquillity of Peterborough to the hustle and bustle of Downtown, residents can enjoy everything in between. 

  • Bowmanville

best place to live in durham region Bowmanville
Credits : Lets Get Moving Canada

Bowmanville has been the top showrunner among the various areas in Durham And Buy House in Bowmanville, Durham. The farm town which was once known for its tranquillity and calm is now a suburban town with endless arenas of entertainment. 

    • Real Estate

The real estate in Bowmanville is divided into many categories like single-family homes, retirement living, condos, detached houses, and Buy Townhouse in Durham. The community is ideal for people of all age groups and lifestyles. Free-standing large homes start from a price of $1,849,000 and one-bedroom condos start at around $359,900. The average cost of properties in Bowmanville is around $824,945. 

    • Commutes

Living in Bowmanville will place you in the epicentre of the top destinations in south-central Ontario. Cottage vacations, city amenities, stunning beaches, and shopping districts are all located within an hour’s drive from Bowmanville. Many major highways and roads enable easy commuting. 

  • Uxbridge

best place to live in durham region Uxbridge
Credits : Downtowns Of Durham

Established in 1850, Uxbridge is a youthful suburban community. The majority of the residents are employed at manufacturing companies like Pine Valley Packaging. The residents are also offered easy commuting to Toronto, Oshawa, etc. for work and leisure purposes. 

    • Real Estate

Attached and detached Properties for sale in Uxbridge, Durham and this is single-family homes, lofts, and condominiums. Diversity in the real estate market is one of Uxbridge’s strong footholds. Small and detached homes in Uxbridge start from around $499,000. Palatial grand estates start from the price of $5,250,000. The average price of real estate is approximately $1,474,160. Attached homes range from $375,000 to $679,000. 

    • Commutes

Despite being a smaller community, the locals can easily traverse the Greater Toronto area and the big cities. There is easy access to the 400 series through major roads. Vaughan and Toronto can also be accessed under an hour, inviting profits for the Durham region real estate market. 

Durham Region Real Estate Market Overview

Have a look at the table below to get an idea of the Durham region real estate market. The table has been formulated by examining the trends and the local property data. It contains the benchmark price that a property has touched in the top 50 neighbourhoods of Durham and the 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year growth of these neighbourhoods.  

Rank Neighbourhood City Benchmark price 2021 1-year 3-year 5-year
1 Town Centre Pickering $687,240 24% 53% 9%
2 Orono Clarington $930,994 38% 80% 95%
3 Courtice Clarington $887,018 31% 61% 84%
4 Pringle Creek Whitby $953,049 36% 71% 93%
5 Village East Pickering $812,887 33% 75% 123%
6 Brooklin Whitby $1,006,778 21% 40% 67%
7 Sunderland Brock $795,510 14% 41% 58%
8 Pinecrest Oshawa $846,675 26% 57% 72%
9 Central East Ajax $974,301 30% 58% 76%
10 New Castle Clarington $774,088 28% 50% 70%
11 Bowmanville Clarington $854,178 35% 65% 94%
12 Beaverton Brock $757,841 35% 75% 104%
13 Rollling Acres Whitby $1,095,358 38% 69% 104%
14 Duffin Heights Pickering $1,009,043 50% 72% 66%
15 Taunton North Whitby $1,030,556 26% 51% 65%
16 Windfields Oshawa $980,291 45% 62% 128%
17 Brock Ridge Pickering $869,516 3% 23% 80%
18 Bay Ridges Pickering $901,128 39% 62% 57%
19 Central West Ajax $988,249 27% 55% 69%
20 Rural Scugog Scugog $1,270,335 62% 100% 139%
21 Cannington Brock $708,676 40% 69% 122%
22 Northeast Ajax $1,079,476 30% 56% 62%
23 Blackstock Scugog $931,799 22% 58% 43%
24 Liverpool Pickering $1,105,802 39% 68% 81%
25 Kedron Oshawa $1,124,982 31% 57% 77%
26 Uxbridge Uxbridge $1,025,506 27% 55% 34%
27 Northwest Ajax $1,068,250 27% 47% 58%
28 Downtown Whitby $877,968 36% 75% 42%
29 Port Perry Scugog $949,167 19% 50% 69%
30 Port Whitby Whitby $869,469 27% 67% 69%
31 Southwest Ajax $796,691 18% 53% 81%
32 Amberlea Pickering $923,425 6% 31% 48%
33 West Shore Pickering $1,112,686 36% 92% 140%
34 Rural Brock Brock $1,065,230 39% 45% 106%
35 Taunton Oshawa $923,054 15% 36% 52%
36 Williamsburg Whitby $885,482 8% 35% 46%
37 Woodlands Pickering $1,090,787 24% 153% 83%
38 Central Ajax $879,890 26% 58% 74%
39 Rural Clarington Clarington $1,270,004 33% 62% 93%
40 Highbush Pickering $1,071,689 21% 58% 40%
41 Southeast Ajax $921,113 28% 56% 70%
42 Rouge Park Pickering $1,084,881 26% 289% 30%
43 Blue Grass Meadows Whitby $1,027,276 39% 68% 68%
44 Lynde Creek Whitby $935,053 22% 52% 92%
45 Central Oshawa $608,018 30% 72% 91%
46 Lakeview Oshawa $646,010 32% 76% 97%
47 Rural Pickering Pickering $957,358 -6% -2% 14%
48 Farewell Oshawa $622,953 16% 334% 117%
49 Vanier Oshawa $801,848 58% 117% 52%
50 Rougemount Pickering $1,281,412 12% 54% 89%

Summing it Up

The trend charts are a testimony to the fact that there has been a significant spike in real estate Durham. best places to live in Durham region have been incessantly growing with an increase in the demand for palatial properties. Some neighbourhoods have hit a record high in the benchmark price, making this area a profitable investment and a safe place to call home. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Durham Region a good place to live?

A great blend of urban and rural cities makes the areas in Durham a fantastic region to reside in. It is adorned with beautiful farmlands and landscapes.

How big is Durham Region in Ontario?

The regional municipality of the Durham region is 2,524 km². There are 8 unique areas in Durham.

How is the Durham region real estate market?

The real estate Durham has been thriving. The home prices in the Durham region spiked 7 percent in July 2022 to $901,412. The average price for a home was $920,269 in July 2022.

What is the average real estate market price in Durham?

According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, the average price of the real estate market in Durham is $920,269.

Is Durham NC expensive to live in?

The housing expenses in Durham are lower by 27% and the utility costs are lower by 13% than the national average. Hence, you will be able to have a better life with your money in Durham than in other similar-sized metropolitan areas across Canada.