In Mississauga, the ideal location for a family or anyone looking for a reasonably priced house in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), are you prepared to go on an exhilarating adventure? places to rent in Mississauga is a pleasant, safe, and clean place to live. It contains charming areas like Port Credit and Streetsville that, without actually leaving Mississauga, give you the impression that you are somewhere else. It’s time to envision yourself taking a stroll along Port Credit’s lovely waterfront or absorbing the quaint small-town vibe of Streetsville. Can you picture yourself relaxing in this welcoming neighbourhood, savouring delectable cuisine, and making lovely memories? The area is also ideal for lengthy walks, motorcycling, or getting a quick snack. Streetsville, while still in Mississauga, mimics a small town with tons of charm.

Mississauga has a similar climate to Toronto. Be ready for some chilly days throughout the winter, when the average temperature drops to about -6 degrees Celsius. However, do not worry; the city enjoys balmy summers with temperatures averaging about 20 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for leisurely walks by the lake. However, be prepared for the rare rise into the 30-degree range. Over the past two decades, Mississauga has experienced a large population increase as a result of numerous new immigrants choosing to call it home in Canada. The city, which boasts a strong economy and first-rate infrastructure, has acquired a reputation as one of the safest in the nation. With numerous Fortune 500 companies establishing their headquarters in Mississauga, exciting job opportunities abound. So, before you pack your bags for suburban life, here’s a handy guide of places to rent in Mississauga. The City of Suburbia is an Exquisite Place to Live

In Mississauga, are you trying to find a rental? You’re in luck, then! You can choose the ideal home from a large selection of flats in the city, all of which come in different sizes and shapes. Mississauga has you covered with a whopping 40+ different communities to discover and call home. Its expansive 290 square km of land provides plenty of room to coexist peacefully with your neighbours. 

Best Places To Rent in Mississauga 

  • Cooksville

Cooksville, a popular choice for young professionals looking for convenience close at hand, is tucked away in the centre of Mississauga. The extremely effective GO Transit system connects you to numerous places across Ontario and is easily accessible from this dynamic neighbourhood, offering simple access to daily requirements. The thriving Square One Mall, City Hall, Living Arts Centre, and the Central Library are just a few of the amenities that are close by. Cooksville has what you’re looking for, whether you want places to rent in Mississauga like flat or a cosy house.

  • Port Credit

We are glad you are here at Port Credit, also known as the “Village on the Lake.” This lovely community is situated where the Credit River elegantly meets the seas on the northern borders of Lake Ontario. Stylish high-rise condos, hospitable flats and detached homes are among the variety of flat rentals available in Port Credit. Moreover, the neighbourhood offers a wide selection of excellent eateries, boutiques, and parks, making it a very enjoyable spot to call home in the city. Enjoy Port Credit’s energetic atmosphere as you take in the lakefront scenery!

  • Erin Mills

Erin Mills

In Mississauga, Erin Mills is the most well-liked person. With the highest population density, this thriving neighbourhood is a popular location. The handy Erin Mills Town Centre is in the middle of Erin Mills, making all your needs easily accessible. And as an added plus, students will appreciate the close proximity to the Mississauga Campus of the University of Toronto. Students looking to rent nice Erin Mills apartments should go there. Are you eager to learn more about the places to rent in Mississauga? Take a look at our neighbourhood rental guides for more information on demographics and other topics.

Interested in learning the mysteries of Mississauga’s dynamic neighbourhoods? Look nowhere else! Packed with delicious specifics and insightful demographic information, our neighbourhood rental guides have you covered. Prepare to explore and discover the neighbourhoods of Mississauga’s hidden jewels!

How Can I Travel Around Mississauga? 

  • Public Transportation

Public Transportation 

The dependable Mississauga public transport system, MiWay, makes getting around the city a pleasure. You may quickly move throughout the entire city by boarding one of the many bus routes that are well-connected to one another. A MiWay fare is $4.00 for a single adult ride, making transport inexpensive. If you want to venture outside of Mississauga, GO Transit has you covered. You can go on thrilling journeys with routes including the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga. 

Travelling from Toronto to Mississauga? You can travel for about $10 for an adult one-way, which makes it a reasonable choice. Regarding taxis, you can expect to pay roughly $40.00 (without tip) for an hour-long ride, with rates beginning at $4.25. However, there’s still more! In Mississauga, Uber is also available to you, adding yet another convenience. Oh, and did I refer to? Since the Toronto Pearson International Airport is conveniently situated in Mississauga, you can depart for your trip a little later and make it on time. How helpful is that?

  • Driving

Residents of Mississauga frequently choose to drive, and guess what? Parking space rentals are quite affordable! An outside site will cost you about $50 per month, while an indoor spot will likely cost you about $70 per month. It’s a fantastic value when you contrast these costs with the expensive rental rates in Toronto! And here’s a little tip: if you’re just passing through, you can park on the street, but keep in mind that you can only do so 14 times a year for a maximum of 5 days. So without thinking about burning the money in your pocket, go ahead and discover the ideal parking space in Mississauga!

  • Walking & Biking

Despite being a suburban city, Mississauga has surprisingly walking traffic. It is ranked as the fourth-most walkable city in Canada overall. This is made possible by the area’s high accessibility rating and huge path network, which offers excellent biking, skating, and walking paths. So put on your walking shoes and enjoy exploring Mississauga on foot while taking in the picturesque paths and the city’s welcoming atmosphere for pedestrians!

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Mississauga?

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Mississauga

When compared to Toronto, Mississauga is a more affordable option. Around 12% less money is spent on living expenses in Mississauga than in its booming neighbour. But there’s more! The cost of places to rent in Mississauga are about 20% less expensive than Toronto’s. We’ve broken it down to give you a clear picture of what you can expect to spend each month in Mississauga. Let’s start planning a wise life budget in this cheap city!

  • Rent & Utilities

No matter if you want a cosy flat or a roomy detached home, Mississauga has a variety of rentals to fit your lifestyle. Of course, the size and location have an impact on the cost. Let’s begin with the more expensive places. You’ll pay about $2,000 monthly for a 900-square-foot flat in a posh area. Expect to pay about $1,700 monthly in the same location if you search for a 480 square foot flat.

A 900 square foot flat will run you roughly $1,800 monthly in more budget-friendly areas, whereas a 480 square foot flat will run you about $1,200. You’re likely to find a property in Mississauga that matches your budget with an extensive range of possibilities. In terms of utilities, such as gas, electricity, and heating, you should budget about $294 each month. Your monthly phone bill will be about $60, and the monthly cost of the Internet is about $60. Your total monthly housing costs will be around $1,584 per person.

  • Transportation

In Mississauga, choosing public transport is smart if you’re watching your spending. Suppose you decide to use the MiWay public transport system. You may purchase a monthly pass for just $135 and enjoy unlimited rides for the entire month. A one-way trip will only cost you $4.00 if you prefer to pay per ride. In other words, taking the MiWay is a cost-effective alternative whether you’re commuting or enjoying the city. Travelling throughout Mississauga is a hassle-free method that is kind to your wallet.

  • Food 

Food and eating out are frequently overlooked when it comes to budgeting for renters. Even though you might not consume meals out as regularly as Toronto do, you should still treat yourself to a good meal occasionally. The price of a regular-sized cup of coffee starts with your morning pick-me-up and is roughly $4. If you eat one every other morning, you must set aside $8 weekly. Budget about $10 per week for a short fast-food lunch, and about $12 twice a month for a mid-range restaurant meal in the financial area. Of course, dating nights are also important. Budget at least $60 each month for a romantic date night. You’ll spend about $132 a month on eating out overall.

Let’s now discuss groceries. For a single individual, the cost of basic necessities such meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits will be around $200 per month. Your monthly food expenses will therefore equal about $332. Striking a balance between eating al fresco and controlling your food spending is crucial. With the help of this breakdown, you can spend your money on food intelligently and enjoy Mississauga’s flavours without breaking the bank.

  • Entertainment 

You can discover the typical hangouts in Mississauga for entertainment, like bars and movie theatres. It might not be dramatic and insane, but it still provides fun. You can spend roughly $7 on a beer at your local bar, and you might do so about four times each month on average. You can see a movie with a friend for about $28 for two tickets, and a decent movie usually comes out once a month. No matter your chosen type of entertainment, budget $56 per month to have fun. And if you’re still wanting for more thrills, keep in mind that Toronto is close by and has plenty of places to party and have a great time.

  • Health & Fitness 

In Mississauga, maintaining your physical well-being is an important part of your budget. You may guarantee access to top-notch fitness facilities by making a $60 monthly investment in a gym membership. The entire cost of living in Mississauga amounts to about $2,162 per month when all your monthly expenses are added together, including rent, food, transportation, entertainment, and health. With the help of these anticipated costs, you can make the necessary financial arrangements for a pleasant life in Mississauga. It’s crucial to put your health first while managing your budget.

Rate of Crime In Mississauga 

A safe and secure places to rent in Mississauga. It gives families and people security because its crime rate is 28% lower than the national average. Knowing that safety is a top priority makes it the perfect place to raise kids. Check out our in-depth neighbourhood guides to learn more about the distinctive qualities of each area and choose the one that best suits your needs. These guides will give you insightful information on the local dynamics, assisting you in selecting the ideal location for your requirements and interests.

Locate The Ideal Mississauga Apartment

Prepare your travel plans for Mississauga. In this guide to locating apartments in Mississauga, we’ve compiled a few next steps: 

    • Make a list of needs and wants: Use your needs as a guide when searching for an apartment. To assist in reducing the options and assembling a short list, use your list of desires.
    • Make a budget: Your budget is crucial, no matter what it is. Create an estimated monthly budget with the Area Vibes rental calculator.
    • Research: Finding the ideal location at the best price requires research. Obtain information on rental costs from nearby apartments that are similar. Area Vibes provides information on anything from neighbourhood amenities to demographics and crime statistics in our neighbourhood guides.
    • Tour apartments: The enjoyable part is now. Get out there and check out a few possible residences. The tours are more effective when a day or so is allotted for them. You might not have as much time to wait until the weekend to explore them all in a busy market, though. Meet the landlord and ask questions as you conduct the tour. Learn the fundamentals of your obligations as a tenant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is rent going up in Mississauga?

In 2023, Ontario implemented a rent increase cap of 2.5%. However, this rule does not apply to new buildings occupied after November 15, 2018.

Is Mississauga expensive to live in?

For a single person renting in Mississauga, the average monthly cost of living is approximately $3,603. This includes various factors like housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment.

Is Erin Mills a good place to live?

Central Erin Mills offers a delightful blend of suburban homes and streets, conveniently accessible by car to a range of amenities.

What is the most expensive area in Mississauga?

Lorne Park in Mississauga boasts luxurious homes, lined with trees and close to the lake. Over 70 properties were sold for over two million dollars in 2022.

Is Applewood Mississauga a good area?

Applewood is in one of Mississauga's finest neighbourhoods.