Early 2021 was a chaotic time for real estate Sales Ottawa with an unprecedented strong seller’s market. Knowing that the market is cooling down, home buyers in Ottawa won’t settle for any old house. Your home will stand out to prospective buyers if you make an investment in a few appealing amenities rather than just working on its curb appeal.

Spend some time learning about the real estate sales Ottawa market and the qualities a home buyer usually looks for. Scroll down for some unique features Ottawa buyers look for before listing your house on the market.

Home Features Before Buying a House in Ottawa

1. The Home’s Age

For most buyers, the age of the house is least important, but wait—the age of the house is not the same for every house you hunt. So always decode which home to purchase by checking its lifespan. If a house is kept without any special maintenance or care, its total lifespan would be around 200 years. But then there are still some historical buildings that were built with high quality raw materials and kept in good maintenance and preventive care so they are still good to go.

2. Location


Great neighbourhoods in Ottawa are always a top priority for potential buyers, but the pandemic has given a whole new meaning to a home’s location. Since so many people now work from home, being close to work or public transportation is less of an issue than it was a few years ago. 

Buyers are more likely to take out some time to drive by a house before purchasing it as they want to ensure that they enjoy what they see. To increase curb appeal, simply mow the lawn, clean up the yard, and place some pots.

Backyards are quite significant. Previously, you could get away with a mediocre backyard when selling, but now that people are cooped up at home, outside living space is essential. These days, purchasers are drawn to large yards with unique amenities like fire pits or open kitchens. They desire a setting where their children can play freely. Of course, as the pandemic is phased out, this could change. 

3. Proximity to Public Transit, Schools and Amenities

Considering the neighbourhood becomes important when buying a house, if a buyer is a working professional, they will always choose a home close to employment hubs, if a buyer is a family with kids, they will definitely choose schools or educational institutes in close proximity. And what both types of buyers would definitely consider is a nearby local market, grocery stores, and hospitals.

4. The Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Liveable space is what matters the most to home buyers. For this reason, bedrooms and bathrooms are valued highly. The more bedrooms and bathrooms your house has, the more value it will have on the market. As per several realtors, the bathroom alone increases 10%–40% of the value of the house, depending on the quality and the updates it has. As per numerous experts in real estate sales Ottawa, the standard number of bathrooms in a house is one less than the number of bedrooms.

5. Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

In the past, most buyers had this tendency to be uninterested in or even turned off by a backyard pool. But after the outbreak, the majority of the buyers are looking for a pool. A swimming pool, lovely outside spaces, and external lighting are excellent ways to advertise your home.

6. Feature Room

The rooms you actually live in, or what I refer to as the “heart” of the house, should be in outstanding condition. Moreover, keep your entertainment spaces clean and up-to-date. The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important space, followed by the family room, the bathroom or bathrooms, and the master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

7. Space

Eliminating any clutter is the best way to improve your house before selling it. Your property will appear larger than similar-sized residences if you create an extra dedicated area. Additionally, it conveys to purchasers the idea that the property has been maintained. Furthermore, a lot of natural light enables the home inspector to perform their duties and check if you are abiding by the laws.

8. Paint

A brand-new coat of paint is something that is highly desired. Your walls will look dull once you start depersonalising your home for sale by removing portraits and other sentimental things. So feel free to paint. Even though they will probably replace it as soon as someone buys your house, it will make a nice impression on today’s purchasers when they tour your home.

9. Light Fixtures

Light Fixtures

Another inexpensive approach to improving the appearance of your home is to install new lighting fixtures. Exterior and interior lighting are not only attractive features, but the appropriate lighting will help highlight your home’s best features.

10. Flooring, Appliances and Kitchen

Get rid of whatever carpet you have, especially if it is worn out. These days, nobody wants carpets. Of course, hardwood flooring is still a very sought-after home buyers in Ottawa. Irrespective of whether your house is new or old, the flooring needs to be kept clean and in good condition.

11. Garbage Disposal

Though garbage disposal is an obvious thing nowadays, it is still an important factor buyers look at when purchasing a new home. Regular waste collection seeks to protect people’s health and maintain basic hygiene. Buyers nowadays consider garbage disposal an important factor when purchasing a home as it causes water and air pollution. Rotten garbage is known to cause harmful bacteria and gases. These bacterias mix in the air and generate breathing problems for people.

In a Nutshell

Above we Following the above-listed home features that a buyer seeks when purchasing a house in Ottawa will help your home stand out in the market. By doing this, you can sell your home easily at a justifiable price in the market for real estate sales Ottawa. Either you can follow this ultimate guide or just hire a realtor to set up your house according to home buyers in Ottawa.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Ottawa housing more expensive than Toronto?

As Toronto is the capital of Canada, the cost of living in Ottawa is lower than in Toronto. The main reason why Ottawa is less expensive than Toronto is because of the lower housing costs in the city.

Which Canadian city has the most affordable Houses?

It is believed that Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, is the city with the most affordable housing options.

Can you live in Ottawa without a car?

Yes, you can definitely live in Ottawa without a car, but with some special considerations on things like where you work and what you like. Downtown is the perfect area to live without a car, as it gets you everything in close proximity.

What is the best part of Ottawa to live in?

The Glebe and Old Ottawa South in Ottawa’s downtown are among the best parts of the city to live in.