Whether it’s a modern penthouse in a tall building or a classic penthouse in a historic structure, what matters most is the exclusivity and elegance it gives. Owning a penthouse allows you to live at the highest level of city living, where everything is within reach, and every day is an opportunity to appreciate the best things in life. The traditional definition of a penthouse has changed slightly in today’s generation. If you are thinking of buying a penthouse, this blog will help you understand the true meaning of what is a penthouse apartment, why a penthouse is only on the t op floor, and interesting things every buyer should know.

What is a Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse Apartment in Canada

A penthouse is a high-end apartment on a structure’s top floor. A penthouse gives you the greatest views, space, and trendiest amenities and upgrades your lifestyle. Penthouses are the pinnacles of luxury apartment living. Large windows can offer beautiful city views, but the best part is that they can give you a special feature like a private terrace, sheer classiness or chicness. These unique residences are carefully furnished with opulent fixtures, finishes, and designs that set them apart from other residential floors in the building. Although these contemporary penthouse apartments are usually clean with the building’s exterior walls, they vary mostly in size, opulence, and corresponding price; they represent the height of urban living.

  • Why Is It Called A ‘Penthouse’?

Have you ever wondered why those opulent units at the top are called “penthouses”? The term “penthouse” in Latin, which means “five,” is where the word “penthouse” originates. Penthouses can now be found on any top floor, while in the past, they were typically found on the fifth floor. Thus, the term has endured throughout floor alterations. For a luxury pad at the top, it’s practically the posh title! However, the 16th-century traditional origin of the word “penthouse” had a grammatical twist that contributed to its appeal and shaped its current spelling and meaning. There are components of Middle French and English in this traditional origin of the word “penthouse.” The term “house” in English is combined with the Middle French word “pente,” which means “slope.” Images of homes perched at building pinnacles, nestled like crowns atop their architectural equivalents, come to mind when considering this idea.

  • Why Are Penthouses Always On The Top Floor?

Penthouses used to stick to the highest floor, but times have changed. A penthouse might be on various floors, not just the very top. The name “penthouse” has become more about the luxurious style and special features than just being on the highest level. So, you can find these posh pads on different floors within a building. Historically, the top-floor apartment of a structure was referred to as the “penthouse.” The people living on this floor experienced the pinnacle of luxury living, earning it the “true penthouse.” However, the idea started to spread as urban environments changed, and developers realised there was a high demand for these exclusive locations.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Penthouse

Penthouse advantages are plenty; hence, buying this type of real estate is in demand. These advantages are also the main reasons why the property value of a penthouse will only appreciate in the coming decade or so.

  • Broad Space

Broad Space in Penthouse Apartment in Canada

Penthouses frequently have their own outdoor area. This covers rooftop decks, terraces, and balconies. This exclusive outdoor area offers a calm haven and an ideal backdrop for hosting guests with breath-taking views.

  • More Privacy and Security

Due to their location on the highest floors, penthouses frequently have fewer neighbours. As a result, there are more private areas because there are fewer neighbouring condos, fewer people walking through the halls, and a feeling of separation from the noisy condo next door.

  • Outstanding Views

The most common benefit of penthouses is their amazing wide panoramas. Penthouse residents feel like they are living above it all since they have unrestricted views of the waterfront, city skyline, or surrounding natural scenery from their highest-level positions.

  • Multi-level Apartments

While many people can boast of spacious apartments with three or four bedrooms, not many can boast separate floors (lower and upper level). Purchasing a penthouse is a terrific choice if you have a large family that includes parents and children since they will have plenty of space to unwind and spend quality time on the terrace on the upper level or in the hall below.

Cons of Penthouse

While the benefits of a penthouse are ample, there are cons too. Here are a few of them:

  • Little Bit Expensive

Usually, penthouses are among the priciest real estate choices in a building or neighbourhood. Penthouses are generally out of reach for many buyers due to their premium location, spacious floor plans, and opulent features, which can come with a high price tag and increased condo maintenance costs.

  • Market Volatility

Penthouses can increase in value, but because of their higher price point, they may also be more vulnerable to changes in the market. Not everyone can access the penthouse market, so their resale value may be more erratic than flats at lower prices.

Why Are Penthouses Becoming Popular?

Penthouses are extremely popular for several reasons, such as the ones listed below:

  • Vibrant View

Vibrant View from penthouse in Canada

The penthouse, which is located at the top of the building, has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide unmatched views of the shoreline, the surrounding landscape, or both. For individuals who desire a connection to their urban or natural surroundings, penthouses are an attractive option because of these vistas, which give the impression that one is living above the ordinary. 

  • Fame and Prestige

Penthouse ownership conveys a certain level of distinction and importance. In addition to being slightly more expensive than an apartment, a penthouse’s “PH” designation denotes luxury living, which is frequently paired with a higher social status. It serves as a declaration of success and accomplishment for many.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Penthouses are visually stunning buildings with distinctive design elements and high-end finishes that appeal to people who value aesthetics in luxury living. These areas are a blank canvas for opulent lifestyle and creative expression in luxury real estate.


As we get to the end of our research into what constitutes a penthouse, it is clear that these exceptional apartments redefine luxury living and are more than just somewhere to live. Penthouse apartments have an enduring attraction beyond the typical, from the stunning, unhindered views and status they give to the feeling of exclusivity and customisation. Whether looking for the pinnacle of urban life or considering investing, a penthouse apartment is special in the real estate market.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are penthouses only on the top floor?

Not every time! Penthouses can now be found in multiple stories. However, in the past, they were often found on the very top floor. Consequently, the

Do celebrities live in penthouses?

Some celebrities choose to live in penthouses because they prefer privacy, luxury, and often spectacular views. However, it's essential to note that not all celebrities live in penthouses; their housing choices vary based on personal preferences.

How safe are penthouses?

The penthouse door is usually accessible via a lift or a separate entrance in most buildings. These homes frequently have vaulted ceilings, which give the impression that they are larger than they actually are. One characteristic that commonly makes penthouses different from typical residences is increased security.

Do penthouses get hot in summer?

Penthouses with big windows and lots of natural light may get hotter. Still, as with any well-designed living area, owners can usually control the temperature using air conditioners and other appliances.

When did penthouses become popular?

The 1920s saw the invention of the rooftop apartment. New York City saw a development boom as a result of economic expansion, and city living was highly desired.