While you might be having a driver’s license in your country, you might want one if you are planning to move to Ontario, or already have moved. However, along with pinning and bullet listing some basic information on Ontario driver license, you might want to understand how to obtain a license in Ontario, if your original one belongs to another country. 

Basic Information on Ontario Driver’s License

Information on Ontario Driver’s License

The Ontario driver license is a blue, plastic card including your name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph on it. The use of a driver’s license is widely acknowledged as an identity card. It is also important to carry your license when you are driving. 

Make sure to underline that the license comes with an expiration date and if you have to renew it before that. 

Countries with a Reciprocal Agreement

Reciprocal Agreement 

There are some countries like France, Korea and the United States that might have an agreement with Ontario, and that allows the licensed chauffeurs to get an Ontario driver license without going through the procedure of getting one in this province. 

Countries with a Requited Agreement

Countries with a Requited Agreement 

As we discussed above, there might be some countries like Australia, France, Korea and the States, that allow licensed drivers to get their Ontario driver license without actually having to surpass the regular procedure for getting a license. 

If you are looking for an Ontario driver license from any of these jurisdictions with the License Exchange Agreement, you can gain from this right. 

This typology of the license depends on the driving experience one possesses. You can follow the same methodology as drivers with a license that you would get from any other Canadian province and Forces(including Europe)

Countries with No Agreement

Countries with No Agreement

If your Ontario driver license belongs to a country that cant be found in the above statements, you must issue an official confirmation of your driving experience. 

This written confirmation is basically an original letter, issued from the original licensing authority(for example: the ministry of transportation in your state or country). This letter can be issued from the consulate, embassy or high commissioner’s offices that represent the country. 

What should the letter be?

What should the letter be 

    • Dated– The letter can only work for 6 months
    • Written in French or English– If the letter is written in another language, you are supposed to submit a translation along with the letter from a qualified translator. 
    • The letter should be written in an official overhead

The information in the letter must be inclusive of : 

    • Class of license
    • The date of the initial license
    • The expiration date of the license
    • The class of license 
    • The license should be declared valid for a fixed period of time for the sole purpose of experience and exchange.

If in case, this information is not included, the process of ‘Ontario Driver’s License exchange can be different.  The type of license is dependent upon the driving experience you have. 

Types of Driver License in Ontario on Driver’s Experience

Ontario on Driver's Experience

  • Less than 12 Months of Driving Experience in the Last 3 Years

If you are in the graduated licensing bracket, then you have to get twelve months of driving experience before you actually take the G1 road test. 

  • 12-24 Months of Driving Experience in the Last Three Years

If you are in the graduated licensing system, you can take the G1 road test immediately. If you pass this test, you might get a G2 license. 

You should also get a written confirmation of the foreign driving experience. 

However, suppose the MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) asks for your driving license. In that case, you can use this bandwidth, towards an yearly waiting period for the G2 road test. 

  • 24 Months or More of Driving Experience in the Past 3 Years

    • You should get a written confirmation of your foreign experience in driving
    • You are supposed to take the G1 or G2 road test immediately and if you pass, you can acquire your next driving license in the graduated licensing system.

For example, if you surpassed the G1 test, you will get a G2 license. If you are eligible to pass the G2 test, you will get a G license. The G license is a complete Ontario driver’s license. 

Apply as a New Driver

apply as a new driver

You can certainly choose to apply for an Ontario driver license as a novel driver. However, you would be required to process for new drivers which will include the graduated licensing system. 

  • More Information About Ontario Driver’s License

    • Driver’s Online Handbook: Provides a guide that contains the rules and regulations of the road, safe driving practices and the way you can get your license to drive a car, small truck or a van. 
    • Driver Examination Centres: You can take driving tests and written tests at these centres
    • Out-of-Country Drivers: Any information on getting an Ontario license, if you have had a driver’s license previously, but are now not eligible for a license exchange? 
    • MTO(Ministry of Transportation): The provincial agency of government is responsible for driving and the transportation industry. The website is equipped with information about vehicle licensing, the driver and Ontario transit systems. 
    • Driver and Vehicle License Offices: You are eligible to renew your driver’s license, get a driver’s handbook, change your address or any other information on your license and get other routine services at these offices. 
  • Getting an Ontario Driver’s License

Getting an Ontario Driver’s License

In order to get a driver’s license, firstly you must be sixteen or older. Apart from the factor of age, you must also surpass the vision test in order to convey your driving skills. 

You will have to apply for a driver’s license and the procedure might vary on your experience as a driver. In all of it, you have to visit the Examination Center and present these documents: 

    • Proof of your name
    • A document with your sign on it
    • Proof of your date of birth/age\

You also have to pay the fee to apply. You can see more information on how to apply for a driver’s license on: 

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario : MTO is a government department that is responsible for controlling the driver’s licnese and the vehicle registration in Ontario. You can get in touch with them if you have any queries: 

    • Ontario: 1-800-387-3445
    • TTY: 1-866-471-8929
    • Toronto: 416-235-299

Renewing a Driver’s License in Ontario

Driver’s License in Ontario

Online requirements for Ontario drivers license renewal include:

    • Your driver’s license number
    • The seven-digit number on both sides of your driver’s license number. Example: *1234567*
    • Your postal code

Renewal of Driver’s License Can be Done Online if:

    • You possess a full license (M,G, GM class) that isn’t terminated, expired or suspended for more than twelve months. 
    • You are not discarding a vision condition
    • You possess a combination class of G1M, G2M, GM2 or GM1 (only the complete portion would be renewed online)
    • You do not possess any novel medical conditions that might prevent you from driving
    • You haven’t updated your address in the last ninety days
    • You don’t require tests (written, vision, or road)
    • You don’t have to pay any outstanding fine. 
  • Personal Information Requirements for Ontario Drivers License Renewal

The personal information is collected from the Ministry of Transportation, sub-headed under section 205 of the Highway Traffic Act. This information can be used for the administration of the Ministry’s driver, carrier and vehicle programs. The information of the residential addresses is not accessible to the general public and can only be released to “Authorized Requesters” for the purpose of authorisation.

  • Cost of Renewing Driver’s License in Ontario 

Cost of Renewing Driver’s License in Ontario 

The general cost of renewing a driver’s license in Ontario is $90 for a 5-year license. However, the fee might vary if: The renewal period is not for the complete five years. For example, the expiration date on your driver’s license is altered in order to match the expiration date on your health card. The fee is payable by Mastercard, VISA and Interrace Online. 

You might be then redirected to a third-party website for your payment handling. Once the payment is through, you will then be redirected to the original website to get your receipt. 

Change of Address – If you must update your driver’s license and the vehicle permit within six days of changing your address. 

  • Delivery of your driver’s license

Delivery of your driver’s license

Your new license will be delivered to you in the mail within a period of 4-6 weeks. You can print or save your license at the end of the transaction and must carry it with your photograph when you are driving.

Also, make sure to save a temporary copy of your license on your device, so that you can print it again, incase you lose or damage your first copy. Once, you receive your new license, do not forget to destroy your old one and the printed copy of your temporary license.  These documents will be available as a PDF document at the end of your order.  


A driver’s license is a document of identification in any country and even if you have one in your country, you should get an Ontario driver’s license when you are planning to move there. While this might be something tedious, you can refer to the references mentioned above along with some information that might be helpful for you.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can foreigners drive in Ontario?

If you are a tourist and are driving in Ontario, you can do that for atleast ninety days with your original driving license. Apart from that. This goes without saying that you need to be atleast 16 years or older to drive.

How much is the G1 test in Ontario?

The G1 test costs around $159.75 and the price is built into class G1 license package.

What is the passing score in the G1 test in Ontario?

You will be receiving atleast two test sheets with twenty questions in each one of them. The first 20 questions will be about road signs, while the others are about the rules of the road. You will be needing sixteen or more questions right in both the sheets in order to pass the test.