A bathroom is yet another reflective imagery of the inhabitant’s personality. It is one space that lets you untwine from stress and take things at ease. Well, you can go completely right or completely wrong when it comes to adorning your bathroom space. We often overlook the idea of renovating our bathrooms, because of the exorbitant price value it comes with. But what if we told you that now refurbishing your bathroom won’t require burning a hole in your pocket. And just by making a few changes here and there, you can change the complete interior layout of your bathroom. Sometimes small-scale alterations can make noticeable changes, which in turn makes the design look extravagant. If you are willing to remodel your bathroom style and are stuck between those Pinterest scrolls? We got you! Flick through this blog to know more about bathroom design tips.

Beginnings with Finishing – Textures, Patterns, Lighting

Bathroom texture pattern-min

When it comes to interior designing, there are some key elements that affect the frame of the space. Although, when it comes to adding depth and visual shadows to the interiors of a canvas, the texture is one thing that can be played with.

It mostly begins with adding different materials and amalgamating them into the same space, such that it looks well-put-together and composed. You can play with finishes, color palettes, design patterns of the tiles, or materials.

If you are looking to play in a neutral tone bathroom design, you can go ahead with a muted shade beadboard wainscoting with a smooth finish. Additionally, neutral tone color anti-skid floor tiles can be used as the flooring material.

Depending upon the requirements and the frame of the bathroom, you can go ahead with furniture and storage fixtures made from wooden finishes or as they call it “wooden vanity”. Or add patterned tile and vibrant texture in the bathroom space. You can also go with scrupulous textures in fittings and fixtures including chrome hardware, metal basket, reflective mirror with a frame complementing the contrasting theme.

Metal Shine for Your Bathroom Design

Metal Shine for Your Bathroom-min

After laying the basic layer of the bathroom’s interior, we move on to the intricacy of the fixtures and fittings. If you are someone who wants to add a touch of luxury yet sophisticated vibe to your bathroom, then definitely go for metals since they look rustic and exquisite.

Materials like brass and copper are the ones that are used in bathrooms for the same purpose, and they never let in a dull moment for sure.

Make sure to pick up the right combination of metals that typically complements each other. Moreover, when it comes to metallic finishes, doing less can also elevate the interiors of the bathroom. You can go with contrasting metallic fixtures against a neutral background to draw the correct amount of attention to the interiors of the bathroom. For instance, brass, gold strips or even metallic black is competent to complement the white walls and deep colored flooring.

Play with Patterns

Choosing a material lying in the neutral shade card can not only look and feel luxurious but is also cost-effective. However, to inculcate freshness in the design of the washroom, you can focus on arranging tiles in a different complex pattern to add an alluring vibe.

You can go with installing different patterns, like the herringbone pattern, which brings out a naturally interesting design, making the design of the bathroom look more composed. Other than this, you can also follow the chevron design pattern, which involves stacking the tiles in a vertical layout.

“Bathtub” the Focal Point


A bathtub can instantly elevate the design format of your bathroom by adding character and visual appeal. You can opt for the typology or category of design you want your washroom to work around, and then pick out the right style for your bathroom.

If your house lies in the category of minimalist design with contemporary and modern touches, you can incorporate the same in your bathroom. A contemporary bathroom design can also be paired with the ongoing design trends in the market, enhancing the same idea of circling around muted and pastel tones.

If you are going with a muted palette as the pedestal of your design layout, concluding the frame with something bold and eclectic can surely be one of the choices to go for. Adding bold tiles alternatively can create an interesting pattern throughout the space. These patterns of artistic elements must be chosen based on the initial layer of the washroom.

Additionally, the placement of warm lights and miscellaneous decor pieces including planters and scented candles are little things that can make noticeable differences.

Pick Perfect Contrast for Your Favorite Corner

Picking out the perfect contrast for your corners always requires patience and sometimes this is the only element that grabs one’s attention.

There are various methods to adorn these petite nooks via metallic frames or strips around the washroom. The addition of some vintage elements can also help in accentuating the interior design of the bathroom.

You can even go for wooden storage units, sideboards to add the contrasting depth to the canvas.

Pulling Storage Up a Notch! In your Bathroom Design

Storage is one of the most primary things to pay attention to. With minimal living space, there comes the maximum utilization of spaces and storage plays an eminent role in the same. So, in order to add that extra dimension to your bathroom space, you can go with cabinets.

Add Glitz in your Bathroom Design

Glitz in your Bathroom

Lighting can surely change the outlook of any space. And when it comes to the washroom, lighting becomes one of the most important elements to pay attention to. Something very basic can turn into something interesting and eccentric. There are a variety of lighting fixtures that you can install to give your washroom the desired look. You can opt for focus lighting, subtle and warm LED lighting in recessed spaces and overhead spotlights to lit your bathroom space.

Many bathroom design ideas include the usage of recessed shelves in different materials, but warm lighting with wooden finishes is something that always takes away the cherry.

Go for White When in Doubt

You can opt for a heated towel rack, which can be an exquisite addition to your bathroom design.

If you are looking for something practical and simple to go with, then going with white as a background and adding black accent elements over it can be something that you can work with. A heating rack in matte black would add the perfect contrast to the layout as it makes the bathroom look more alluring and nicely put.

Wrapping Up

Re-modelling your bathroom design can be an intimidating and painstaking task altogether. Therefore, to achieve a favorable layout, you must know the basics of upgrading your bathroom space. So what are you waiting for? Embrace these aforementioned bathroom decor ideas to give your space a much-needed makeover.


How much does it cost to redo a bathroom? 

Redoing a bathroom can cost you any amount of money between $2,500 and $25,000, depending on the level of renovation that has to be done. 

Is bathroom renovation expensive?

A basic re-modelling of the bathroom might cost you $10,000. The budget totally depends upon the materials you want to use and the level of renovation that is required.