Montreal, Canada’s second most populous city on the island of the Saint Lawrence River, is home to almost all of the country’s francophiles. It is the province of Quebec’s largest metropolis, with an immense focus on French tradition and culture. In Montreal, 18th-century architecture merges with a 21st-century cityscape, representing an amalgam of old and new best places to stay in Montreal. This city’s diverse sightseeing options include world-class museums, amusement parks, and lively marketplaces. Montreal’s sightseeing spots are more than merely well-known hangouts; they provide memorable experiences. In this blog, we will take you on a tour of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal.

Wondering About the Best Places to Stay in Montreal?

Montreal is renowned as one of the best places to live for a variety of factors, and with good reason. The quality of living in Montreal is higher than in other parts of Canada. However, the cost of living in Montreal is mostly determined by the province you choose to live in. But is it worth living in Montreal? Let’s discover some of the best places to stay in Montreal! 

  • Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal has its unique pulse. Skyscrapers pierce the clouds; their glass and metal frames illuminate the city below in a kaleidoscope. Cobblestone streets recall stories of the colonial past, their old stones imprinted with generations of footsteps. However, Downtown Montreal is more than just majestic vistas and historical echoes. It’s a metropolis that buzzes with present-day enthusiasm. Art galleries display the work of bold young artists whose canvases are filled with colour and emotion. Fresh talent pushes the frontiers of fashion at fashionable boutiques, their products a monument to Montreal’s lively style.

Besides, Downtown Montreal is one of Canada’s most expensive places that offers the best place to stay in Montreal. Downtown Montreal is also one of Canada’s most dynamic places, with many leisure and nightlife options. However, this implies that the expense of living in Downtown Montreal is significantly higher. This place boasts a well-developed public transit system that is handy for citizens.

  • Mile End

Mile End, one of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal, is a cultural mosaic, a weaving fashioned from bohemian, historical, and DIY strands. It’s an area where old and modern meet, with antiquated typewriters clicking beside laptops singing to the rhythm of an underground band. It’s the kind of location where you can lose yourself for hours, find novel things around every corner, and come away with a heart full of narratives and a head bustling with ideas. So, grab an old-school bike, and let Mile End enchant you.

  • Verdun

Verdun is a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, situated on the island’s southeastern corner. Long recognised as a working-class area, it has seen major urbanisation and socioeconomic development in the 21st century. With its broad, tree-lined avenues, classic residences with wrought-iron rooftops, and cobblestone paths, Verdun radiates an ageless charm and provides the best places to stay in Montreal.

Moreover, Verdun renders a more local and genuine atmosphere than other of Montreal’s popular regions. There are numerous French-speaking residents, quaint little stores and a more relaxed way of life. Verdun is well-served by public transit and accessible by bike or foot. Its proximity to the St. Lawrence River makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities.

  • Plateau Mont-Royal

The peaceful Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood is famous for being a young, student-friendly community with lanes lined with attractive townhouses. Plateau Mont-Royal caters to every culinary need, from typical Montreal doughnuts and poutine to cosmopolitan flavours spilling from lively restaurants. Moreover, independent galleries present radical exhibitions, offbeat boutiques exhibit local crafts, and spontaneous dance performances can occur on every street corner. It’s a space where ideas float around, ready to be grasped. 

In addition, the best neighbourhoods in Montreal with affordable and convenient ways to discover Plateau Mont-Royal attractions and hidden treasures are on foot or by bicycle. Travelling on foot is the ideal way to meet an expert guide who will respond to your questions and show you all the important attractions.

  • Old Montreal

Old Montreal features a vast collection of antiquities and artworks that will astound you. If you have an interest in history and tradition, Old Montreal ranks as one of the top locations to visit and the best places to stay in Montreal. Old Montreal is a fusion of historical events, beauty, and European style, situated under the gaze of Mount Royal. Old Montreal has plenty for everybody, whether you are a historical buff, an enchanted soul, or simply looking for a unique urban vacation. An exquisite boulevard packed with cafes and businesses will remind you of a Parisian yard. Moreover, you can explore hidden lanes for surprising gastronomic jewels, feast on local seafood by the waterfront, or savour locally sourced delights at a thriving marketplace.

  • Saint-Henri 

Saint-Henri, located between lively Westmount and the Lachine Canal, combines roughness, charm, and growing cool. Although it is not a highly popular tourist destination, it has an incredible charm for those looking for a more genuine and vibrant Montreal atmosphere. 

Saint-Henri’s history as a labourer neighbourhood is echoed in its industrial design, which has been transformed into stylish condos and art spaces. Wandering down Notre-Dame Street reflects the street art adorning old brick facades amid sophisticated cafes and boutique stores. Discover a neighbourhood with a rich history and an exciting future by embracing the natural splendour of urban development. The central location of Saint-Henri makes it simple to discover the other parts of the city. 

  • The Village

The Village epitomises the best neighbourhoods in Montreal with its variance, transparency, and innovation. The Village, one of North America’s most major LGBTQ+ areas, is an intersection of variety and inclusion. Its biggest achievement is to bind together the LGBTQ+ and straight populations. Everyone is enchanted by its vibrant nightlife and exquisite cuisine, as well as its pleasant bed-and-breakfasts in century-old residences, antiques and specialised shops. In addition, The Village, with Sainte-Catherine Street as its major artery, spreads from east to west around the Beaudry metro station, putting on the rainbow vibrant colours of the area.

  • Villeray

Villeray provides one of the best places to stay in Montreal, with picturesque neighbourhoods that combine historical integrity and a family-friendly atmosphere. Villeray allows experienced romantic getaways for travellers, individuals or a couple. The area also boasts a timeless beauty typical of a small European village, with tree-lined lanes mixed with charming cafes and small enterprises inviting strolls.

Escape from the city and relax in one of Villeray’s many green places. Enjoy a peaceful lunch at Parc Jarry under the shade of lush trees, take a wonderful walk along the Rivière des Prairies, or hire a bike to discover the verdant trails of Parc de la Visitation. However, Villeray may not be Montreal’s most well-known neighbourhood, but it provides a distinct balance of enchantment, integrity, and family-friendly entertainment. 

  • Rosemont / Petite Patrie

Nestled in the centre-east of Montreal island, with a population of 139,950, this best neighbourhood in Montreal is the ideal combination of apartments, enterprises, and green areas. Moreover, it provides a great blend of urban ease, family-friendly charm, and cultural areas waiting to be discovered. It offers a distinctive Montreal experience if you’re looking for a lively market atmosphere, tranquil landscapes, or a taste of Italian culture. 

In addition, unlike certain touristy locations, Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie provides a look into regular Montreal life. Visit nearby supermarkets filled with fresh vegetables, chat with friendly neighbours in cosy cafés, and get a sense of the heart of a town rich in heritage and individuality.

  • Mile-Ex

Mile-Ex is positioned to the north of trendy Mile End and west of Little Italy. This burgeoning best neighbourhood in Montreal vibrates with a distinct mix of creative enthusiasm, industrial texture, and developing cool. Mile-Ex can be your ideal Montreal destination if you’re an imaginative soul, a gastronomic adventurer, or simply looking for a neighbourhood brimming with charm. Moreover, Mile-Ex attracts creators, musicians, and artists. Discover art galleries packed with innovative setups, offbeat stores brimming with handcrafted goods, and unexpected entertainment across every corner. The artistic spirit in the air inspires and energises guests. Experience the raw beauty of a neighbourhood establishing its nature and observe its exhilarating development life.


Montreal has more to offer than breath-taking waterfalls and snow-covered mountains. This country, the genuine Canada, reveals the raw splendour of the immense outdoors. The tourist attractions and best neighbourhoods in Montreal are breath-taking as they offer an ideal way to enjoy precious time with your family and friends. The affordable and most enjoyable way to discover the city and its unseen beauties is either on foot or by bicycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What part of Montreal is best to stay in?

Old Montreal, Downtown Montreal, Mile End and The Village are the best neighbourhoods to stay in Montreal.

What neighbourhoods to visit in Montreal?

Little Italy, Mile End, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie and more are the best places to visit in Montreal.

Is Montreal a walkable city?

Yes, Montreal is a walkable city with a walk score of 65.4.

What places in Montreal attract tourists?

Mount Royal, Old Montreal, Jean Talon Market, Old Port of Montreal, Montreal Biodome, Montreal Botanical Garden, etc, are the best attractions to visit in Montreal.