Buying a house with kids requires many considerations and heartfelt desires. Before buying a house for the family, we consider security, neighbourhood, and amenities. Having kids changes one’s whole perspective of life. Canada has various communities that offer you a wide range of options for moving with your kids. One of the largest countries in the world, Canada ensures a family-friendly environment in its communities. From secure to peaceful neighbourhoods, it provides the essence of nature, as 10% of the forest is in Canada worldwide. Still, there are many things to consider before house-buying with kids. Here are some tips for buying a house in Canada:

Discovering a Location

One of the first steps to buying a house is discovering a location. Everyone desires to buy a home in a good location. However, many essential factors must be considered when buying a house for your family/kids. A location near green spaces will be peaceful and away from busy roads and power plants. Considering schools and educational facilities close to the residence will be the best choice, as it will be easy for children to commute daily. The same goes for work location. If both parents are working, having a daycare facility nearby for a toddler will be a key factor to consider. It will save you time and ensure your child is safe. Having parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities in your locality ensures a variety of recreational activities for the kids.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools and educational institutions are among the most important considerations before buying a house with kids. Education is one of the key essentials of our lives. Having a school and college near the residence or community is mandatory. It will ease the kids’ daily travel. Determine the boundaries of respective districts and focus your house hunt within those areas after identifying several desirable schools. Consider upcoming educational needs by analysing nearby middle and high schools as well. Having a school and college near your community will also help you keep track of your child’s studies and other curriculum activities. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ontario are popular cities for educational and work purposes. 

Include Home Size and Layout in the House Hunt

Include Home Size and Layout in the House Hunt in Canada

Thinking of having a house with the kids is a bigger task than having a house for yourself. If you are planning to grow your family, considering the size and layout of your home before buying a house will be an ideal step. Ample storage for toys and sports gear and a dedicated playroom will help the kids stay active, which will be helpful for people working from home. Ensure the home can accommodate future needs if you plan to watch your children grow up or expand your family. Think about how your family uses space! Having the bedrooms on the same floor is important if you must be close to your baby at night. Choose a layout that complements your family’s lifestyle. Open kitchens will help you to look at your toddlers while working in the kitchen. Having multiple washrooms will make it easier for the children to be comfortable once they grow up. 

Overall Safety of a House

One of the steps of buying a house is ensuring its overall safety. If the kids are small, safety is the prime concern to prevent certain accidents. While house hunting, remember that you are not finding your home only for yourself. Sharp edges, steep staircases, or inadequate handrails will be concerns, especially for kids. Ensure the stairs are well-gated, the handrails are adequate so the child cannot pass by, and there are no pointy edges at the height of a toddler. Many properties have lawns alongside roads, and it is imperative to ensure that they are fenced so the children cannot wander off to the streets while playing. If the property has a water feature, such as ponds, swimming pools, or a creek, it can be a drowning hazard. Think of ways to prevent such accidents.

Recreational Spaces

Recreational spaces like playgrounds or big backyards will be a plus for kids. A bigger backyard will help them play with their siblings during hot summer vacations or snowy Christmas days. Children could also ride bikes on their lawns, making it a perfect spot for them to play. With this, parents can also keep an eye on them. Nearby sports facilities or playgrounds will help the kids indulge in outdoor activities. Canadian houses have recreational spaces thoughtfully designed to enhance kids’ creativity and entertainment. One can have a devoted playroom for kids in their homes. There, kids can play, create their imaginative world, and unleash creativity. This will help them develop their minds happily and healthily. If you and your family want to cool down in the summer, nearby swimming pools are the best option. If there are no swimming pools near the residence, you can also consider having one nearby.

House Hunting With Your Children

House Hunting With Your Children in Canada
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Taking the kids to every house visit will be tiring and ineffective. The first step should be to narrow down your choices. After that, take the kids with you so they can provide their input in the house hunt. If happy and active, kids will give unique insights about your selected houses. For example, are the stairs not too steep, is the railing area adequate, or are the fittings too tight or rough?


We all want an ideal home where we can find peace with our family and kids. This is only possible if we consider some steps for buying a house. By checking out all the parameters, whether it is its structure, locality, security, or amenities, you can get a home where you can thrive with your kids for years. So choose your haven wisely and check out all the tips for buying a house before making any decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you put your kids on the title?

It is a convenient way to pass on your property to kids. However, putting your kids on title also comes with some consequences. To prevent this, take professional advice before placing your kids on the title.

Is gifted property taxable in Canada?

Gifted property is not taxable, but some tax implications exist. For complex situations, do take professional advice.

Can parents contribute to the FHSA?

Parents cannot contribute to their child’s FHSA, but they can give money to contribute to the FHSA.

Can your parents gift you a house in Canada?

Parents can gift the house to their children in Canada, but there are certain tax implications for both the donor and the recipient.

What is the 90-day rule for FHSA?

There is no holding period or 90-day rule in FHSA. You can make the flexible payment unless you use it to purchase a house.