Darkness is a part of nature. However, you don’t want your home to be dark all the time. Thus we have come up with ways to brighten up a dark apartment every hour of the day. We’ll explore some of the tricks in this article. So, keep reading until the end because we have a surprise tip that you’ll find both fun and useful!

Lighting Makes All the Difference

Let’s talk about lights and how they brighten up our spaces. Not all lights are the same, and some work better in certain rooms. In the sections below, we’ll explore different types of lighting and where to use them. So, if you want to know how to make your home well-lit and cosy, keep reading!

  • Opt for LED light Bulbs

Opt for LED light Bulbs

LED light bulbs come in various types. Each is tailored to suit different rooms within your dark apartment. Starting with the living room, opt for warmer white LED bulbs. These bulbs emit a soft and inviting glow that fosters a cosy atmosphere for your leisure time. Moving on to the kitchen, cool white LED bulbs are the go-to choice. They produce a bright light which is essential for the Kitchen. In the bedroom, go for something soothing. We recommend soft white LED bulbs. You can also go for a softer yellow one, but you have to install white lights, for your day-to-day bedroom chores. For those who have a dark apartment office, daylight LED bulbs are a smart selection. These bulbs closely mimic natural sunlight, which can reduce eye strain. 

Like the kitchen, the bathroom also needs something bright and energetic. Bright white LED bulbs are your best bet here. If you want to make things romantic and cosy, try getting a lamp or LED soft lights alongside the brighter one. Hallways often require a mix of cool and neutral white LED bulbs. This combination ensures comforting, consistent lighting throughout the space.

  • Replace your Bulbs for a Higher Wattage

When considering the idea of replacing your current light bulbs with higher-wattage ones, it’s essential to understand the consequences. The main reason for switching is to enhance the brightness. This is important for the dark apartment room where you conduct focus-oriented chores. You can also put these lights in big rooms where there is a scarcity of plugs and sockets. But before making any change do check if your light fixtures and lamps can safely accommodate higher-wattage bulbs. Every fixture has a wattage limit that you shouldn’t exceed. Using bulbs beyond their capacity can result in overheating, potentially damage or fire. You can know the limit of the fixture by the box or the label stuck to it. High-wattage bulbs also cause a burn in your pocket. Increased wattage can lead to higher energy consumption and electricity bills.

To reduce the bill, consider energy-efficient alternatives like LED bulbs. When choosing higher-wattage bulbs, pay attention to their colour temperature. Bulbs with different colour temperatures emit light with varying qualities. For instance, cool white light is often preferred for tasks requiring focus. While the warmer white light creates a cosier ambience. Select bulbs with the colour temperature that suits the room’s purpose and your preferences. Lastly, if you have dimmer switches in your dark apartment, ensure that the higher-wattage bulbs you choose are compatible with your dimmer switches. Not all bulbs can be dimmed, and using the wrong ones with dimmer switches can result in flickering.

  • Place Light Sources Around Eye Level

Strategically placing light sources around eye level is a design principle that can significantly impact the overall lighting experience in a room. They provide necessary illumination and reduce shadow and glare at eye level. Lighting at eye level can create a warm and inviting ambience. This approach also allows light to interact with objects and architectural features. Eye-level light casts intriguing shadows and adds depth to the space.

Décor & Accessories That Brightens Your Space

Human creativity has found routes to make things work in a different way; to add brightness in a dingy room without changing your lights. So, here are some things on ‘how to brighten up a dark apartment through objects’.

  • Add Printable Art

Add Printable Art 

Printable art, also known as digital art or downloadable art, offers a versatile way to brighten up a dark apartment. Styles and themes, whether it’s modern, abstract, vintage, or nature-inspired, colours with shine can be a good choice. Make sure they are brighter or at least painted in a different colour than your room. For instance, if your living room is grey or even creamy, you can add a bit of shine to it by placing some colourful, abstract art.  

  • Try Using Natural Wood 

Adding natural wood to your dark apartment can make it brighter and cosier. Wood reflects and spreads light nicely, so it brightens up the room. It works well in small spaces, making them feel bigger. Wood also looks great with natural light from windows. It adds a nice texture to the room. What’s better? It’s friendly to the environment. 

  • Eye Your Furniture Scale

Eye Your Furniture Scale

When your furniture fits well, it lets sunlight reach everywhere. This brighten up a dark apartment and makes the room feel sunny. But if your furniture is too big, it can block the light and make the room darker. Also, furniture like mirrors or shiny glass can bounce the light and make the room even brighter. Select furniture with lighter colours to reflect more light, making the room feel airy and open. When you pick the right-sized furniture, you can arrange it in a way that most of the light enters your home. This way, your room stays well-lit and cosy. 

  • Open Space For Open Shelving

Open shelving is a cool idea for making your dark apartment feel brighter and more open. Instead of having closed cabinets, you have shelves where you put things. Because everything is out in the open, it lets in more light. You can also use open shelves to show off your favourite things, like books or decorations. Not only this, these shelvings also add extra space to store your articles. You can mount one on the wall or add one on the bottom to make a wall out of shelving. 

  • Choose Fewer Furniture Pieces

Selecting fewer accent furniture pieces can be a clever way to brighten up a dark apartment. These pieces then act as focal points, drawing attention and reflecting light. Consider accent furniture with reflective surfaces, like mirrors or glass. Brightly coloured or uniquely designed accent furniture can also make the room feel more vibrant and well-lit. 

Opting for a restrained selection of accent furniture instead of overcrowding the room, allows more space for light. Placing these pieces near windows or natural light sources can enhance the effect of sunlight. Accent furniture like unique floor lamps or sculptural lighting fixtures, can be the star of your living space.

  • Furniture for a Bigger & Brighter Room 

Choosing the right furniture can have a significant impact on creating a bigger and brighter room. First, minimalist design with clean lines contribute to a sense of openness. Preventing the room from feeling cramped and allowing light to travel freely. Furniture with glass elements or transparent materials can enhance the sense of space by allowing light to pass through. Furniture that serves multiple purposes or offers storage solutions helps declutter the room. Finally, consider multi-functional furniture that can adapt to your needs. This will help with an open environment.

  • Spring for Translucent Curtains

Spring for Translucent Curtains

Translucent curtains are a fantastic addition to brighten up a dark apartment. These curtains are made from light and airy materials that allow natural light to filter through while still providing a level of privacy. When you have translucent curtains, you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight streaming into your room. The gentle diffusion of light also reduces harsh glares and shadows. Plus, translucent curtains come in various styles and colours, thus creating a space to add more colour to your dark space.

Believe It or Not, Candles and Lamps Work

Not only will candles and lamps help you create an ambience, they will also ensure that your lighting needs are flexible and efficient. So, let’s know how to bring light into a dark apartment through candles and lamps.

  • Use Environment-friendly Lights

Candles are good for brightening up a dark apartment, but they create a lot of smoke and waste. So, what we can do is use soy-based candles or pearl candles. They produce less smoke and waste, especially the pearl one as you can reset the whole candle without wasting any candle residue. The best part about candles is they can make you frequent and give your home a fragrance profile. But, if you are worried about the fire, you can also use battery-operated electric candles. Those are more energy efficient and easy to clean and store.  

  • Place Candles and Lamps Next to Mirrors

Generally, we keep the candle in a dark apartment where it emits light in a circular pattern. If you keep it in front of a mirror, the light will bounce and illuminate the whole room with soft yellow lighting. You can do the same with a lamp. An alternative to this method is to use reflective frames or lamp covers. They will increase the density of light and brighten your whole room in just one candle. 

  • Use Lamps That You Can Carry at Night 

If you are afraid of light or simply love to travel, then this one’s for you. Keep a portable flashlight or a lamp at your bedside to be alert about your surroundings. It will also keep the dark away when you want to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can also keep a soft light on in your room if you cannot sleep in the dark. 


We have explored a multitude of strategies on how to bring light into a dark apartment. From the nuanced selection of light bulbs tailored to each room’s unique requirements to the meticulous arrangement of furnishings, these innovative approaches collectively contribute to the transformation of your space into an inviting and well-lit sanctuary. Remember, a brighter home is a combination of smart design choices, lighting solutions, and creative decor. If you’re seeking more tips and professional interior consultation, don’t hesitate to connect with Square Yards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I brighten my living room?

Add more lighting sources, choose light-coloured décor, and strategically place mirrors.

What colour brightens a dark room?

Light, cool colours like pale blues can make a room feel brighter.

How do I fix my dark living room?

Add task lighting, paint with light colours, and use light-coloured accessories.

How can I lighten a dark room without natural light?

Utilise artificial lighting, opt for light-coloured furnishings, and use reflective surfaces like mirrors.

Do mirrors help brighten a room?

Yes, mirrors reflect light and enhance room brightness.

How do I make my brightness high?

Use higher-wattage bulbs, maintain clean fixtures, and maximise natural light.

How can I brighten my room in winter?

Use daylight bulbs, incorporate light-coloured accents, and keep curtains open during the day.