Everyone has seen the pretty and decorated pictures of homes in magazines websites, and billboards. This is how your home should also be like when you plan to sell it. As per the data from the National Association of Realtors, 31% of buyers offer a higher amount for the property after home staging in Canada.

Staging your place depends upon a lot of conditions, such as the market and state of the property. Irrespective of all that, staging is an essential duty that can help the owner to reap the benefits of selling their property as much as they can.

The idea of home staging in Canada is relatively new, and people are confused on how to do it right. If you have no idea whom to ask or whether to hire a professional or not, you have come to the right place. In this piece, we got a piece of encyclopedic information on staging a home.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging

Home Staging is a method of effective way of selling the space. It includes decorating the space with marketing tactics to captivate the attention of buyers and persuade their decision. The buyers get to experience themselves in the house. A small investment to stage a home can lead to large returns on selling the property.

The main aim of home staging in Canada is to lure as many buyers as possible to the property by making the space charismatic. The main technique of staging is to ameliorate the appearance of the space by adding catchy products and hues that anyone would want to buy it. Things like paintings, vases, rugs, and others can add an attraction to the house.

Is Home Staging a Good Investment?

Staging a Good Investment

To stage a home, you do not need to spend a large sum of money. It depends upon what kind of staging you choose. The staging can be worth thousands of dollars or can be done even in a small budget. But every penny spent on home staging in Canada is worth it. There are various reasons that make staging a good investment for sale in the real estate market. The concerns of owners that can be solved by staging are:

    • With home staging, the sellers can get a higher amount for their property by investing a little in the makeover, with making more in the long run.
    • Staging also convinces the potential buyers to see the property and imagine themselves in the space. This establishes a strong connection between purchasing decisions of the home buyer.
    • The improved appearance also helps in faster selling of the house as the buyers will feel emotionally invested in the property and home staging in Canada will help to get there.

How Important Is Staging when Selling a House?

Selling a House

People are often confused and look down upon the importance of home staging in Canada. Before even starting their search for the abode, the buyers are well aware of the things that they want in the space, and home staging can connect their vision to reality. The homeowners can illustrate the best of their space with a simple makeover instead of a whole renovation. This also holds the power to induce the decisions of buyers. But apart from persuading, how can it be important when selling a house?

Here’s the answer to it.

    • Staging connects the vision of the home buyers with the space by letting them visualize it for real.
    • The battle is half won with staging the space, as the toughest task is to bring the buyers inside the door of your house. However, with staging, the buyers are already stepped into your space.
    • Staging is all about improvement to the key spaces of the house. As an owner, even if you have limited resources, you can get a revamped appearance in your budget.
    • Home staging increases the value of the property. Selling your space at a higher price than usual will simply add a few more bucks to your account.
    • With a little investment and effort,your property will be sold faster and will not be on the market list for long.

What is the Role of Home Stagers?

Role of Home Stagers

Even though an owner can stage a home themselves, it will not always work. Therefore, they need guidance and have to hire professionals who can help them to achieve perfection. These professionals are known as Home Stagers. Home staging experts, known as Home Stagers, play a crucial role in staging a home.

These professionals help in preparing the home for selling purposes. They meet the clients (homeowners), assess the home, and make suggestions for improvement of the space. In a nutshell, home stagers will stage a home that will help to lure the attention of prospective buyers. These experts will suggest improvements in exteriors, interior pieces, colours, placement of furniture, and other accessories beautifying the space.

What Happens to Furniture of Home Staging after the Property Is Sold?

Furniture of Home Staging

What happens to the pieces of furniture after the house is sold depends upon who has staged the home.

Home Staging in Canada is done by staging agencies and the realtor pays for the same. Hence, the pieces of furniture also belong to these agencies and there is no worry about selling or carrying them. But if the staging is done by the realtor themselves, they can either sell the furniture to the buyers or take them away with them. If the realtor wishes, they can also sell the furniture pieces to someone other than the buyers. Mostly, the people in Canada opt for agencies to disencumber themselves from carrying it or selling it on their one.

The buyers can also ask the realtors to sell the furniture to them if staged by the owner. Even if it is an agency, asking them to sell is never going to hurt.

Is Home Staging and Virtual Staging in Canada the Same?

Home Staging and Virtual Staging in Canada

Home staging and virtual staging in Canada are quite different but similar at the same time. The concept of going virtual in staging is a new concept. Virtual Staging in Canada has been in existence for not more than 5 years.

In the home staging concept, the overall appearance improvement of the space is done by decluttering and depersonalizing. To stage a home, this concept requires adding the physical presence of the upgrades. Home staging in Canada lets the buyers visit the staged space and get the visualization of living there.

The concept of virtual staging in Canada is an up-liftment to the home staging. This requires leveraging the availability of technology to exhibit the possibilities in the space. Virtually staged homes are enhanced digitally for the buyers to take a sneak peek at the space. The whole new twist of Virtual Staging in Canada is perfect for vacant properties, which can possess added problems for both sellers and buyers. With virtual staging, the cost, effort, and time to rent the makeover pieces get reduced.

How Much Does It Cost To Stage a Home?

The cost to stage a home does not need to be exorbitant. The price of staging starts from $400 and can go up to any amount. As per the reports of the National Association of Realtors (NARs), the amount of home staffing will also increase with the increment in property value.

If the staging is done by the owner, the cost can be less. But if you are planning to hire a home staging company, the cost depends upon the services and decor items that you opt for.

Home Staging in Canada Tips

Staging in Canada Tips

Make your potential home buyers awestruck when they enter the door of your property. With so much to gain, it is a crucial investment for the sellers to put time and effort into their home staging. Here are a few tips that will help you to sell your home faster:

    • Home Staging where It Is Needed – Not all rooms of the house need to be staged. Focus on the part of the home which has the highest potential to influence the purchasing decision of the buyers. Moreover, do not ignore the other parts. Spend less time and effort on the other parts of the house as compared to the biggest slice of the cake.
    • De-Personalise the House – To stage a home is to make your buyers feel their visualised presence of themselves in the space. The fastest way to conquer that is by starting with a blank home canvas. De-personalise your home to make the buyer it belongs to them and not to you. This might feel a little weird at first, but will help the buyers to establish better contact with the property.    
    • Adios to Cluttered Space – A cluttered space is a crowded space;expunge the clutter to make the space look clean, beautiful, and more desirable to the buyers. You can pack up things in a box instead of throwing them away to shift into your new space. The less cluttered space will be a spacious house that will look more appealing to the buyers.
    • Pristine Home like Never before – If you plan on putting your home on the market, it is quite important that you keep it clean and spotless. Shine every corner of your home, from the sinks to the windowpanes. A pristine home will show the buyer that the current owner has kept the space clean and kept the property in a good condition.
    • Clutch at Neutral Home Staging – Opting for neutral tones for home staging is cost-effective and time-saving. The buyers can surely connect their personality with bright-coloured spaces, but it can also be a disconnecting link. When planning to stage a home, opt for neutral hues, such as grey, cream, etc to garnish the space. A neutral space will also let the buyers change the hues as per their wishes.

Clever Decision on Home Staging

Clever Decision

The concept of home staging and virtual staging in Canada is not new. The selling of homes has been made easier and fast with staging. If you are considering putting your property in the real estate market, you should also consider staging for the space. Before settling on staging, take suggestions from your real estate agent to determine what kind of staging and up to what extent it is essential. If home staging is making it smooth, then it is worth taking the risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does home staging in Canada cost?

Home staging in Canada costs between $600 to $800 for a one staged room per month. The cost of around 2,000 square foot homes is $2,400 to $3,600 per month.

Who has to pay to stage a home in Canada?

Home staging in Canada payment depends on who is asking for it. Most people opt for an agent for the service. They can charge up to 1% of the total cost of the property to stage a home.

How much do home stagers earn in Canada?

Home stagers in Canada earn around $39,500 per annum. Some also earn $20.26 for home staging per hour charge in Canada.

Does staging my home help in selling it faster?

These homes sell in 11 days or less, i.e, 17% faster. Therefore, staging a home can help you to sell the property faster.

What is Virtual staging in Canada?

Virtual staging in Canada refers to plugging in the furniture virtually on the property. This process includes taking a photograph and virtually changing the scenario of the space using software to create a welcoming environment.

Can the owners do the virtual staging in Canada themselves?

Using the virtual staging in Canada tools, the owners can create a pleasant environment for their property themselves to attract potential buyers and sell the property fast.