moving plans do not stick to just the concept of buying a house or selling one. They are everything that you might have planned for a long time or might be something that occurred because of big changes in your life like, for example, starting a family, getting a new job, long term savings that finally helped you in buying a house of your dreams. All the above-mentioned situations land you up in making a moving plan.

It is not necessary for an individual to move only if they have bought a new house. There are various instances that make an individual take this decision. This also includes you moving into a rental apartment. Moreover, it is not something that can’t be done in just one day, as it requires a systematic plan. Whilst chalking out a moving plan, questions associated with the price, location, transportation must be addressed in detail. This is the reason an individual is always advised to plan a journey well in advance.

In this article, we give your stress a break and list some measures that can help you in completing your moving plan smoothly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan Your Move into a New Apartment

Guide to Plan Your Move into a New Apartment

If you are planning a move into a new apartment or a rented apartment. The following steps can help in making your job easier.

Make a Date Planner

The first and most convenient step that you are required to take is to make a physical planner and encircle the date you’re planning to move on. This helps you in remembering the date and the time that is left with you for covering the entire process and second helps in scheduling your plan.

Now, that you marked the date, you can let the other dates prior to that have a list of things you are required to plan on an everyday basis.

Start Before Time

It is best suggested for you to start your preparation before time and not wait to prepare the moving plan at the last minute. So, as soon as you decide on the final date of moving you can start setting up, you’re packing on a daily basis. Doing so gives you enough time to de-clutter the things and pack the actual things that you require in your new house. It is obvious you don’t want to fill your new space with unwanted materials.

Make a List

The perfect way to keep your planning organized is by making a list. More like a to-do list, that incorporates everything from what to do before and after planning your move. This list could carry every essential that you require in your new home. For instance, the tools, the agency you wish to hire, the packing boxes you require, etc. This keeps you updated with the pace of your planning.

Clutter and De-clutter

This is the best time for you to finally get rid of the things that are of no use to you. Also, the lighter the things you have to carry the more it gets easier for you to move. So, we suggest that before you finally pack your things to move, take a room-to-room tour and pack. This will make you aware of all the things that you have currently and things that you don’t require. Now, pack the things you want and lay the rest on the side. From the lot that you kept aside, figure out the things that are of no use, such as the broken, stained, or damaged items, and get rid of them. Let the second lot be of the things that are manageable. But you don’t use anymore and denote the same to someone who is in need.

Know What You Need

Once you are aware of the things that you need and would want to carry with you. It will be easier for you to count the number of boxes you will need for your moving plan. Now, the best way to do so is to decide on the box’s basis of the number of rooms you have. This count of the rooms can include both the number of rooms in your current as well as your new house.

A quick tip, if you have any grocery shop near your residence. You can ask them for boxes instead of investing in one, this will help you save money. Also, count the sheet of bubble wraps you would require to pack fragile items.

Make a Packaging List

Make a Packaging List

This need not be a complete list of the items that you require. Be smart in this preparation and make the list basis priority. Arrange the list in order of its usage and try to keep an entire lot together in the same box (which is when a room-based list comes in handy). This makes it easier for you to unpack your things in the right room when you shift. This will also help in arranging things in the right order. For example, make a box just for bed sheets, bathroom essentials, accessories, etc.

Label Your Belongings

An important step while planning your move is to put labels on the boxes. This helps you in organizing the items well. Labeling your belongings is very important as there are probable chances for the boxes to get mixed while transporting. If the boxes have been labeled correctly,it gets easier for you to open the right box in the right room, which avoids any kind of chaos and helps in keeping the place clean. Therefore, either you can buy some labels or write the names using a sketch pen or a marker.

Make Proper Use of the Empty Room

If you closely take a look into your house, you definitely find a space that is unused for is less used in the comparison of others. The fact you will be required to pack a lot of items while making your moving plan. It is, therefore, suggested for you to pack your things into boxes and keep them aside in that room. This room could also consist of your furniture that is no longer in use or the new furniture that you are planning to take into your new apartment. This will help you put all the belongings that need to be transferred in one place.

Contact an Agency

It is practically not possible for you to move your stuff by yourself. It is certain that you would require help. So, instead of contacting a vendor, it is advised to get in touch with an agency. Indulging with an agency to get help with your moving plan will help you in having a stress-free move. The agency will not only help you in providing the transport facilities but will also help you with a structure to plan your move. Doing this will definitely turn out to be helpful and more convenient.

Make a Separate Box

It is not possible for you to unpack all your belongings on the same day, which is why it is recommended for you to make a separate box that could carry all the essentials that you would require on your first day. These essentials could include some kitchen utensils, bathroom toiletries, some clothes, and maybe a bed sheet. Organizing a separate box will help you to comfortably end your first day without stress. And you can then obviously, plan to unpack the rest of your belongings from the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any checklist for moving?

There is no specific checklist for moving that you are supposed to have. But it is always advised for you to make one of all the belongings that you think is a priority for you. Making a list for yourself makes the moving plan easy for you. This list helps you in keeping your things intact. This also helps you keep things organized and make your moving more structured and comfortable. 

How can I pack my room fast?

The one thing that you should always keep in your mind when you are wanting to pack your room fast, is to keep all the things that are essential. The process of moving is the best way for you to get rid of things that are no longer of any use to you. De-cluttering the things that you don’t require will help you in packing all the things that are required and releases the weight of items for you to carry to your new house.

What should I do before moving?

It is advised that you should start preparing your move well in advance and not wait till the D-Day. Doing so keeps you updated and also stress-free. Planning and doing things on the same day or a day before will result in making the process complex as there would be a lot for you to handle at a time. 

Do movers also pack your belongings?

If you appoint a mover well in advance, the movers will then even pack your belongings with proper packaging material. They will set the belongings in a way that does not break or catch any damage while moving places. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a mover when planning to move.