Seikhohao Haokip A creative writer who is always looking for new ideas and innovative solutions to problems. Also, a big believer in sustainable fashion and a pro-thrifter. If not at work, you'll probably find him thrifting at Sarojini Nagar Market and secondhand shops. A Swiftie and a Blink at heart, Seikhohao romanticises his daily metro ride by listening to sad songs.


2 Stories by Seikhohao Haokip

List of 10 Best Lakes To Explore in Alberta

Alberta is a beautiful landlocked province situated in the Western part of Canada. With an area of 661,848 sq. km, Alberta is the sixth...
0 6 min read

Gothic Influences in Ontario’s Architecture

Architecture of all kinds mark the evolution of history, like a time capsule capturing the essence of that place. It’s fascinating how a simple...
0 3 min read

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