Being the second-largest country in the world, Canada offers a place that offers an amazing living standard. However, if you are thinking of relocating to this North-American wonderland or have already landed, it is crucial that you choose the best home to rent from the Canadian Rental listing.  The easiest way to find a home is by sifting through the rental listing in Canada which you deem appropriate for you and reflect everything that you need.

To avoid obliquity in your Canadian rental listing, we have jotted down five major concerns for your reference. Before you shortlist the rental listings, make sure to go through this five-point checklist.

5 Things to Look for in a Canadian Rental Listing

Canadian Rental Listing

It is possible that different rental listing companies may offer diversified choices to you, but you need to know what should be included in an appropriate rental listing in Canada. Learn the basic pointers that your rental listing must contain.

  • Initiate with Overall Glance

When you start researching houses in Canada for the first time, it is important to have the shortlisted rental listings at hand to select the house of your preference. Take a cursory look at the initial page of your rental listing for each property and focus on details such as the house map, floor plan, and the number of bedrooms and washrooms. This will help you understand whether the listing matches your requirement.

Another need-to-know detail in the Canadian rental listings is security. It is important that the place you choose to stay is safe and credible. Almost 75% of the immigrants have no idea whether they are shifting to the right place or not. Hence, rental listings in Canada can guide you about the safety status of the neighbourhood, the colony’s reputation and safety tools and facilities available.

  • Beyond the Basics

Try to look for details that are beyond the basics in your Canadian Rental Listing. These details can include the kitchen model, the appliances, the laundry system, the water system, the heating and cooling facilities, etc.

The information may also include the details like the last renovation done, the quality of construction material used, and the windows and door features. This will give you a fair clue whether the property is worth it. Often, information about shared amenities like pool, parking, rooftop, gym, and play areas is also added. You should shortlist only those rental listings that include all the necessary information.

  • Potential Policies to Know

It would be best if you get a rental listing in Canada that reveals all the policies. At times it happens that the tenants are exposed to such rules that they were not made aware of up ahead. The rules and policies can be regarding pets, smoking and drinking rules, number of residents and so on.

Along with this, the rental listing must also reveal whether the landlord stays in the proximity or is it the middle man or agency that handles the tenants’ issues. This is important because, this way, you can rely upon the landlord to act quickly in case of any issue or maintenance.

  • Clarifies the Cost

Pay charts are the most common way to trick you. Sometimes, some properties are not so good to be rented. Hence, the organization tries to cover it under the sheet with a high price tag. Or, at times, the landlord demands more rent than the discussed price. In these cases, rental listings may work as proof to secure you from inappropriate demands.

The vital things such as the rent for each month, the security money deposited, the refundable amount as per the contract and many other monetary deals need to be described in the rental listing in Canada as well. It should also reflect if there are any additional charges or penalty costs mentioned in the agreement. Charges like parking costs, gym, or other utility are also required to be mentioned in the Canadian rental listing.

  • Photos of Perfection

Pictures play an important role when it comes to marketing. It may be possible that the picture which is shown to you is old or may even not have the same property. The agencies know well that impressive images will definitely draw your attention. Eventually, when you visit the site, the whole scenario turns out to be different. Hence, in the Canadian rental listing, try to ask for not just professional photos of the real estate property but also make sure that they are the recent ones.

A lot of times, the pictures you get to see, and the actual condition of the property is different. In fact, the price expected to be paid is even higher than what the property deserves. Also, in the pictures, the place may look spacious and then the tenant hits reality later on at the time of the possession.

Pictures make it easy to imagine the property and make a wise decision. It is also important that you do not sign any agreement or make any payment before visiting. If you cannot visit the place in person, then be very interrogative while looking at the images provided to you in the rental listing.

End Thought

real estate property in canada

When you move to a completely new country, city, or town, it is difficult to figure out which real estate property would suit you. At times, we are also not sure whether the source of help and suggestions we are deriving is even trustworthy. The task is tough to perform and hence time-taking. That is why it is advised that when you plan to relocate,   adhere to a rental listing in Canada. It will guide you in the right direction.

Hence, before initiating the renting process, be sure by doing good market research.  Only then, start your new phase of life with a stress-free experience and remember not to settle for less.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find Rentals in Canada?

If you are searching for rental apartments or houses in the cities or towns of Canada, you can check out the newspapers that have rental ads. You may also go through rental listing websites or your neighbourhood connections. It would be best if you could hire an agency to help you find a suitable house for rent in exchange for minimal charges.

What does PCM mean in a rental listing?

In rental listings, the PCM refers to the per calendar month. It means if the rent is stated to be in PCM, there will be a fixed date on which the rent needs to be paid. Overall, the tenant will stay for 30 days of a month before paying the charges applied.

How do you find apartments online?

There are multiple rental listing companies online that offer paid services. You may go through their sites and make the payment if you find the criteria satisfactory.

What time of year is rent the cheapest?

At the time of winter, precisely between the months of October and April, the rent in Canada tends to be lower.