The Permanent Resident Card is an identification document issued by the Canadian government to the permanent residents in Canada. The PR card is the only document used to prove the status of residence. Moreover, the PR card gives access to the permanent residents to return to Canada via commercial vehicle. Individuals get a Canada PR card once they get the approval of Canadian permanent residence. Renew PR card in Canada and get it with the validity of five years. However, in some cases, the PR card has a validity of just one year. In both cases, the resident is required for PR Card Renewal in Canada. In this write-up, we have summarised the process of permanent resident card (PR) renewal in Canada.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Renew PR Card in Canada?

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Renew the PR Card in Canada

Following are the eligibility criteria for permanent resident card renewal in Canada :

  1. Physical presence in Canada is mandatory
  2. An individual must be a permanent resident of Canada
  3. There should be no criminal proceeding against the applicant
  4. The individual shouldn’t be under a removal order

Note :- If the individual is a registered Indian under the Indian Act of Canada or is already a Canadian citizen, then he/she can’t apply for a Canada PR card.

Procedure for Permanent Resident Card Renewal in Canada

An individual must fill out and submit PR card renewal application form IMM 5444e, along with all the required documents. Follow these easy steps to make your permanent resident card renewal in Canada a hassle-free process: 

  • Acquire the Application

Acquire the PR renewal application form from the official website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and fill out the application correctly.

  • Documents to include in your application

    • Include your current PR card, whether you have applied for renewal or replacement
    • A copy of your travel document or a valid passport
    • Two passport size photographs
    • Payment receipt of your processing fee
    • A declaration to justify the PR card got damaged, lost, stolen or expired before immigrating to Canada (180 days)
  • Submit the PR Card Renewal Application for PR Renewal

Send your application either by mail or by courier service. Ensure you answer the questions correctly, sign on your application form, and attach the payment receipt and supporting documents.

Submit the application form and payment receipt to the Case Processing Centre.

    • Via Mail : Case Processing Centre – PR Card, P.O. Box 10020 Sydney, NS B1P 7C1, Canada
    • Via Courier : Case processing Centre – Pr Card 49 Dorchester Street Sydney, NS B1p 5Z2

What are the Required Documents for PR Renewal in Canada?

Physical presence often gets miscalculated, even after eligibility for Canadian Citizenship. The required documents are mentioned below for the renewal of your Canada PR card if you are not eligible for Canadian citizenship.

  1. Hardcopy of your existing Permanent Resident (PR) Card.
  2. Government-issued identification documents, such as hardcopy of valid driving licence, travel documents/copy of foreign passport.
  3. Two passport size photographs according to the required size i.e. 50 mm x 70 mm. Do not glue or staple the photograph, keep it in the courier along with the application.
  4. Proof that residency obligations were met.
  5. Proof of your residency in Canada which justifies your residence in Canada for a minimum of two years.

Note : If the documents are in other languages than English and French, then you might need to get a certified translation.

Where to Submit PR Renewal Application?

Where to Submit Application for PR Card Renewal?

The Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Sydney, Nova Scotia processes the PR card renewal application. However, the address might be different, depending on the process of submission.

  • Send your application to Case Processing Centre – PR Card P.O. Box, Sydney, NS B1P 7C1, Canada. If you opt to send it by regular mail.
  • Send your application to Case Processing Centre – PR Card 49 Dorchester Street, Sydney, NS B1P 5Z2, Canada. If you want to send it by mail

How much time does it take to Process Permanent Resident Card Renewal in Canada?

Time for processing the renew pr card in Canada may take around 90 to 120 days. However, a new PR card takes 45 days for processing. To know the exact processing time, visit the official portal of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Note : In case of heavy application traffic, it could take 6 months to process the application. Moreover, complex cases may take longer than 6 months.

What is the Processing Fee for Permanent Resident Card Renewal, Canada?

The applicant needs to pay CAD 50 for the renewal process of the PR card in Canada. The applicant must check his/her eligibility for the PR card renewable, as the fee amount is non-refundable.

How to Make Payment for a PR Card Renewal?

How to Make Payment for a PR Card Renewal?

The applicant can make the payment to renew PR card in Canada with the help of two different methods:

  1. Canadian financial institution
  2. Canada’s easy online payment

To make online payments, the applicant needs internet access, an active email account and a credit card. Post making the online payment, the applicant needs to print a hard copy of the receipt. Attach the copy with your application as the proof of fee payment.

If you are currently residing in Canada and want to make an offline payment, you can pay through a Canadian financial institution. Get a printout of form IMM 5401 and fill out the details. Post making payment at the financial institution, keep a copy for your record and also attach a copy with the application as the proof of payment.

Note : Canada’s online payment system has a limited payment option. The applicant can make a payment via American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Other payment options like PayPal and other debit cards are not acceptable.

How will I Receive My Renewed PR Card?

If the applicant is a permanent Canadian resident, then in that case the applicant will receive the renewed PR card via mail. In some cases, the applicant has to collect the PR card from the local office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. However, it is necessary to claim the renewed PR card within 180 days because it will expire within 180 days.

The applicant residing outside Canada may not receive the renewed PR card via email. They have to collect it from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada office once they reach Canada. However, if your PR card expires before your return to Canada. In that case, the applicant may apply for a PR travel document. 

Note : Applying for a permanent resident travel document has one-time validity.

What to Do if you Didn’t Receive the Canada PR Card?

The applicant should wait for six weeks for the Canada PR card. If the applicant doesn’t get his/her PR card within six weeks via mail, then the applicant should contact IRCC regarding the status of PR card renewal.

The time frame only reflects those applications that meet all the residency obligations. In case of not meeting the residency requirements, it will count as a complex case, which may take up to six months.

To Sum Up 

The Canadian permanent resident card allows individuals to stay in Canada. It is salient to renew your PR card after the validity period is over to avoid eviction from the country. Though an individual can apply for renewal via an online mode from the comfort of home, the individual will be charged an extra amount and the payment receipt need to be attached with the application form.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long does it take to renew a permanent resident card in Canada?

The renewal process may take 120 days if the applicant meets the residency obligations. In complex cases, the applicant may have to wait for up to six months to receive the permanent resident card in Canada.

Does permanent residency in Canada expire?

Yes, a permanent resident card in Canada has a validity period of five years.

How do I renew my permanent resident status in Canada?

To renew the permanent resident status in Canada, an individual must acquire the application form IMM 5444e. Fill out the application correctly and make the payment of the renewal fee. Once the payment is complete, print out a copy of the receipt and attach it to the application. Now, send the application via courier or mail to the Case Processing Centre.

What happens if my permanent residency expires?

If your permanent resident (PR) card expires, you still have your PR status, and it is possible to stay in Canada. However, you may still need a valid permanent residency card for numerous services in your province. In case you leave Canada, you will have to show a valid PR card if you wish to return.