In the heart of the Regional Municipality of Halton is the big town of Milton, Ontario. The surrounding areas of Burlington and Oakville, is a popular location in Neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario for folks who want to commute within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas without having to live in the action. However, Milton wasn’t always as well-liked. Due to the presence of farms and well-known conservation sites like Rattlesnake Point and Hilton Falls, it was regarded as “rustic” by many in the Greater Toronto Area twenty years ago. 

The town’s population was just over 30,000 in 2001. When the most recent statistics were gathered in 2016, Milton had a stunning 110,128 and was still expanding. The majority of Milton’s housing development was completed recently due to the city’s rapid growth. Homes were constructed outside of the town’s “Old Core” in the 2000s and 2010s, and construction is still going on today.

But which family neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario is the best? Indisputable factors include your preferences and needs. It wouldn’t be fair to single out one area in Milton because there is a little something special for everyone. Instead, we’ve put together a list of some key characteristics and the area that does the best job of showcasing them.

Best Milton Neighbourhood For Family

Moving to a big city like Milton is difficult enough, but when you have a large family, the strain is increased. We’re here to help you focus your search by highlighting top family neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario for 2022. The algorithm we used to create the rankings takes into account factors like median age, the percentage of families with children under 18, nearby amenities (like grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops), school test scores and graduation rates, the cost of housing, and crime statistics. 

A wonderful place to start a family in Canada is definitely the city of Milton! In this charming town with every amenity, top-notch schools, and lovely parks, you’ll find everything you need. The ideal family neighbourhood in Milton Ontario is Timberlea features detached homes that back up to large yards and streets lined with trees.

  • Homes in Timberlea 

Homes in Timberlea 

One of the older family neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario is Timber lea was built in the 1970s and 1980s, so it has larger lots, bigger yards, and trees and shrubs. The neighbourhood’s town homes are a little bit larger than those in newer construction, and the single family homes have had at least three bedrooms and many have double-car garages. Timber lea is the ideal community for expanding families looking for a bigger home and a little more space because of its small-town charisma and community feel.

Why is Milton a Good Place to Live?

High-performing STEM-educated professionals in Milton successfully juggle fulfilling careers, active lifestyles, and fulfilling personal lives. Our walkable family neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario offer flexible housing options, and our larger landscape is a seamless blend of up-to-date urban amenities, charming historic buildings, and unspoiled natural greenery. Milton provides limitless opportunities for exploration and growth thanks to nearby top academic institutions and world-class athletic facilities like the Mattamy National Cycling Centre.

There are many reasons why someone might decide to move to Milton, but some of them are more intriguing than others. These are a few reasons why an individual might be drawn to the area, even though it is not ideal for everyone.

  • Rich History

For those interested in history, Milton has a thriving historical society that is dedicated to preserving its ancestry and learning more about its past. Some people may be aware that the Mississauga were the original owners of Milton. In exchange for an annual stipend, they signed a treaty ceding their land to England in the 1800s. The town of Milton was not established until a man by the name of Jasper Martin from Newcastle arrived in the region. On the creek, he constructed a grist mill, which served as the town’s founding structure.

  • Diversity

Milton has fostered a fair range of cultures for the area despite having a small population. The most recent census revealed that perhaps the town was much more diversified than they had anticipated. Although there are people from all over the world who’ve already called the area home, the majority are of German descent. Numerous other religions are practised in the area. Although the majority of the population is Christian, Milton can also claim that there are some Jews and Hindus there. The region has attracted visitors from all over the world, which explains why its population is so diverse.

  • Parks and Conservation Areas

Parks and Conservation Areas

Despite the wide variety of attractions in the area, those who value nature will feel right at home here. Milton has protected a lot of places in order to protect them from outside influences and maintain their natural benefits. Hiking, biking, and other outdoor recreational activities are popular all year long with both visitors and locals. A great place to enjoy nature is the close-by Hilton Falls Conservation Area. People enjoy travelling to these popular location in Milton and engaging in a wide range of outdoor activities. Anyone who desires to be near to hiking or other similar activities will greatly benefit from this. 

  • Sporting History and Reputation

Milton is the ideal location for you if you enjoy participating in sports. Despite the area’s relative smallness, sports have a rich history there. In order to document all of the accomplishments of the local athletes, they even set up a sports hall of fame.

Many people are interested in learning what sports are most popular in the area. Although Canada is primarily known for its world-class hockey players, a variety of other sports are also played there. Numerous hockey athletes have gone on to compete in the premier league. Baseball players, gymnasts, and other sportsmen have also discovered their roots.

There are plenty of sports-related activities available, even for athletes who may not be aiming for national or international success. The town is very active, and its residents enjoy taking part in a wide range of athletic activities, from baseball to curling. For anyone who enjoys staying active all year long, this is a huge benefit.

  • Education System of Milton

Milton supports the development of the local creatives, business owners, and academics. Our investments in infrastructure, like the MEV Innovation Centre, help our budding entrepreneurs and startups grow. We also keep close ties with academic institutions like Conestoga College and Wilfrid Laurier University. The extensive local transportation network in Milton keeps our knowledge-focused residents in close contact with top employers in industry and exciting research opportunities.

  • Amenities and Activities

You are close to small shops, eateries, and services right along the town’s main street. This downtown is a truly spectacular area thanks to its lovely parks and gardens and escarpment backdrop.

    • Milton Fairgrounds – The Milton Fall Fair is held yearly at the Milton Fairgrounds. The fair, a well-known small-town custom, features a demolition derby, livestock displays, tractor pulls, a petting zoo, and fireworks.
    • Centennial Park – Milton is the ideal location for an afternoon picnic because it has a lovely pond, gazebo, and open lawns.
    • Farmers Market – The Milton Farmers Market is open from May to October and sells locally produced goods as well as handcrafted gifts and arts and crafts.

Looking to Purchase a Home in Milton?

In Milton, townhouses make up the majority of the remaining housing, which is only about 60% single detached homes. The majority of the homes in this area of the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area were constructed after 2000, at the height of the region’s biggest building boom. The majority of the homes in this town have three bedrooms or more. In this town, 15% of residents are renters and about 85% of residents own their homes. Visit our website for more details.


A wonderful place to call home is Milton. Its charming small-town atmosphere, convenient location, and breathtaking escarpment views continue to draw new families to the area. You’ll be in good company no matter which family neighbourhoods in Milton Ontario you choose! Give us a call if you’re thinking about buying, selling, or investing in Milton so we can talk about how The David Bradica Team can assist you in achieving your objectives.

There are numerous reasons why people decide to make the area their home. It’s not necessarily the popular location in Milton for everyone, though. Despite being nearer to Toronto, a more larger city, Milton has managed to hold onto its small town roots. Given its small size, it can claim that it has a wide range of activities and an amazingly diverse population. This might not be sufficient for everyone, though. Anyone interested in relocating here should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the area to determine whether it is the best place for them.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the town of Milton known for?

Milton is known for P.L. Robertson Manufacturing Company, the first company that made socket head screws.

What's it like to live in Milton with your family?

people residing in Milton believe that it is a good place to live in with wide and clean roads, a number of spacious green parks, and many roundabouts. The communities that reside there are friendly and helping in nature.

Where are the best locations to raise a family in Milton?

Some of the popular locations in Milton to raise a family are Curry College or Blue Hills, The East Town area, the Central Village, the Town Center, and the area of Upper Mills.

Which is the best month to visit Milton?

As per the official tourism reports the best months to visit Milton begin at around late June and end around early September.