If you are thinking of redecorating your house and are concerned about the financial toll it may take, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to live in your dream home makeover. However, you must know where to search, and a have crystal clear vision regarding how you want your home to look.

Given the pandemic’s impact, numerous people tend to spend a. majority of their time at home. You may now find your house playing the role of an office or a school, or even a gym. Human tendency compels you to get bored of the same drab environment day in and day out in a situation like this. In such a case, you don’t have to worry about how to fix this problem, as there are numerous dream home makeover to give your space a new and stimulating environment. This article showcases some simple and inexpensive solutions to change the look of your house from drab to fab.

Give your home a complete makeover with these seven tips from interior decorators, Feng Shui experts and design enthusiasts:

Split And Manage

Split And Manage

When you work from home, it’s easy to get bogged down by multiple duties. Assign various locations for numerous activities to create a healthier lifestyle. “It’s critical to ‘compartmentalise’ your living space,” says Harry Heissmann, an interior decorator in Brooklyn, New York. Heissmann, who now works remotely with his partner, has designated specific zones for wellness, productivity, and play: “We removed a yoga mat from underneath the bedroom and dedicated a spot for the train.” The centre desk was scrubbed and organised, and it now acts as a “staging area” for connecting and answering phones. The bedroom doubles as a workspace and is ideal for taking a nap or entertainment. “For those who reside in research, you can possibly simulate separate” rooms “by dividing the area with curtains, bookshelves, or different furnishings.

Perform And Collaborate

Perform And Collaborate

Without a doubt, painting the walls is one of the most challenging yet cost-efficient works. On the other hand, it can also invigorate your house immediately. However, cool neutrals are a classic aesthetic that will go with almost any décor; for something more dramatic, consider adding a flash of vibrancy to a functional wall. Moreover, Reiko Gomez, a Feng Shui expert and interior designer in the Hamptons, New York, says, “These colours are more associated with tranquillity, well-being”. If you cannot decide on a picture, Gomez recommends adding colour to your space with accessories such as pillows, a carpet, curtains, or paintings.

Eliminate Litter and Optimise 

Eliminate Litter and organise

Nowadays, people living in their homes battle with friends, relatives, and housemates over cleanliness and our space may seem overcrowded more than ever before. According to Gómez, ordering is the best way to achieve spatial harmony. It means, “It works mighty magic in the idea that it pulls your entire space updated alongside you.” Moreover, she has also suggested starting with a functional area, such as a bathroom, which “gives you a quick sense of fulfilment and motivates you to make the next area.” Besides, a clogged environment goes beyond looks; research has shown that removing clutter helps reduce stress levels and increase overall happiness levels.

Digital Detox Sensor

Digital Detox Sensor

The digital detox movement is not something new, but it’s worth revisiting, especially in constant pandemic-related coverage. Although it is critical to remain informed about the health crisis, it is easy to transition from a healthy level of commitment to obsessive monitoring. Set realistic boundaries primarily based on time or location to reduce screen time. For example, you can make mealtimes phone-free or remove mobile devices from your room during bedtime for a daily reset.

Revitalise Your Home With Aromas

Revitalise Your Home With Aromas

Aroma is a powerful vehicle for elevating your mood. Perfumarie owner, Mindy Yang, says, “Every room should have a separate fragrance monitoring system to record your mood,”

To feel utterly balanced, brands today have products that lift your spirits and make you feel refreshed. Yankee Candle, Scent Perfique, and Homesick are prime examples. They emphasise scented candles more and aid in rejuvenating your frame of mind. Moreover, along with perfumes, numerous ways are also present to infuse an area, like essential oils, air mist diffusers and fresh flowers. Open a window to balance your selected fragrance with fresh air for a more subtle and longer-lasting effect.

Plants For Purity

Plants For Purity home makeover

Bringing the outside world inside is never a bad idea while designing dream home makeover. Plants bring in colour and light and add oxygen to your home. Besides, plants instantaneously lighten the mood with their greenish and yellowish tint. Terrariums and fairy gardens are trendy accessories for houses today. They not only provide a very chic look and play a role in air purifying.

You can also choose a little cactus, money plants, or a simple fern to add some beauty to your space. These are simple to care for, do not require sunshine, and may grow indoors. You only need to water them once a week, just enough to dampen the soil.

Enlighten Your Mood

home makeover Enlighten Mood

If your home has become your new office, you will have more control over the lighting conditions of your new workplace. Place your desk near a window and keep the drapes and shutters open during the day to optimize your exposure to natural light. If your home window doesn’t get a lot of light, put on aluminium mini blinds to control the sunlight as required and illuminate the entire room. Moreover, lamps and reflecting mirrors can also bring forth natural light.


Even though many individuals buy, renovate, rebuild, and embellish their homes, makeovers can still be challenging. However, this can be easy and simplified once you know what kind of look you are aiming for and your requirements. If budget is an issue, there are plenty of budget-friendly options. You may use this blog as a guide in fulfilling your dream home makeover needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in Canada?

The cost to hire an interior designer in Canada will vary from CAD150 to CAD250 by the hour. Most interior designers either charge by the hour or a flat fee.

Is it worth hiring an interior designer in Canada?

Yes, it is worth spending money on an interior designer in Canada because you can save a fair amount of time. The interior designer can take over the entire planning process, researching and allocating funds. If budget is not a constraint, hiring an interior designer could prove beneficial.

How much should you budget for an interior designer?

The budget for an interior designer varies on the location and choosing an interior design. In most cases, homeowners have reported spending CAD 1800 to CAD 11,000. In Ottawa, for example, it will cost you anywhere from CAD 50 to CAD 500 per hour, depending on whether you pick a freelance designer or someone from a large firm.

What do you call a home decorator in Canada?

In Canada, home decorators are interior designers and interior decorators. Their functionality is to design commercial buildings, houses, hotels, or other government establishments.