Reality TV’s not as bad as its reputation. Let’s start counting down the many things it has given us. We’ve learned to deal in antiquities with Pawn Stars. We hope the need to use them doesn’t arise, but we also have learned extreme survival skills with Man vs Wild. And of course, our culinary edges have been sharpened by Masterchef! But Squareyards is all things real estate. And for us, the spotlight today is on HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’. House Hunters in Canada has been airing for more than two decades now. In each episode, a homebuyer contacts a property agent, explores three different properties and ultimately settles on the most suitable one. Of course, real-life property search is nowhere as quick and as easy as this. But there is a sense of comfort, a heart-warming satisfaction that the show brings to us.

Sipping on our drinks and munching on our snacks, laid back against the bed, all of us have made our picks as people navigated through the many houses in the show. Today, we’re going to turn the comfort of this reality show into the reward of real-life lessons. In this blog, we discuss real-life property search tips, inspired by the show, which can help us go a long way. So start taking notes, cause folks, it’s time to turn entertainment into education. 

Drawing Out Lessons: The Best Learnings from The Show

House Hunters in Canada
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Just like an episode of the show, let’s walk through the learnings step-by-step. Be careful and pay attention to every tip to crack the best deal.

More Scouting, More Searching

The first takeaway from the show is rather obvious, but it’s also the most important one. You see, home searches must get the time it deserves. Every home buyer in the show explores three different options. In real life, every home buyer should explore a lot more than that! 

Walking through different properties brings up a spectrum of emotions. When you find the perfect match in the first place, there is nothing like it. On all other days, you keep scouting and keep exploring. Even on days when you might need to travel distances to explore a new find, don’t hesitate. People take  many attempts as 15-30 to finally settle on the best option. So, make the effort and don’t shy away from getting what you want. 

Know What You Want

Remember, that episode where a couple wished to buy a beach house to move into with their four daughters? For us, the most interesting part of the episode wasn’t the beach house, it was the point where the husband expressed his vision to have a place that’s specifically ‘On the Beach’. His point was to have as close an access to the waters as possible. And our point is to have as clear an idea of what you want as you can. Knowing what it is that you’re looking for doesn’t magically manifest the property of your dreams in front of you. What it does is it tells you what it is that you don’t want. Alright if you don’t have the right choices yet, at least you know how to eliminate the wrong ones now.

Of course, imagining the look and feel is the most obvious way to gain clarity. But we also suggest preparing a checklist of the amenities, bedroom configuration, desired neighbourhoods and everything else that you’d like to have. This not only helps you get the best home but also makes it easy for the broker to find the right options for you.

Give Up Perfection

Give Up Perfection for Buying House in Canada
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It’s very important to let go of the rigid idea of perfection. The idea is to settle for a place that brings happiness to all parties. For that you need flexibility. We must learn to differentiate between a need and a want. A garage is a need, but a multi-car garage with extra storage is a want. Great if you get that, but don’t let it be a deal-breaker if it doesn’t happen. Of course, when we draw our wishlist, we want everything that’s out there. But the key here is to stay practical. The point here is to not get stuck on changeable elements and adapt to the situation. So, the next time you go out on your home recce, keep yourself open and make room for negotiation and adjustments. 

Befriend Your Realtor

The most important thing while property hunting is the home. The next most important thing is the real estate agent. Real estate agents are the catalysts. They can truly make or break things. Buying a home without a realtor is like investing in stocks without a financial consultant. Sure, you can gain success, but having an expert opinion raises your game to the next level.

There are multiple things real estate agents bring to the table. They offer expertise, local knowledge, negotiation skills and much more. They can spot minor and major shortcomings that an average buyer might overlook. For instance, numerous condos in Vancouver adhering to pre-2000 codes have water leaks. Now, while an average buyer might let such things slip by, a professional realtor won’t.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Budget For Hunter House in Canada
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A wise man once said, that the important thing is to stay honest with your pockets and transparent with your budget. Not just home buying, the success of every investment lies in the success of its budgeting. Having ‘the talk’ with your real estate agent about what you can afford and what you cannot can be uncomfortable, but it’s a very crucial step. Families should also set their budgets smartly. It is essential to ensure that your purchases are always affordable to you. One also needs to factor in the fact that buying a home doesn’t just include the mortgage price, but also its maintenance cost and other expenses. And lastly, following the budget to the is the final step in our budgeting strategy. Buyers often end up spending way more than they initially planned. And that’s a mistake we need to stay away from.

More Than Just Entertainment

As we conclude this piece, it’s important to revel in the show’s greatness. With over 242 seasons, House Hunters in Canada has much to offer not just on-screen, but off it as well. While a home quest in the show lasts for 30 minutes, a home search in the real world would probably take several months. The point of all these masterful data points we’ve noted is to learn to make smarter and better investment decisions. By translating the show’s insights into real-life strategies, you can embark on your home hunts with greater confidence. And taking a little liberty here, with great confidence, comes great responsibility. So, go out there and crack the best property deal of your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are portions of the show staged?

The show is certainly altered in multiple ways to make it audience-friendly. A real-life home searching experience is much more clumsy and tiring than the cleaned-up account shown in the series.

What’s the format of the show ‘House Hunters’?

In each episode of roughly half-hour, a homebuyer gets in touch with an agent. The agent then presents them with three different options as per their needs. After much deliberation, the homebuyer ultimately chooses the most suitable one out of these three.

What are the top 3 learnings from House Hunters in Canada episodes?

Among the many learnings from the show, searching as much as you can, being clear on what you want and ensuring practical budgeting are the top 3 takeaways.