If this is your first time maintaining a rental home, you’re in for a treat. Every landlord is possessive about their home, hence the landlord expectations for maintenance. Landlords expect tenants to be responsible and respectful year-round. But there may have some specific expectations for summer rental during the summer months due to the unique challenges and expenses that come with the season.

The safety of your tenants and the preservation of your property require seasonal upkeep, and summer maintenance is no exception. The change of seasons brings new difficulties for landlords, so we have listed the landlord’s expectations from tenants during the summer. Generally, summertime is less problematic for tenants than wintertime because there are fewer issues like leaky roofs and heating issues to deal with. Having said that, we have found that as the weather warms up, a few issues can arise. We’ve compiled our top 5 suggestions for managing your summer rental property to help you get ready for a fruitful and enjoyable summer season.

Top 5 Suggestions For Managing Your Rental Property

  • Upgrade Outdoor Areas

Upgrade Outdoor Areas

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a good time outdoors. So, here’s a list of outdoor spaces to keep in mind. One can furnish outdoor spaces just like one’s home. Make your outdoor space a true outdoor room by arranging the comforts you enjoy indoors, like pillows, soft lighting, blankets, etc. A grill or outdoor kitchen will make the most of each summer day. Also, it is important to make arrangements to protect yourself from mosquitoes and have enough shade. 

  • Clean Up the Garden

Clean Up the Garden

Summer presents its own special set of maintenance difficulties. In addition to being hot and dry, summertime affects your lawn and garden differently than springtime. If you don’t have the time, always think of a caretaker to look after your garden. It is necessary to keep your garden lush and alive during the summer. From sod installation to fertilisation, grass seeding, tree removal, and garden clean up, you are required to handle it all. Here is a checklist to keep your garden and lawn looking lovely even in the heat:

    • Mulch your garden
    • Remove the deadheads from the flowering shrubs
    • Tackle and control pests with fertilisers
    • Make sure to clean and water the plants
    • Always pick the right tools
  • Point Out Any Damage That Must Be Repaired

Point Out Any Damage That Must Be Repaired

Pull out the summer maintenance punch list. It depends on the season and whether regular maintenance is required. Summertime tasks, including maintaining the pool, cleaning the grills, arranging the outside common spaces, regulating the irrigation system, and preparing for a/c maintenance calls, should be added to your team’s list of things to accomplish. Homes can sustain damage throughout both the winter and summer months, so it’s critical to address any concerns as soon as they arise to prevent further damage. Not only would this benefit the landowner in the summer, but it would also improve the comfort of your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to either speak with your landlord or leasing agent about any difficulties you have or bring them up during any periodic inspections your landlord may decide to do throughout the summer.

  • Keep the Property Safe When You’re Away

The most popular time of year for people to travel is during the summer. Make sure your summer rental has a way to contact you in case of an emergency if you intend to be away from home for a lengthy period of time. Knowing if your tenants will be on a lengthy vacation is also a smart idea. Ask your tenants to keep the home from appearing vacant, as this invites burglars to break in. Due to vacations, summer is a popular time for people to leave their houses empty. At the same time, burglars target these empty homes as easy targets. Due to this, you should think about how you’ll protect summer rental home if you have to vacate.

Put lights on timers, leave a car in the driveway, and encourage a family member to check the house frequently to give the impression that someone is home. You’d be shocked at how often individuals forget to fully lock all of the windows and doors before they leave.

  • Maintain Proper Ventilation

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Homeowners look for solutions to cool and ventilate their houses effectively and affordably when the summer heat makes them uncomfortable, hot, and humid, or when the cost of running the air conditioner full-time is just too high. And even when the temperature in our homes is at a pleasant level, we must not disregard the necessity of ventilation for preserving or improving the quality of the air. The heat waves in summer might make it difficult to sleep or even just relax at home. It’s crucial to keep your rental well-ventilated for your comfort and your property’s general health. You may increase the quality of the air within by opening windows and doors so that fresh, albeit warm, air can enter. This improves both your long-term health and the health of the building’s structure. The best way to keep the sun out while letting fresh air in is to close the curtains.


Although seasonal maintenance is always a chore, these additional barriers may make it even harder for you to cross them off your to-do list. You will be able to create a clear plan and approach upkeep as necessary if you have a clear idea of your goals for summer rental in the summer. We hope these pointers will be helpful to you. You may enjoy your summer without worrying about your rented property if you take the time to plan ahead for it. We encourage you to maintain your summers while renting any property.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do you ensure a landlord chooses you?

Two simple strategies to persuade a landlord that you're the best option are to have good credit and a pristine rental history.

What is the most important landlord responsibility?

The most significant responsibility of a landlord is to protect and provide a full-functioning and comfortable property.

Why should I choose a family home?

Compared to other homes and properties, single-family homes offer larger yards.

Should I keep a housemate to share rental expenses?

Yes, you can keep a housemate to share rental expenses, cut down on your rental costs, and make savings.