Canada is known for being a very warm and inclusive society, a country that is more welcoming than most and where people are as loving and polite as before. Rental neighbourhoods in Ottawa are well-known for their benefits. Choosing a neighbourhood, anywhere, is a lethargic long process where you must consider multiple verticals and distinct obstacles. Ottawa Housing offers affordable apartments for rent and enjoys a diverse population renowned for its commitment to inclusivity. 

There is so much that one is recommended to research before making a decision. Following is our attempt to make it simpler for you. 

Lifestyle in the Canadian Capital

Named after the Ottawa River, the city is located in the southern portion of the province of Ontario and is among the largest metropolitan areas in the country. It is the political centre of Canada, as is expected from the capital and houses various colleges, universities and cultural institutions. The area has the most educated population among all other Canadian cities and is a popular tourist attraction with monuments, museums and historic sites. 

As the capital, the city houses the country’s parliament building that offers a glimpse into the grandeur that the country has seen. In the winter, the Rideau River, the UNESCO world heritage site, becomes the world’s largest skating rink. The most prevalent language in the city is English and French; most jobs usually require that you know both. 

Ottawa’s lifestyle is peaceful and known for its quiet surroundings. Life in Canada’s capital offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Ottawa’s weather is fairly agreeable, and people can find an exciting blend of summer, winter, unpredictable springs, and autumn. A large part of the populace can be easily distinguished as being minorities. 

The Best Rental Neighbourhoods in Ottawa 

Ottawa boasts a population of over 1 million people. With a dense population, they offers a range of rental neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Most of the city’s architecture leans on the formal side, with the number of political buildings that mark the skyline in the area. Ottawa Housing offers a range of high-rise buildings to semi-detached and detached living spaces. 

  • Morgan’s Grant

Morgan’s Grant 

A suburban neighbourhood, Morgans’s Grant is one of the best places for rent in Ottawa. The perfect pick for those who wish to live in a development that is not too far removed from the city and equally quiet and communal. The community offers exceptional living standards, with a population of around 10,608 people and a livability score of 89/100. 

Located in the far west end of Ottawa, multiple affordable housing options exist around the neighbourhood. The cost of living in the neighbourhood is lower than the Ottawa average, and the neighbourhood is close to some of the finest schools in the city as well. The neighbourhood has one of the lowest crime rates at 2,206 per 100k people, so it is a perfect place to raise a family. 

  • Centrepointe

Located in College Ward at the west end of the city, Centrepointe was formerly part of the city of Nepean. Fairly new residential development as compared to the other neighbourhoods, Centrepointe is an agreeable rental neighbourhoods in Ottawa. The area has a population of 9,047 and an exceptional liveability score of 91/100. The city houses major attractions like the Ben Franklin Palace, the Ottawa Public Library and the renowned Centrepointe Theatre. 

For college students, the community is close to Algonquin College and the airport. The community offers the most green belt area, so you can take a leisure walk down the lane and find peace at home. The city has a fairly low crime rate at about 2,391 per 100k people, so the residents can rest assured of safe living spaces. 

  • Centre Town

A fairly large neighbourhood with a population of over 27,707, Centre Town has a liveability score of 83/100. Closer to the downtown Ottawa apartments, its crime rate is higher than other neighbourhoods at 3,098 per 100k people. However, it is still a reasonably safe place for rent in Ottawa. 

The community is close to the University of Ottawa and has a major area surrounded by single-family homes. New residential and commercial developments have grown around the area, with low-rise and high-rise apartments being constructed. The area is not the best pick for families looking for residence; however, it is great for bachelors and couples. 

Transportation and Commute in Ottawa 

Public Transportation

Public Transportation in ottawa

The city has a full-fledged dedicated transportation system that the community uses. The system is called OC Transpo. It provides transit and commute facilities across Ottawa and Gatineau. Operating over 150 years in the business, the service boasts 340,000 riders per day and has grown from horse-ridden carriers to over 900 vehicles today. Operating 365 days a year, the facility is one of the most accessible transit systems for all residents and visitors. Multiple bus and subway stops are available throughout the neighbourhood and are fairly cheap for the whole community. The nearest airport is just a 30-minute drive from the downtown region. 


The city is less congested than other neighbourhoods in the country and offers generous parking and commute space for cars and personal vehicles. Traffic is manageable, and one can get around in a half-hour window. Free parking spots are offered around the neighbourhood; even a city parking space is available at multiple ranges. 

Walking & Biking

People can also easily walk and bike around the neighbourhood with well-made infrastructure and clean roads. A wide community area offers scenic bike paths that people can choose from, along which multiple parking spaces and washrooms dot the maps. The community also features bike racks where you can leave your vehicles to get on a bus should you choose to shift vehicles. 

Cost of Living

Living in Ottawa has many perks; one can easily be the region’s affordability. The cost of living in Ottawa is 17% lower than the national average, and the housing rate is lower by 35%. A subjective understanding of the neighbourhood can be harder to offer; however, compared to the region’s average wage rate and income levels, one can find multiple options that fit right into their respective budget caps. Following is a general idea of what can be expected from the neighbourhood, budget-wise:

Rent and Amenities

Rent and Amenities

As a city region, Ottawa has a higher rent rate. If you’re lucky, a single-bedroom apartment costs around $1400/month; however, you can also find 2+1 bedrooms at $900. Goods and Services cost around 6% higher than the national average. Utilities are priced at an average rate lower than the national average. Other amenities lie close to the region and are easily accessible at reasonable prices. Everyday necessities like heating, electricity and gas are viable expenses and are available at approximately $1,455/month. 


You need not fret about how you would get around in Ottawa. With easy public transport availability, it only costs around $119.50/ month when commuting around the city. With well-connected roads and bike and walk-friendly options, the area offers multiple commute options and transport facilities. 


When considering moving out or living independently, groceries form a large part of anyone’s budget. The neighbourhood offers food and groceries at reasonable averages at prices lower than the national average. With multiple cafes and restaurants around the area at easy accessibility. Food prices vary per market trends, the area where you choose to dine, average income and the kind of cuisine you prefer. However, the neighbourhood is majorly affordable. 

Leisure and Entertainment

The neighbourhood offers multiple entertainment and recreational activities around the locality for all citizens to enjoy. From spending on beer to other unique activities, people can choose from a diverse range of options at affordable prices. You can easily have a brilliant time with an average of $96/ month. 

Health and Fitness

Multiple gyms, sports centres and athletic facilities are available around the city, and citizens are encouraged to frequent whichever they prefer. Doctors and hospitals are readily available in the neighbourhood, although healthcare does cost a little higher than the national average. 

Finding the Perfect Rental Apartment

Looking for an apartment can get complicated if you jump in immediately without set goals or preparation. Before you choose to rent, here are some steps to consider to find maximum satisfaction in your pick. 

Understand Your Needs 

Analyse your necessary amenities and preferred places that best suit your needs and align with your goals. This will help you get a clearer idea of your approach further and save time. 

Know Your Budget

One of the deciding factors for a rental community is the maximum budget cap you can spare. Understanding these limits will help you shortlist the best rental neighbourhoods in Ottawa you can consider and move forward with. 

Gain Insights

Understanding the neighbourhood you’ve shortlisted is another major step for renting apartments. You must understand the commute options, daily amenities’ proximity and other variables that can affect your stay in the region. Knowing the preferences you can compromise and what you cannot help you make the best choice. 

Visit the Sites

Contacting and setting a time for a physical evaluation will help you form an informed decision about the rental space you finalise on. Making a list of eligible places and cross-questioning about the apartment will help bring clarity to you and ease the decision-making process. 

Gathering Documents

A reliable and safe contract is one of the most important aspects of renting. It is essential that both parties carry and attest all necessary documents so that all detailed transactions can be safe. Credits, checks and identity proofs are usually necessary for your renting process. 

Take your Pick

You must get the best idea of the region where you could soon rent a place. A general idea about the rental process in Ottawa and the best neighbourhoods that could interest your listings has been offered. We recommend you easily learn more about these in detail from our website and find the best place that aligns with your goals in the city. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the safest area to rent in Ottawa?

Stittsville is one of the safest areas in Ottawa.

Which area is the cheapest to rent in Ottawa?

Argonaut Circle is the cheapest place to rent in Ontario on average. Prices can change as per market trends and fluctuations.

What is the most expensive area to rent in Ottawa?

Rent prices are subject to change as per market trends. Alpine Avenue is one of the most expensive areas to rent in Ottawa.

What is the minimum rent in Ottawa?

A one-bedroom apartment's minimum rent in Ottawa can range from $900-1,750.

What is a good salary to live in Ottawa?

One can afford to live comfortably in Ottawa with an average monthly income of $3,500-5,000.