Searching for a natural hot springs in Canada? If that’s a thumbs up, we will say you are at the right place and at the right blog. Scroll down to learn about 6 of the best hot springs that Canada has in store for you.

Winters in Canada last for a good five to six months. Unlike other countries, the weather here from November to early April is bitter cold. This is why you would see most Canadians jetting off to tropical regions during this time. But if you have just moved in and aren’t really in the mood to travel, consider jumping in a Canadian hot spring.

Here is a list of the top six hot springs in Canada. So, let’s dive deep into the details.

Check Out the Best Hot Springs  in Canada

Best Hot Springs in Canada

There is no shortage of hot springs in Canada. Alberta, in particular, is known for its hot sulphur springs. Besides Alberta, there are various other hidden jewels in the north that you may not even have heard of. Don’t Worry! We have tried covering them all below.

  • Banff Upper Hot Springs, Alberta

Banff Upper Hot Springs

An incredible attraction in Alberta, the Banff Upper Hot Springs have mineral-rich hot water. You can take a halt here to experience something spectacular on your way to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Watch snowfall on the peaks and make the most of your wintertime. As per locals, the water at these hot springs has natural healing properties for muscle-relaxing and skin-healing. From a large pool and cafe to lockers, swimming suits and towels available for rent, you get everything right here.

Water Temperature: 37 – 40° C

  • Kraus Hot Springs, Northwest Territories

Kraus Hot Springs

Also known as the secret paradise, Kraus Hot Springs is in Canada’s Nahanni National Park Reserve. It gets its name from Gus and Mary Kraus, a couple who discovered this hot spring somewhere between 1940 and 1971. The check-in cabin that you see today was their generator shack back in the day. Additionally, it is surrounded by some exotic plants from Gus and Mary’s Garden.

The water has a good concentration of minerals like sodium, sulphate, calcium and chloride and a significant odour from the sulphur. It is less crowded, which means visiting this place will surely bring you some peace and serenity.

Water Temperature: 32° C

  • Hot Springs Cove, British Columbia


No other hot spring offers a better view like Hot Springs Cove. Located in the British Columbia region, more specifically in the Maquinna Provincial Park, it is the perfect adventure spot.

Hike through dense rainforest to find this natural hot spring. Besides warm water, you can get to take a peek at natural wildlife such as puffins, whales and seals. Not just that, there is a coastline along with gorgeous beaches to complete your trip.

Water Temperature: 50° C

  • Miette Hot Springs, Alberta


An enjoyable hot spring experience awaits you at Alberta’s Jasper National Park. The Miette Hot Springs has a reputation for being blistering in the Canadian Rockies. Along with soaking in the ever-so-warm springs, you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas. The scenic beauty and one-of-a-kind camping experience will make you come back for more. And if you are wondering about which minerals the Miette Hot Springs offer – they are sulphate, bicarbonate, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Water Temperature: 53° C

  • Liard River Hot Spring, British Columbia

Liard River Hot Spring

The second-largest natural hot spring in Canada, Liard River Hot Spring, is a must for those travelling via Alaska Highway. Located in the Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park, you get to witness the natural beauty of the forest. Filled with natural water, these hot springs encompass varied minerals and offer a surreal sight to behold.

Water Temperature: 42°C to 52°C

  • Canyon Hot Springs, Alberta

Canyon Hot Springs

Situated alongside the Trans Canada Highway, Canyon Hot Springs offers a luxurious experience. Whether you are travelling solo or with a family, this is one natural hot spring in Canada that you cannot afford to miss.

Apart from the perfect temperature and mineral-rich water, you would get all the possible facilities here. There are different accommodation options too. From suites and log cabins to chalets, you can choose anything you like. The best part is that while you go for a rejuvenating dip, your kids can indulge in outdoor activities like boating, hiking and fishing.

Water Temperature: 32°C to 40°C

5 Rules to Remember When You Visit Canada Hot Springs

Visit Canada Springs

Have you never been to a hot spring? It’s okay! There is always a first time and we are here to make things easier for you.

Hot Springs have become more common than before. And since more people are familiar with them now, it is important to ensure that everyone’s experience is less awkward and more enjoyable. Here are some tips that you need to bear in mind.

  • Keep the Volume Down

Most people visit the hot springs to get away from the hustle and bustle and to relax. Be respectful of the same and try making less noise. Try not to blast music on your phone or Bluetooth speakers and remember that there are other people around you.

You may, of course, indulge in chats and banters but be mindful of the sound levels. If the majority of people are quiet, be a good judge of the situation and keep things that way. Nobody likes a rowdy or noisy group at the hot springs. Try not to be one of those and be considerate.

  • Do Not Leave Any Trace

This one is an essential practice. It means that you should leave the hot spring in a better condition than how you found it. Clean up all your trash such as drinks, food and other belongings. If you are with kids, encourage them to follow the same and aim to leave the place as clean as possible.

Furthermore, make sure you don’t bathe in the hot springs or use any kind of soap. These things are a complete no-no at public lakes and hot springs across Canada.

  • Be Considerate While Using Camera

It is okay to click pictures and make videos at hot springs. But what’s not okay is capturing other people in the frame without their permission. Not everyone is comfortable wearing swimwear and getting clicked in other people’s pictures. So, you may either ask them if they are fine with you clicking pictures or wait till you have the space by yourself. You can also find a corner for yourself to complete your photo-shoot session.

  • Carry Your Towel

This one is the most basic etiquette. Yes, carry your own towel. Many people think that they would get towels there and don’t bother carrying one. Although it is not a compulsion, it is always better and safer if you have your own.

  • Schedule Your Soaking Time

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many hot springs in Canada were closed down for public use. Many of them are open now and allow you to book your slot online. This way, the facilities can manage the capacity and ensure a better experience for the guests.

  • Avoid Peeing in the Hot Springs

Please don’t be “THAT” person. We know that hot water is a different kind of comfortable but please do everyone a favour and take a tinkle before getting in.

Wrapping Up

Here’s hoping this blog helps you locate the best natural hot springs in Canada that are worth visiting. Since no trip to Canada is fully complete without visiting one of these relaxing places.

Let us know if you require any further information. In the meantime, you can check out the FAQ section below to find answers to common questions.

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Are there any natural hot springs in Canada?

Yes, there are plenty of natural hot springs in Canada. Most of them are in Alberta and British Columbia i.e., the western part of the country. However, you can find some less crowded ones in Yukon or the Northwest Territories. 

Should I wear a swimsuit in hot springs?

Yes, you can and should wear swimwear in the hot springs. Many hot spring facilities provide swimwear to customers. But it is always better to carry your own. Also, keep in mind that the hot spring water contains minerals that can sometimes tint your swim wear’s colour. So, be wise with what you choose. 

Can I shower after being in a Canadian hot spring?

No, we do not recommend taking a shower right after you have been in a hot spring. This is because the healing properties in the water may get washed off. But if you have sensitive skin, you can rinse yourself off with some fresh water. 

Can I soak too long in hot springs?

No, don’t soak for too long in the hot springs, especially if the hot springs are underdeveloped. Prolonged soaking can result in hypothermia and put you at risk of heatstroke.

What health benefits do hot springs offer?

Hot springs are rich in sulphur and offer varied healing benefits. From treating skin conditions like rashes to helping treat arthritic pain, dry scalp, digestive problems and other internal issues, the list is pretty long.