We can’t really think of anything that compares to the comfort and contentment one might feel around their pets. Talking about Canadian households, 57% of them have adopted a pet and go home to them. If you want to adopt your furry friends, but the idea of renting with pets in Canada is making you feel sceptical, then this elaborative piece is for you!

As much as the idea of keeping pets in a rented home must be intriguing to you, the research might feel overwhelming. There might be landlords telling you that pet ownership in a Canadian rented home is frowned upon by the law, but in actuality, the legal authorities give you complete freedom to keep a pet as your roommate.

Pet Ownership in Canada

Pet Ownership in Canada

Owning a pet is a major commitment. Not only Canada is considered a pet-friendly country, but achieving this interdependent emotional relationship comes with taking care of them on multiple levels. According to a survey conducted in 2019. 95% of Canadians considered their pets as family.

As a matter of fact, both dogs and cats need to be licensed in the provinces. Although, the landlord might deny the tenancy for owning a pet, even if you are legally keeping a pet in a rented home, you need to ensure their care and maintenance. Listed below are a few points to consider while bringing these furry friends into your home:

  • Lifestyle Choices

– The alternative for your pet when you work or travel.
– The time you can spend with your pet, to take care of them.

  • The Home that You Live in

– Note for any restrictions mentioned in the rent agreement with regards to owning a certain pet in the city or province.
– Check for the space in your home for the pet you’re planning to get.

  • The Factors of Costs

– Take note of unanticipated costs that might come up during the lifetime of the pet.
– Make sure to make a list of all the annual costs that incurs with owning a pet. These might include food, down payments and other miscellaneous costs.

The Best Home Choices while Renting with Pets in Canada

Best Home Choices while Renting with Pets

Before communicating with your landlord or choosing a province for residence, make sure you do all your research. Validate the suitability of the pet according to the neighbourhood, the location and the typology of the house.

  • Townhomes and Detached Homes: Renting with Pets

If you are deciding to move into a house with a capacious backyard, then you can adopt any dog for your home. Since space and outdoor activity won’t be a limitation here, you can explore a wide range of dog breeds before choosing one that fits your lifestyle and heart. These dogs are a good option for people with a townhome or a detached home:  – Boxers
– Border Collies
– Huskies

The families with kids should go with dogs that are listed under the kind and intelligent breed:
– Vizslasz
– Beagles
– Golden Retrievers

If cuddling with your pet makes you the happiest, a perfect day would be lounging with these dogs on your couch:
– Chow Chow
– Newfoundland
– Bulldog

  • Apartments and Condos

Apartments and Condos

One might think that adopting a small dog is the best decision to make, but there are many aspects to consider before you go through with the entire procedure of adopting. If you are someone who lives in a townhome, apartment or condo, renting with pets in the breeds listed below might be a good option to consider:
– Pugs
– Terriers
– Corgis
– Greyhounds
– Great Danes
– Basenjis

It might come to you as a surprise, but a dog breed like Great Dane, which weighs up to 55 kgs (120 pounds), also can fill up a minimal living space. Their calm and composed nature, bring in composure in an isolated block. The only extra sense of maintenance involves you taking them out for a walk, multiple times a day.

Make sure that you consider the energy of your to-be-four-legged family before adopting any breed. Any high-energy dog can live a contented life in an apartment with enough activity.

If you are a big-city resident, make sure that you go for a breed that is highly intelligent and housetrain them accordingly. From walking on a leash to listening to your commands while pawing around the city, the following dog  breeds will be your best mates:
– Labradors
– German Shepherds
– Poodles

If you are a cat-person in Canada, we have got a list of cats that you can adopt while renting a house or apartment in Canada:

Contrasting to dogs, cats require much more maintenance. Viable to adapt to their environment and more easy-going, cats don’t need regular walks or even obedience classes for that matter. Certain breeds are easier to sustain in an isolated space, like an apartment or a condo:
– Ragdolls
– Persians
– British Shorthairs

There are other cat breeds as well that are more active and might prefer staying in a townhome or a spacious house to run around in. Cats that enjoy the freedom of walking around are listed below:
– Burmese
– Siberian
– Savannah

The happiness of your cat depends a lot on the interactive bubble and the physical space of your home. If you are concerned about your cat not getting enough attention, maybe it’s time to welcome another member in your family.

Cost of Owning a pet in Canada

Cost of Owning a pet in Canada

  • Cost of Owning a Dog in Canada

If you are sure about the suitability of your pet in your home, then owning one is the next step to take. For anyone who is looking forward to becoming a dog-parent, listed below are the annual costs of owning a dog, according to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA):
– Essentials (collar and toys): CA$104
– Veterinary care (dental care, vaccines, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, etc.): CA$1,149
– Food: CA$1,031
– Other expenses (license and insurance): $1,018
– Total: CA$3,242

  • Cost of Owning a Cat in Canada

As a matter of fact, cats can actually reduce your costs to half, when compared to dogs. The OVMA de-briefs the annual cost of owning a cat in Canada:
– Essentials (collar and toys): CA$33
– Veterinary care (dental care, vaccines, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, etc.): CA$968
– Food: CA$467
– Other expenses (license and insurance): CA$615
– Total: CA$2,083

Restrictions while Renting with Pets in Canada

Restrictions while Renting with Pets

There might be a few provincial laws that quote owning certain pets. Make sure that you do your research before adopting any exotic animal. This is less commonly applied to dogs or cats, except for a few breeds.

For example, Ontario banned owning, transferring and breeding American Pit Bull Terriers in the year 2005. If you are someone looking forward to renting, you must check with your landlord or go through the rental agreement, cross-checking all the facts about pet restrictions on a certain property. It is only fair to check for the provincial laws concerning pets in a certain region.

Renting with Pets across Canada

As a homeowner, there are absolutely no restrictions on adopting a pet, but if you are someone who is looking forward to renting with pets in Canada, there might be some additional costs to consider. Landlords might ask for some added security costs to cover potential damages of all sorts. It is important to note that the pet laws can vary according to the provinces in order to cover the anticipated pet damages.

Make sure to not fall for the ” pet rent” trap and whilst this might be common in the States, increasing the rent for pet owners is illegal in Canada.


In the end, who doesn’t want to live with their furry friends? Be it a rented place, keeping a pet is something that you shouldn’t be devoid of. Since the Canadian laws do not quote any bullets against keeping a pet in a rented unit, you can bring your four-legged roommate today! Just don’t forget to make a list for their maintenance beforehand.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Is it legal for landlords to refuse pets?

Landlords do keep the authority to restrict the tenants from keeping pets in a home. However, the landlord must offer a reasonable reason for the refusal in writing within 28 days of the request being issued. A reasonable denial can include a ban in smaller flats or homes where pet ownership is impractical.

Are you allowed to have pets when renting a house?

No legal draft quotes the unacceptable of keeping a pet in a rented home. As a matter of fact, housing societies cannot take any action against tenants who own pets.

Can a landlord say no pets in Canada in 2023?

According to Section 14, issued in the Residential Tenancies Act, any tenant in Ontario cannot be deprived of the right to keep a pet in their rented house. Despite what any landlord might tell you, the act cannot quote a “no pet” policy for any residential section.

What pets Can you own in Canada?

You can own any pet in Canada from any breed that you prefer.

How much does it cost to have a dog in Canada?

Typically, owning a dog in Canada costs around $3,530 and $4,410 per year. The source from where you purchased the dog, the breed of the dog, and the age also determine the entire cost of owning a dog in Canada.

How common is it to have a pet in Canada?

Owning a pet anywhere in the world is pretty common. Let alone Canada. Although, interestingly, in fifty-seven percent of the total Canadian households, everyone owns a pet. However, according to the numbers, cats are more popular pets than dogs. 37% of Canadian households own one or more than one cat, whereas 32% of households own dogs.

Can you adopt a dog in Canada?

Yes. It is very accessible to adopt a dog in Canada. All you need is a healthy and reputable dog breeder in Canada, and you are good to go.

Do apartments in Canada allow pets?

Whether or not apartments in Canada allow pets depends on the specific policies of the individual apartment complex or landlord. Some apartments in Canada may allow pets, while others may have restrictions or prohibit them entirely.

Can a landlord charge a monthly fee for pets in Alberta?

Can a landlord charge a monthly fee for pets in Alberta?

Can landlords say no pets in Ontario?

In Ontario, landlords are generally allowed to prohibit pets in their rental properties. However, the Ontario Human Rights Code states landlords cannot discriminate against tenants based on certain protected grounds, including disability. This means that if a tenant requires a service animal due to a disability, the landlord cannot refuse to rent or evict them based on a “no pets” policy.

Can a landlord say no pets in Quebec?

Yes, a landlord in Quebec can say no pets in their rental property, but there are certain conditions and expectations.