Sprawled over an area of 9.985 million Sq.Km. The world’s second-largest country in size, Canada is geographically located in North America. With a citizenry of 37,940,640 people, it has a lot to offer, including a quality lifestyle, government transparency, civil freedoms, education, economic freedom, as well as healthcare. Furthermore, Canada is known for recognising everyone’s individuality, unrivaled diversity, and safety and security. Canada is classified as moderate average cost of living in terms of affordability, as household bills can consume up to half of your take-home pay. However, the public services are outstanding, allowing for a high level of living.

Before you consider relocating to the country, you must  determine whether you can afford to live there. While Canada is one of the best countries to live in, towns like Vancouver, which ranks 93rd on the list of most expensive cities in the world, come at a cost. Furthermore, Canada has 13 cantons and territories to settle in. Overall, it offers a good deal of affordable cities to pin your hopes on, especially if you manage to secure a job.

The cost of living in one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of safety and quality lifestyle comes at a cost. While everyone enjoys comparing the costs of travel, rent, food, and basic living in Canada, we’ve put together the cost of living in Canada, the average cost of living in Canada as well as a list of the most economical towns to live in.

Is it Cost-Effective to Live in Canada?

Live in Canada

The average Canadian family needs a weekly earning of C$1,000. With this weekly income, you can afford the cost of living in Canada for one month. This is not just a hebdomadal amount that you must strive for in order to live conveniently in Canada, but it is a reliable amount to live your best life and at the same time enjoy the nation as much as other inhabitants. In fact, based on your province and your preferred lifestyle, you can earn significantly less than this and yet live comfortably.

When we say “living comfortably,” we mean having enough money to buy all  the items you need on a regular basis. Even after paying for everyday necessities, you must still have money for leisure activities like going out, picking up a hobby, and planning a vacation to Canada once or twice a year. You must also set aside some funds to ensure that you are prepared in the event of an emergency, job loss, or the pursuit of a new opportunity.

Average Cost of Living in Canada’s Major Cities

Canada’s Major Cities

Take a look at the average cost of living in Canada top cities for individuals and families to get a better picture.

Average Cost of Living for One Month in Canadian Cities
City Individual Cost Family ( 4 Members)
Toronto, ON Canadian $3,551 Canadian $6,144
Vancouver, BC Canadian $3,445 Canadian $5,955
Ottawa, ON Canadian $2,822 Canadian $5,329
Montreal, QC Canadian $2,384 Canadian $4,799
Calgary, AB Canadian $2,449 Canadian $5,110
Halifax, NS Canadian $2,377 Canadian $4,698
Quebec City, QC Canadian $1,871 Canadian $4,126

As shown in the above-mentioned table, a single individual can live in Quebec City for as minimal as C$1,871, yet in Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, you will have to bear the cost of C$3,551. In Quebec City, a family can live on C$4,126, but in Toronto, you’ll need to earn at least C$6,144 for a comfortable lifestyle. Where you live makes a major difference with an average cost of C$2,000.

The best aspect about bringing your family to Canada is that you may split the cost of living in Canada with your husband or common-law partner, making life in Canada much more inexpensive.

If you want to move to Canada but are on a tight budget or simply want to save money, you may look into some of the cheapest towns to live in, which will undoubtedly help you feel more comfortable living with less.

Most Affordable Rental Cities of Canada

Average cost of living in Rental Cities

If you’re seeking an average cost of living in Canada that fits easily within your budget, look at the table below. The list includes Canada’s top five most affordable rental cities.

Rent of the Top 5 Most Affordable Canadian Cities to Live in for One Month
City Average Monthly Cost
1. Sault STE. Marie, ON 1,000 Canadian Dollar
2. Rimouski, QC 800 Canadian Dollar
3. Timmins, ON 700 Canadian Dollar
4. Quesnel, BC 850 Canadian Dollar
5. Abbotsford, BC 600 Canadian Dollar to 1200 Canadian Dollar

Cost of Living In Canada for One Month

Living In Canada for One Month

Rent, utilities, transportation, groceries, tax, insurance, and other expenses are all included in the monthly cost of living in Canada. We’ve created tabular data for each category to make things easier for you. It will assist you in understanding how the monthly expense will be divided into several sections.

Rent for a Month
Apartment Cost
1 Bedroom Apartment Located in the City Centre 1,338.20 Canadian Dollar
1 Bedroom Apartment Located Outside the City Centre 1,123.75 Canadian Dollar
3 Bedroom Apartment Located in the City Centre 2,166.95 Canadian Dollar
3 Bedroom Apartment Located Outside the City Centre 1,827.06 Canadian Dollar
Type of Utility Cost
Basic amenities including electricity, cooling and heating, garbage disposal, water, etc. 164.46 Canadian Dollar
Prepaid Mobile Tariff (Local) 0.34 Canadian Dollar (Not monthly)
Internet Connectivity (Unlimited data, Cost of Cable or ADSL) 78.99 Canadian Dollar
Transportation Costs
Type Cost
Local transport (One-way) 3.25 Canadian Dollar
Local transport (Monthly pass) 90.00  Canadian Dollar
Taxi (Normal tariff) 4.00  Canadian Dollar
Taxi 1 kilometer (Normal tariff) 2.00  Canadian Dollar
Taxi 1 hour waiting (Normal tariff) 34.00  Canadian Dollar
Gasoline (one liter) 1.17  Canadian Dollar
General Food Items
Type Cost
Milk (one liter) 2.46 Canadian Dollar
Fresh bread loaf 2.94 Canadian Dollar
Rice (one kg) 3.72 Canadian Dollar
Eggs (12) 3.54 Canadian Dollar
Cheese (one kg) 12.87 Canadian Dollar
Chicken fillets (one kg) 13.37 Canadian Dollar
Beef round (one kg) 14.99 Canadian Dollar
Bananas (one dozen) 1.72 Canadian Dollar
Apples (per kg) 4.19 Canadian Dollar
Oranges (per kg) 4.07 Canadian Dollar
Potatoes (per kg) 2.83 Canadian Dollar
Tomatoes (per kg) 4.37 Canadian Dollar
Onions (per kg) 2.67 Canadian Dollar
Lettuce head 2.56 Canadian Dollar
Water (1.5 litres) 2.15 Canadian Dollar

By going through the above-mentioned table, it is quite clear that the cost of food for individuals accounts for almost C$214.00. The best part is, that there is still room to save on food to make the living expenses in Canada fit into your budget. Here’s what you can do to save money on food.

    • Instead of buying well-known brands, buy generic branded foods.
    • Make a stick-to grocery list.
    • Rather than quick meals or takeaways, eat more fresh foods.
    • Purchase from inexpensive grocery stores or markets.
    • Get some grocery store discount cards.
    • Request and use coupons from local producers.
    • Compare pricing from various retailers.
    • Purchase durable products in quantity.
    • Prepare a weekly budget with a monthly minimum target and stick to it.
Other Expenses and Activities
Type Cost
Fitness Club 51.17 Canadian Dollar
Dining out 18.00 Canadian Dollar to 35.00 Canadian Dollar per person
Cinema (per ticket) 14.00 Canadian Dollar
Preschool and Kindergarten (per month for one child) 988.56 Canadian Dollar
Private Primary School (for one child) 14,028.60 Canadian Dollar

Note: The public schools are free and provide the same educational opportunities as private schools. Healthcare as well as hospitalization are likewise free and are funded by taxes paid by Canadians. The amount of taxes that are paid to the government is determined on your salary:

Annual Tax
Federal Income Tax Total
For 48,535 Canadian Dollar or less 15 Percent
For the range of C$48,535  to C$97,069 20.5 Percent
For the range of C$97,069 to C$150,473 26 Percent
For the range of C$150,473 to C$214,368 29 Percent
For the range of C$214,368 or more 33 Percent


Cost of Public Transit and Parking Charges

Transit and Parking Charges

Canada offers its citizens a variety of options for getting around the city using traditional modes of transportation such as buses, ferries and metros. Different cities offer different programmes that are regulated by provincial governments, although monthly costs can range from $250 to $300. This includes using public transportation and online taxi services provided by the local government.

  • Cost of Bike Taxi System

Bike taxis are not available in every province in Canada. Bike cabs, like BIXI in Montreal or Bikeshare in Toronto, are cost-effective and ecologically friendly ways to get around big cities without having to acquire a bike. For example, renting a BIXI for 30 days costs $19 and includes 45 minutes of free riding.

  • Car Parking Rates

In Canada, car parking is extensively commercialized, with each community having its own method for managing how residents are charged. Refer to the mentioned table to understand how much parking prices you will have to pay per hour.

City Airport Car Park Street Parking
Montreal 7.31 Dollars 7.74 Dollars 3.14 Dollars
Toronto 8.70 Dollars 5.81 Dollars 3.87 Dollars
Calgary 8.23 Dollars 9.68 Dollars 4.36 Dollars
Ottawa 9.68 Dollars 2.42 Dollars 6.77 Dollars
Mount Vancouver 4.11 Dollars 5.81 Dollars 3.87 Dollars
  • Cost of Public Transit

City Cost of Monthly Pass
Montreal 90.50 Dollars
Quebec City 89.75 Dollars
Toronto 156.00 Dollars
Vancouver 100.25  Dollars
Calgary 109.00 Dollars
Edmonton 100.00 Dollars
Ottawa 122.50 Dollars
Halifax 60.00 Dollars

Now when you know that you will have to bear all these costs to live in Canada comfortably, the most important thing you need to consider is to secure a job.

Secure a Job that Enables you to Maintain Canadian Lifestyle

Cost of living in Canadian Lifestyle

After considering all of the expenditures of living in Canada, it’s easy to see why the Canadian government prefers that anyone who intends to immigrate first secures a job in Canada.

When you express interest in moving to an economically-driven country like Canada, getting a job isn’t an optional thing. Many people desire to live in this breathtakingly beautiful and diverse country because they want to advance their jobs and are looking for better career opportunities. Many people are drawn to Canada because the government gives job security if you have the skill and credentials to back up your applications. Canada always keeps the door open to hiring foreign qualified experts in a variety of areas.

It’s also understandable, given that the average annual pay in Canada is C$59,822. This is merely a typical wage. People who live in rural areas in Canada earn an average of C$35,000 to C$45,000 annually. Thanks to the Canadian government’s commitment to providing the best possible service to its citizens. Additionally, a few highest-paying jobs can pay more than $100,000 per year.

While the cost of living in Canada is slightly higher than in many countries, by working in the country, you can most definitely afford it. The average cost of living in the beautiful country of Canada can be calculated by using the provided table and by selecting the rates along with respective items, and finding the total sum which may vary from one person to another.

The cost of living in Canada is moderately higher contrary to other nations, you may easily afford it by securing a good job in the country. The average cost of living in Canada can be determined by utilising the table supplied and picking the rates along with the appropriate things. Calculate the total sum, which may differ from one individual to the other. After going through the discussed facts, it is clear that Canada is an affordable country, you just have to plan it efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum living cost in Canada?

The cost for a family of four living in Canada averages nearly 4,032 C$ per month, excluding rent. For a single individual, it can cost nearly C$1,125 per month.

Is Canada an expensive country to live in?

Canada is regarded as a country with pretty inexpensive costs, having been ranked as the finest place to live in terms of quality of life as well as the strongest economy around the world.

What is considered a good salary to live in Canada?

A respectable pay in Canada will be roughly around $78,000 per year or $40 per hour. Of course, the pay can be more or less, but if you want to live well in Canada, you should aim for this wage.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Canada?

In Canada, you will need a pay ranging from $42,000 to $59,000 per year. This is merely a rough estimate, but it should be enough to live comfortably in most Canadian provinces.