In 2023, the homeowners were about to sell their homes but decided to delay their plans. Due to increased interest rates and a lock-in effect, many buyers and sellers were sidelined. Selling a home became difficult due to these conditions. This resulted in a stagnant phase for the real estate market. Both buyers and sellers were in a deadlock, and the market activities slowed dramatically. However, the scenario is beginning to change as mortgage rates decrease slightly. Homebuyers are gradually making their comeback into the real estate market. This resurgence of interest and the release of pent-up demand might be beneficial. This year can be ideal for putting your house on the market. Knowing the latest trends in the real estate market is crucial for those considering selling their home. Therefore, reading this blog to learn more about buying and selling tactics.

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Finding a Buyer was Tough for Sellers

Buyers are Back, But so is the Competition

In 2023, high mortgage rates and steep home prices made buying and selling a home tough. So, a lot of potential buyers just stopped looking. The few who were still in the market were hunting for affordable deals. This forced the sellers to lower their prices to attract them. As mortgage rates drop, more people are interested in buying homes. They’re not worried about sticking strictly to their budgets. There are signs that sellers are receiving higher offers from multiple buyers. Many financial experts believe the housing market is increasing with lower mortgage rates.

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Comparison of Buying And Selling Tactics in Canada 2024



It was Okay if your Home was not Perfect

Sellers need to Make their Homes Stand Out

Back in 2023, few affordable homes were available on the market. So buyers couldn’t afford to be too choosy. Homes that needed a bit of renovation or still attracted many buyers. In a way, selling a home with outdated features was easier. Because of this, some sellers weren’t too concerned about fixing their homes. However, more people are looking to buy now that mortgage rates are lower. Furthermore, more homeowners are deciding to sell. This means more competition, and sellers must step up their game. They now have to improve their homes before they list them. Sellers need to present their homes in the best light. It is advised that if you want to make your home the best, then you should focus on what’s most important. Making some key updates can pay off. This includes fixing the garden, updating the floors, or installing new light fixtures. Nowadays, a home has to look good and have modern updates to stand out from the rest.

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Sellers Often had to Drop their Prices

Sellers Can Get Better Offers after a While

Last year, many sellers had to lower their expectations. This was because selling a home was difficult as there were fewer buyers. This often led to price reductions. However, in 2024, there’s no rush to lower prices like before. It was observed that many sellers missed out on a better deal because they were too quick to lower their prices. Earlier, many sellers set their new price lower than the buyer’s offer. Various financial experts believe that the sellers dropped the price because they were getting impatient. Some sellers started worrying after their home had been on the market for a couple of months or so.

Comparison 4

Comparison 4 of Home Tactics in Canada



Lesser Scope for Negotiation

More Chances for Negotiation

In 2023, sellers couldn’t negotiate because buyers had little money to spend. According to some financial experts, this might change in 2024. They believe that with more buyers looking for homes, sellers can start to negotiate more. This means you can always counteroffer if you get an offer that isn’t quite what you were hoping for. If the offer’s missing some key things you care about, you are advised not to take the first offer that comes your way. Hence, you should always feel free to make a counteroffer in such cases. So, it is advised to consider these factors before buying or selling a home.

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It was not a good time to sell because buying another home was tougher.

A great moment to sell your home.

Many sellers have been waiting on the sidelines because of high rates. They do not want to give up their low interest rate for a new mortgage at a higher rate. However, financial experts now say 2024 is a prime time to sell. The market is at a point where interest rates are manageable. However, the buyers are still not enthusiastic about purchasing a new property. This phase allows you to sell your home at a good price. And if you’re looking to buy next, you’ll have more choices. In fact, as a buyer, you will have a higher bargaining power than in 2023. 

This phase is perfect for selling high and buying low. This phenomenon is because of better quality and more available homes. But this window of opportunity might not stay open for long. Therefore, sellers are advised not to wait too long. This market phase might last until spring. Hence, they could find themselves in a much busier market. So it could make it harder to find your next home. We are not telling you to sell your home today, but you can consider it due to these favourable conditions.

Closing Remarks

In Canada, the current real estate market has changed significantly. This year offers new opportunities for sellers. Selling a home in 2024 is easier as sellers don’t have to struggle to find a buyer. They no longer have to settle for low offers. With more buyers entering the market, competition is increasing. This has led to bidding wars. However, it has resulted in better offers for sellers. Sellers must make their homes stand out by investing in renovation. Both buyers and sellers are advised to stay patient. They should wait for the right offer, which can lead to higher sale prices. Additionally, the ability to negotiate has increased. So, sellers have a chance to meet their needs. Now is an excellent time to sell. It is believed that there is a potential to sell high and buy low. However, this market window won’t last forever. Thus, one should take advantage of the current market conditions and move smartly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I buy a house now or wait until 2025, Canada?

Deciding whether to buy a house now or wait until 2025 depends on several factors. These include market conditions, interest rates, and your personal financial situation. Currently, the real estate market is showing signs of change. Lower mortgage rates and increased inventory mean more opportunities. If you're financially ready and find a property that fits your needs, buying now could be a good choice.

What happens if you sell your house before 5 years?

In Canada, most home loans are set up to be paid off over 25 years. The contract usually lasts about five years. It could be costly if you decide to sell your house before this time is up. Also, the money you make from the sale is counted as income you must pay taxes on.

What is the penalty for selling a house early?

You should pay a $12,000 penalty for paying off your mortgage early. This is because this is the bigger of the two possible charges. There could also be an extra fee for handling the paperwork. Look at your mortgage agreement to understand exactly how your bank figures out this early payment fee. It's best to talk directly with your bank for the exact cost.

What happens at the end of a mortgage term?

A mortgage period can be short, just a few months, or up to five years or more. You need to sign up for a new period when each ends. You'll go through many of these periods before paying off your mortgage. If you pay off everything you owe by the end of a period, you won't have to sign up for another one.