Chitra Chaudhary A stellar writer with over 3 years of experience, Chitra loves to delve deep into all the nitty-gritty of finance, government and other technical topics people usually dread to attempt. With a masters in Computer Science, Chitra alchemises her analytical and creative prowess to manifest some of the most awesome articles for Square Yards.


2 Stories by Chitra Chaudhary

Ultimate Guide to Renew Canadian Visa Inside Canada

Canada, the premier land for incredible opportunities, the accomplishment of dreams with a touch of natural beauty. Thousands of people visit Canada every year,...
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Average Cost of Living in Canada for an Individual and a Family

Sprawled over an area of 9.985 million Sq.Km. The world’s second-largest country in size, Canada is geographically located in North America. With a citizenry...
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