Shifting houses or looking for new places to rent is a hefty task, no matter your age, preferences or needs. Here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa that have become more popular by the day and offer the lifestyle that you deserve. 

Why Should You Pick Ottawa?

Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is renowned for its rich ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity. Ottawa is a major economic engine that offers numerous jobs and opportunities for citizens and is also home to world-class research centres. With a unique bilingual university and regard for the complete Francophone community as an asset to the people, Ottawa houses a warm and accepting society. 

From Spring to Winter, the city witnesses four seasons in full swing, keeping a home for all your preferences. Ottawa also hosts festivals and events like agricultural fairs and annual cultural group celebrations throughout the city. Some are Haiti en fête, Italian Week and  GreekFest, among others. 

A truly friendly neighbourhood, Ottawa is the second most popular city among immigrants after Toronto. Knowing Ottawa and its community, it’s no surprise why. Following is a list of the best Ottawa Real Estate neighbourhoods to settle in:

  • The Triangle Neighbourhood: The Golden Triangle

Lying between Elgin Street and the Rideau Canal on the east, Golden Triangle is a very affordable neighbourhood making it a popular choice for newcomers and young adults. The Rideau Canal and Elgin Street meet to make a point in the neighbourhood, which is why it is named so. With a population of 6,275, Golden Triangle has an exceptional livability score of 83/100. The crime rates in the neighbourhood are 37% lower than the national average. A happening nightlife with numerous entertainment and recreational activities around the area, like eateries, cafes, bars and nightclubs around the neighbourhood, Golden Triangle caters to the youth. Home to Ottawa’s famous City Hall, the region is a great pick if you want to find historic family homes. 

  • Culturally Rich Little Italy

Home to the Italian Week Festival every June, Little Italy houses a large section of Italian immigrants throughout Ottawa. With a small population of 2,093, it is a peaceful and safe neighbourhood with a livability score of 77/100. Several townhouses, low-rise condos and detached homes dot the neighbourhood, and the dwellings visibly hold a 90s charm. A fairly bike-friendly community, many skateboard parks, international restaurants and bars are available in the region. Numerous murals and quirky sculptures can be found throughout the neighbourhood underpass. And you can easily immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural heritage by taking a pleasant stroll down Preston Street, known to the locals as Corsa Italia. 

  • Ottawa’s Artist Hub: Lowertown

Lowertown, a hub for artists and start-ups, houses a population of 9,605 and a livability score of 77/100. A multi-cultural district, the neighbourhood is popular for easy accessibility to breweries, pubs and spacious homes. Home to the popular tourist attraction, the Lowertown Brewery on York Street offers residents delicious homemade food and craft beer. It features an open-concept kitchen spreading aromas of the tempting and attractive range of cuisines. Transit options are numerous around the region and make the commute easier. Ottawa real estate in Lowertown is fairly affordable. 

  • Fastest Growing Suburb: Kanata

Fastest Growing Suburb Kanata

A fast-growing suburb Kanata is popular for its high-tech business parks, Kanata is located to the west of downtown and is Ottawa’s fastest-growing suburb. A reasonably affordable neighbourhood, the Ottawa Housing market in Kanata encompasses high-end homes, shopping complexes, condos and townhomes. The community is safe, family-friendly and houses some of the city’s finest schools across the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is close to other popular attractions for a quick getaway. The neighbourhood is a popular pick for golf enthusiasts as the Kanata Golf and Country Club lies very close to the vicinity.  

  • The No. 1 Tourist Hub: The ByWard Market

The ByWard Market

The ByWard Market Neighbourhood is Ottawa’s number one tourist attraction and is the most popular destination for shopping, entertainment and arts activities. Home to one of the oldest farmer’s markets, the neighbourhood features many indoor food vendors, unique shops and handcrafted goods. One of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa, it is the most concentrated and ancient. Known for its colourful street art, the market offers residents hip stores filled with the best local art, rustic taverns and bars for a fun-filled nightlife. With a population of 4,007, it has an exceptional livability score of 87/100. 

  • Close to the Tulips: The Glebe

Close to Commissioners Park, which witnesses the historic and beautiful Canadian Tulip Festival in May, The Glebe is one of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa. The festival attracts crowds of all generations and brings them all together. With a population of almost 13000 people, the neighbourhood still has an exceptional livability score of over 87/100. The community offers many housing styles, which separates The Glebe from many best neighbourhoods in Ottawa. It is a culturally rich neighbourhood with streets lined with independent shops, galleries and multicultural restaurants. If you are visiting and looking for souvenirs to take back or are residents and want personalised presets, the neighbourhood offers quirky, unique gifts that no shopping mall can compete with.  

  • Along the Ottawa River: Westboro

Located along the Ottawa River, if you are looking for single-family detached homes, townhomes, or condos in a coveted neighbourhood Westboro is the place to be. From being a rural scattered community with farms, Westboro today is an easily accessible urban neighbourhood. With a population of 11,408, Westboro boasts an exceptional livability score of 89/100. It is one of the safest and best neighbourhoods in Ottawa, with crime rates 22% lower than the national average. Westboro’s walkable main street is lined by some of the city’s most popular shops and shopping centres, like the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) store, which is the major reason for gentrification. Many other retailers, pubs and restaurants are close in the vicinity as well. 

  • Densely Populated: Barrhaven

Barrhaven has a hefty population of 81,179, with an exceptional livability score of 92/100. A diverse population with various stores, recreational activities and services can easily be found around the region. The neighbourhood features countless parks, splash pads and sports fields and is home to special community events throughout the city. The Santa Claus Parade and Canada Day celebration is a part of the same. The region is still a rapidly growing community with various condos, townhouses, single-family homes and more available throughout the Ottawa housing market. The Barrhaven Public School is counted as one of the finest schools in the city. 

  • By Parkdale Avenue: Hintonburg

By Parkdale Avenue Hintonburg

Hintonburg is a historically working-class dominant residential neighbourhood close to the famous Wellington Street. With a liveability score of 86/100, the region has distinct entertainment and recreational activities. Parliament Hill, the Byward Market and the Canadian Museum of Nature are close to the area. The Hintonburg Public House is a favourite local gathering place for elevated pub fare, artisanal cocktails and more. The neighbourhood hosts the Parkdale Farmer’s Market. It is located along Parkdale Avenue and is considered one of the most hipster and best neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

  • Luxury Gloucester

Gloucester real estate mostly houses upscale areas like Rothwell Heights overlooking the Ottawa River, which is made of 2-storey bungalows and split levels. A popular Ottawa real estate destination among families with luxury architecture built on the hillside, the area also houses condos and townhouses. The community-driven atmosphere with many schools, various things to do, ample parks and hiking spaces add to the neighbourhood’s charm. It became a part of Ottawa in 2001 and has expanded today with major pubs, shopping centres and the city’s closest amenities nearby. 

Final Thoughts

These neighbourhoods and many others are worth checking throughout the Ottawa real estate market. Multiple variables must be considered when shifting homes, like the cost of living, safe neighbourhoods, good real estate, proximity to major regional amenities and community-driven surroundings. It is advised to take assistance and guidance from professionals for any property. And don’t forget to personally walk around the block to know if your lifestyle needs match the areas and find the best pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best area in Ottawa to live in?

Ottawa offers a range of loving, safe and welcoming neighbourhoods. Some of them are Hintonburg, Tunney’s Pasture and Westboro.

What is the richest area in Ottawa?

Ottawa has many neighbourhoods with distinct cultural heritage and Victorian historical buildings. Some of Ottawa’s most expensive neighbourhoods are Rockcliffe Park, Industrial Park and Emerald Meadows.

Is Ottawa better than Toronto?

Ottawa and Toronto both offer a welcoming, warm neighbourhood. Ottawa is more affordable in case of cost of living than Toronto.

What are the safest and best neighbourhoods in Ottawa?

The Glebe, Highview and Westboro are some of the safest neighbourhoods in Ottawa. You can find historical buildings, townhouses and condos throughout the city.

Is it expensive to live in Ottawa?

As a safe, clean and welcoming place, it is above average in expenses but still affordable. Some neighbourhoods are expensive, but there are also fairly affordable ones. You are sure to find an area that best suits your budgetary needs.