The Winter Festival of Lights comes in full force during the peak winter season. The people of Canada, including the visitors, enjoy this festival even when the temperature drops down to -20 degrees. There are various interactive displays, dazzling lights and one can also play fun games here. This year the administrative and controlling authorities have included several amenities such as a lunar eclipse, teleporter, pyramid, light-playing piano and a fire-breathing dragon.

Additionally, in a world full of creators and consumers, Canada aims to create a positive magical urban space to inspire individuals of all generations. This festival is celebrated in an attempt to enjoy and take a moment to cherish what the world has to offer. In this blog, we will walk you through the amazing winter festival of lights along with its offerings and what you can expect here.

Toronto Light Festival

Toronto Light Festival

The Canadian National Exhibition organised this winter festival in Toronto. The winter festival of lights takes place at 55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 1G3 in the Exhibition Grounds. This festival is vastly inspired by the mesmerising northern lights. Here, you will encounter an ample number of mystical worlds, allowing you to explore several top-notch Christmas lights in Toronto. Moreover, you can also take a glimpse of the alluring characters and will get to taste some flavoursome foods along with refreshments. Not only that but the winter festival is also lauded with games, amusement rides and many more surprises.

What Happens at The Toronto Light Festival

Toronto’s Distillery District shimmers when the sun sets down and everyone indulges in the celebration. The Toronto Light Festival is just a few years old celebration where you will get to see the art of several different artists from all across the world and Canada as well. The winter festival of lights features live entertainment, festive beverages, international artists and hundreds and thousands of vibrant lights.

In addition, during the festival, the entire neighbourhood turns into a vigorous disco beaming with all types of fancy lights, entertainment and action. 

Things To Do at Light Festival, Canada

Things To Do at Light Festival, Canada

The Light Festival of Toronto features a multicultural character, and grasping all the numerous concepts may feel more like a scavenger hunt. Here, you can view the works of artists and their design collectives from all across the globe coming together to create an extraordinary experience worth braving in Canada’s winter, whether you have a freezing beverage like a toddy or hot chocolate to warm things up. The Winter Festival of Lights starts with a guided tour around the Distillery District. You can explore the various dramatic light-emitting artworks. On top of that here you can also reward your taste buds with samples from local chocolate factories and breweries. Such activities make it feasible to come out of your cosy warm blankets.

Essentials To Carry To The Winter Festival of Lights

The Winter Festival of Lights is celebrated during the coldest month in Canada. So it is essential that you wear warm clothes such as scarves, hats, winter coats, and mittens that prevent you from freezing. Layers are the ultimate key that helps you keep your temperature up to the mark. As we mentioned multiple times throughout the blog that this unique festival is full of dramatic and vibrant lights. Nobody would appreciate missing their shot of snapping some picture-perfect photographs to elevate your social media appeal. Moreover, one thing worth mentioning is that the venue is a reel-friendly spot. So don’t worry, no Karens and Bobs will snatch your phone away.

Ticket Information and Dates

In order to ensure entry on your preferred date, you need to buy tickets. Both offline and online modes are available to get the tickets. Moreover, we recommend you get it done as the tickets sold out rapidly. You need to choose your arrival time in advance, as the festival allows a limited number of individuals. This initiative is taken in order to prevent the space from getting overcrowded.

In addition, once you make the entrance, then you can spend as much time as you desire. However, a couple of hours would be more than enough for you to catch up.

The date of the Winter Festival of Lights Toronto is subject to change depending on various factors. However, the festival typically starts from mid-November to January. On weekdays the festival is open from 4 PM to 10 PM and on weekends from 2 PM to 10 PM. We highly recommend you visit the festival venue during the evening or when the sun sets down. This is the perfect time to indulge in this unique experience full of twinkling lights in their full glory. As the event ends by 10 PM, the gates will be closed at 09:30 PM. Ensure that you reach the venue before 8:30 PM to make the entrance.

To Sum Up

The Toronto Light Festival is more like a visual journey filled with playful adventures as you walk through the Distillery District. This unique festival is celebrated during the cold days of winter, offering visitors a reason to bundle up, get outside and celebrate the festival at its fullest. This awe-inspiring festival exhibits light artists from all around the world. Moreover, the artworks are curated to educate, inspire, warm hearts and give the visitor an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Ensure to get your entry ticket prior to your visit for a hassle-free experience as the ticket sold out quickly.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where is the light festival in Toronto?

The winter festival of lights takes place at 55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 1G3 in the Exhibition Grounds.

What is the duration of the light festival in Toronto?

The festival is celebrated from mid-November to the first week of January.

Why should you visit the light festival in Toronto?

The Winter Festival of Lights, Toronto, is one of the most lively events in Toronto. Artists from all over the world including Canada showcase their talent in the form of illuminated lights that gives you a marvellous opportunity to get an escape from your daily hustle and bustle of life. Moreover, you can taste the flavoursome chocolate and beverages from local chocolate factories and breweries.