Abhay Sharma

  https://www.squareyards.ca/blog/ Abhay hopes to enter the advertising industry as a copywriter someday. A Journalism student, he believes that writing involves proper research like media research with a balance of creativity. A music enthusiast he isn't good at remembering the lyrics but can play Casio and harmonium.


15 Stories by Abhay Sharma

Know The Importance of Home Equity Interest Rates

Understanding home equity interest rates is essential for homeowners seeking to leverage the equity in their homes. Home equity can be a valuable financial...
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What Does Canada Mortgage Approval Involves

Canada Mortgage approval is the act of obtaining financing to purchase a home. This process can begin independently by directly engaging with a lender...
0 5 min read

Comparison of Home Buying And Selling Tactics in 2023 or 2024

In 2023, the homeowners were about to sell their homes but decided to delay their plans. Due to increased interest rates and a lock-in...
0 4 min read

Know The predictions of Canada’s Housing Market in 2024

2024 is here, and the Canadian real estate market is expected to change. Some of these changes benefit the homebuyers, while some might benefit...
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Finding Your New Home and Neighbourhood in Canada

Looking for a new home isn’t just about looking at the property’s price or configurations. There are many things that you should know before...
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Guide To Pay The Mortgage Prepayment Penalty

Nowadays, when housing prices are uncertain due to the current market conditions, it has become common for people to look for ways to get...
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How To Celebrate Holi in Canada 2024

Did you know that the exuberant Hindu festival of Holi has crossed international boundaries, making its way to Canada? Indeed, this vibrant and colourful...
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Explore Hamilton-Burlington Housing Market in 2024

With the dawn of 2024, curiosity abounds Canadians pertinent to the state of the Hamilton housing market. The interplay of fluctuating interest rates, changing...
0 3 min read

Explore 6 Best Tourist Activities in Collingwood

In case you’re wondering why we are asking you this question, the answer is simple: there are many things to do in Collingwood. Therefore,...
0 4 min read

Know About Tenant Liability or Pet Insurance Canada

If you are a pet owner, you will know how the playful antics of kittens or the loyal devotion of dogs can light up...
0 6 min read

Know The Factors of Buying Historic Homes in Canada

Many people in the world desire to buying historic homes. Mainly, they wish to have one because of its charm, especially if it’s situated...
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A Closer Look At The Presence of Asbestos in Homes

Asbestos in homes is a natural material that breaks apart easily into tiny pieces and has been used by several real estate developers for...
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