Hey tenant, are you facing an issue related to maintenance? If yes, do you know exactly how to approach your landlord for a housing maintenance request? These are probably not easy nuts to crack for you; hence, you have reached this destination for a solution. Well, we won’t disappoint you at all because this is an expert guide to teach you to deal with rental apartment maintenance. 

The first takeaway could be that a renter should always keep documentation and maintenance requests in writing. This will lower your suffering and frustration while sending verbal housing maintenance requests repeatedly. But this should be reasonable enough that can solve such a problem sincerely. So, let us dig into some more information that will help you better understand. 

The Situation For Writing a Letter To Landlords For Repairs

Time means a lot while putting weight and sense before we proceed to a discussion. While requesting your maintenance request, you should be careful and quick enough to ‘point fingers instantly at the faults. 

Basically, the rental agreement you and your owner got settled at should ensure a comfortable and good-conditioned apartment to stay in. In case the situation falls apart, and you find some construction and repair needs, you should send a letter to the landlord about repairs. 

  • Situations That Need a Rental Apartment Maintenance

    • A faucet that is leaking
    • A damaged washing machine
    • Malfunctioning of doors/windows
    • The kitchen appliance absence of malfunctioning

Never-Neglecting Situations for Housing Maintenance Request

    • Damaged pipes/plumbing issues 
    • Absence of hot water availability 
    • A security issues such as broken locks of the doors and windows 
    • Leakage of harmful gases inside the ambience

Reasons to Write a Maintenance Request

It is important to understand the situations why a tenant must not delay reacting about rental apartment maintenance. In Canada, there are multiple properties of a solo landlord and an obvious struggle for property managing firms who receive thousands of housing maintenance requests. It won’t be wrong to say that applying for a maintenance request is not rocket science. But it is even easy to forget about one such concern. Therefore, a written letter to the landlord about repairs is needed.

    • It is sent to the right authority and is easy to file for future reference. 
    • Tenants can question the housing maintenance request if not addressed on time. 
    • For legal grievances, one can use the maintenance request as evidence. 

Contact the Concerned Person About a Maintenance Request

Contact the Concerned Person About a Maintenance Request

Who to contact for requests for maintenance and repairs should be specified in your lease agreement for the unit. If renting directly from the owner, they might handle your demands and suggest you email them. An internet portal may be used to automate the process of renting an apartment in a complex or community. If you use an automated method to submit your letter, keep a copy of the submission form and any auto-responses you might get for your records.

Call your point of contact and explain the situation’s urgency if you are dealing with a serious problem that jeopardises your safety, such as a gas or water leak or a broken HVAC system.

Way to Write a Maintenance Request Letter

Here are some manners enlisted below that will guide you to frame a maintenance request letter: 

  • Give as many specifics as you can

Tell the person repairing what the issue is, how it happened, and when it happened so, they can reproduce it if necessary. This will also assist the landlord or maintenance crew determine whether parts or replacements for damaged appliances need to be ordered.

  • Give any necessary access guidelines.

You’ll probably need to permit to enter the apartment if you’re going to be away when the maintenance is done on your unit. You should also mention whether the apartment is home to any pets.

  • When requesting in writing, use a formal tone

Note whether you have already contacted us about this issue and whether you have spoken with any other members of our staff.

  • Give your contact details and ask for an update

Be patient as the repair process could take several days, depending on how serious the issue is. Ask for an update on when the repairs will be finished. Request immediate service if the situation requires it or if it poses a risk to your safety.

Unavoidable Circumstance to Write a Maintenance Letter

Unavoidable Circumstance to Write a Maintenance Letter!

Find the “emergency maintenance” phone number on your lease and give them a call immediately away if your problem is urgent (for example, a burst pipe is flooding your flat). That’s a good one to remember and keep ready with a backup solution so an instant solution can be made.

The majority of maintenance requests are resolved in a period of time that is fairly realistic. 

Give your maintenance team at least a few days so they can attend to yours. Typically, restrictions limit how much time a landlord has to respond if the issue is more serious (for instance, it’s the dead of winter, and your heat is out). To be informed, look up the legislation in your state.

Example For Request Letter For Repair and Maintenance 

Here is a sample request letter for repair and maintenance a tenant can require for filing a complaint in a written format: 

123 Main Street, #17, New York, NY 01100 Laura Thompso
9 September 2020

Roger Peterson New York, New York 01100 345 State Street

Greetings, Mr. Peterson

This letter is a request for a repair in my unit. I can no longer lock the bedroom’s east-facing window when I go to bed at night or leave the apartment, which raises security concerns for me and my belongings.

I spoke with Rhonda about this on September 1, 2020, at the apartment building office, and I’m sending an official letter in response to her request.

Arrangements should be made as soon as feasible for this repair. You can reach me at 505-789-0123 or [email protected] if you have any questions or want to set up a visit from a repairman to the unit to make the necessary repairs. Please keep me informed about the status of this repair request’s timetable. I appreciate you paying attention to this crucial issue.


Theo Thompson

End Thoughts

It is often that tenants wait for a long time and cannot solve their problems. Also, at times, landlords do not take housing maintenance requests seriously. But a written way of showing disagreements and reminding your landlord of duties is the right way. Therefore, anything that hampers the tenant’s living experience regularly should be addressed immediately. Hopefully, such challenges won’t be a part of your daily hustle now as you have got the best problem solver this time. Happy stay!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are other common ways to submit a maintenance request for my apartment?

Sending a letter to the landlord about repairs is an easy task that can be done by mail or over a call. In fact, you may also reach out to the maintenance office of your society or contact the property manager associated with the landlord directly.

Why is it important to write a housing maintenance request letter for repair?

It is advisable that a tenant would benefit if they complained regarding housing maintenance in a written form. This lowers the chances of negligence from the other party and acts like proof that might go against the landlord themselves at times.

What are the most common repairs I might need in my apartment?

Some usual issues that might arise when you shift to a new apartment such as Water leak detectors, Water Heaters, HVAC Systems, Pipes, Toilets, Electrical Work, Garbage Disposals, and more.

What is the difference between routine maintenance and an emergency maintenance request?

The basic difference between routine maintenance and an emergency maintenance request is hidden their names themselves. Routine maintenance deals with repairments that may not be time restrictive and can be carried out anytime after the request submission. Whereas the emergency maintenance request clearly states that any appliance and construction defaults are to be repaired or corrected instantly.