Family Day Canada 2023, observed on the third Monday of February, is not an officially legislated national holiday in Canada. Most Canadians, however, live in provinces where it is observed as a statutory holiday, such as  Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan’s ‘Family Day,’ Manitoba’s ‘Louis Riel Day,’ Nova Scotia’s ‘Nova Scotia Heritage Day,’ and Prince Edward Island’s ‘Islander Day.’ The day was established in the province of Alberta in 1990 to strengthen bonds and bring families together to celebrate family values. This allows everyone to come together to reflect on principles, allowing working parents to spend more time with their kids.

This is a significant occasion for Canadians, particularly in Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Alberta, and British Columbia. In other regions of the country, however, it is a regular school and work day. Quebec, for example, does not normally mark Family Day Canada 2023 because it has different traditions due to its settlement by French Catholics.

How is Family Day Celebrated in Canada?

How is Family Day Celebrated in Canada

Family Day Canada 2023 is observed in various ways across Canada. It is a statutory holiday in various provinces, meaning businesses, schools, and government offices are closed for the day. It is a typical work day in other provinces, and people may take the day off to spend time with their families. Many families spend Family Day Canada 2023 together by going on a picnic, playing board games, going to the movies, or simply conversing and enjoying each other’s company.

Canadians typically plan family-friendly activities such as exploring art exhibitions, wandering in city parks, and going to the movies.

Special public activities are being prepared in several country sections to commemorate this anniversary, featuring cultural and gastronomic delights for inhabitants and tourists. During the day, it is typical to observe kids playing on the playground in the parks and several individuals ice-skating in the cold Canadian winters. It’s a day filled with love, celebration, and family fun.

Family Day’s Origins and History

Family Day Canada was first observed in Alberta in 1990. Provinces of  Saskatchewan and Ontario fell in line over the next few years, and  British Columbia followed suit in 2012. They shifted their felicitations from the second Monday in February to the third Monday in February a couple of years later to coincide with neighbouring provinces’ celebrations. In 2018, New Brunswick declared a holiday. Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia hopped on the movement in 2007, 2009, and 2013, respectively. In Yukon, the previous Yukon Heritage Day was deemed close enough to the new Family Day Canada 2023 holiday on the calendar that no adjustments were required.

As you might expect, Family Day has no set customs, unlike Christmas and New Year’s Day. However, as the title suggests, many Canadians use the three-day weekend in the month of February to spend additional time with family and friends. Popular ways to celebrate the occasion include road excursions, winter sports adventures, and extended family gatherings. Celebrities find methods to beat the weather and enjoy a warm and pleasant Family Day!

How Do You Celebrate Family Day Canada 2023?

How Do You Celebrate Family Day Canada 2023

If you wish to celebrate Family Day Canada, the way that Canadians do it! It’s simple; just follow the below-mentioned fun activities:

  • Reconnect with extended family!

There’s a good chance you have a favourite aunt, uncle, grandparent, or cousin who would love to reconnect and hear about your latest adventures. Family Day is an excellent opportunity to tell loved ones you think of them frequently and affectionately. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Organise a family gathering that is Long Overdue

It does not have to be a difficult production. At the absolute least, a simple family-wide hearty potluck dinner will remind everybody in the family who the finest cook was. Nothing like eating a home-cooked meal with those you care about to give you a sense of belonging and comfort.

  • Contact your ‘selected family

Let’s face it: an increasing number of people in the younger generations come from either broken families or families that are quote-unquote dysfunctional, where the word “family” merely conjures up feelings of emotional turmoil. If you fit that description, contact a few people of your “chosen family” – close friends and supporters on whom you can rely.

Why Do Canadians Celebrate Family Day?

Canadians enjoy Family Day because it gives a welcome reprieve from the long winter months. It is a day for families to gather, reconnect, and participate in activities that bring them closer together. It also urges Canadians to prioritise their family bonds and spend quality time with their loved ones. Family Day also allows you to make memorable experiences, strengthen connections, and participate in activities typically unavailable during the usual workweek.

To Sum it Up! 

Family Day Canada 2023 is a day to spend time with your family and celebrate and appreciate the importance of family in our lives. A day to celebrate and share the joy and love that comes with having a family and being part of one. Family Day is a reminder to never take the family for granted and always cherish the moments you have with them. It is a day to celebrate the special bond and connection between family members. Family Day is a day to recognise the importance of spending quality time with your family and to appreciate the love and care that your family provides.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Family Day observed as a national holiday in Canada?

Family Day is not a national holiday In Canada.

How do we commemorate Family Day in Canada?

Many people arrange and participate in events for the entire family on Family Day. These include attending art exhibitions, viewing movies, skating on outdoor ice rinks, playing board games, and participating in creative activities.

In Canada, who celebrates Family Day?

Though certain sections of Canada only allow non-federal employees to have the day off, government employees in a few provinces can take the day off to spend with their loved ones and families. According to the Employment Standards Act, eligible Ontarians are entitled to a minimum of nine public holidays with pay every year.

What provinces do not observe Family Day?

Family Day is not a federally recognised holiday; it is honoured only in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Other provinces have February holidays on the same day, although they are not called Family Day.

What is the significance of Family Day?

In a nutshell, family day is a day full of fun activities designed to promote family togetherness. It focuses on children because most activities provide parents with opportunities to assist their children in completing particular obstacles.