Feeling like a daredevil? Why not try walking on the CN Tower Edgewalk? If you want to challenge yourself or feel alive, walk on a wide ledge over 1100 feet above the ground. You read it right! EdgeWalk of CN Tower is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you want to tick off your adventure bucket list. Whether you are an adventurer seeker, someone who wants to explore something new, or want to overcome your fear of heights, no place is better than here! Buck up for the walk of your life! 

About CN Tower 

About CN Tower 

CN Tower, or Canadian National Tower in Toronto, is an engineering marvel in Toronto, Ontario. A broadcast and telecommunications tower, it occupied the title of the world’s tallest free-standing structure from 1976 to 2007, after which Burj Khalifa in Dubai claimed the position. its construction began in 1973 and in 1976 the CN Tower opened its gates to the locals and tourists. the Tower claimed the status of one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World as declared by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The tall building contains 1776 steps and 11 elevators to take visitors up and down. The Tower comprises many attractions : Sky Pod, 360 The Restaurant, Main Observation Level, Glass Floor, Gift Shop and the most famous EdgeWalk.

  • CN Tower EdgeWalk

CN Tower EdgeWalk
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The CN Tower EdgeWalk opened in 2011, 116 storeys up. At a height of 1168 metres (356 feet) above the ground, EdgeWalk is a unique attraction in North America. When you decide to go for a walk, you walk on the outside ledge of the tower’s central pod.

The ledge is 5 feet (1.5 metres) wide and offers the highest hands-free walk in a full circle in the world. It becomes necessary to mention that EdgeWalk was certified by Guinness World Records as the most elevated external walk on a building worldwide on 8th November 2011. And not only this, no tourist attractions in toronto has yet been able to beat this record. 

When walking on the edge, you have a beautiful view of all of Canada. The Walk looks over Lake Ontario. Standing so high above the ground gives you a view of the skyscrapers of Niagara Falls. Though not an easy feat and requiring a strong heart, the experience of walking on the EdgeWalk is one you will cherish and proudly narrate for years.

  • Booking Tickets

Booking Tickets
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CN Tower EdgeWalk tickets can be booked 10 days in advance of the day of your visit on the CN Tower official website. However, you might also buy a ticket on the spot, subject to spot availability. The price for the EdgeWalk is $225. It is a bit expensive, but it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. CN Tower EdgeWalk tickets are valid only during your chosen booking slot. In case you get suddenly occupied on the day of your booking or are indisposed due to ill health, you can change your date and time of reservation 72 hours or more before your booking. But the schedule change depends on the vacant spot.

The sale of CN Tower EdgeWalk tickets is final. They are non-refundable and are not subject to exchange. A section of Guest Services deals with any issues guests may encounter during their visit to the Tower. If you are using coupons or partner discounts, you need to head to Guest Services to avail of them during your visit. 

  • Looking Back

Looking Back

When you reach the CN Tower, please take a minute to look up at the tallest building, as far as you can bend your head, and take it in its entirety. Get some good photos of the tower before entering. After that, enter the tower and take the elevator to go up. Everything in the tower is carefully designed to give the visitors the best experience of their lives, including the elevators. high-speed elevators take 58 seconds to take you from the ground floor to the main observation level, i.e., you travel 15 miles per hour! The elevators have glass floor panels so you can see how fast you travel. Thrilling, isn’t it?! The CN Tower is filled with such thrillers. after you reach the main observation level, you will be guided to the separate elevator that will take you up to the waiting area. Before starting to put in the safety gear, you are tested for alcohol. You are refused to proceed further if any is found in your system. And no amount of convincing will let you go through the process, as they are strict with these policies. 

In the waiting area, you will be prepped with all the safety measures, like the EdgeWalk costume, harness, shoes, and everything. The harness fitting will be tight, as it should be, because up there, your life will depend on it, literally. Do not fiddle or play around with your harness. meanwhile, keep your ears open to the safety instructions and tips the staff are narrating. Staff members also talk you through the experience and explain it to you, ask different questions to put you at ease and make you feel safe. If you have any doubts or questions, this is where you should address them.

You get called and taken to the EdgeWalk after signing a waiver form when your turn comes. Nerves might start to kick in as you embark on one of the most thrilling experiences of your life. But you will also feel proud when the staff shout out ‘EdgeWalkers coming through’. And you should be; it takes strong determination and a lot of courage to dangle from such a height. 

  • It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime!
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After reaching up, your harness and safety gear get rechecked to ensure everything is in its position. Your harness is attached to a rail that goes around the ledge. Then, with a guide, you step onto the EdgeWalk. While your knees buckle for a few minutes, you will be blown away by the view you witness. all you hear is your fellow adventurers and your heart beating fast. At this point, do not let fear overcome you! Take a few small steps until you feel your feet are not shaking and are stable enough on the steel platform. The steel platform is made of nearly 50 metric tonnes, so they are strong enough.

On the 360 degrees walk, you are encouraged to try different manoeuvres, like dangling your toe off the edge of the ledge, tilting forwards, and then putting your heel at the edge and leaning backwards. You are allowed 30 minutes on the edge, though the entire process from preparation to action takes around 90 minutes. when your time is over and you step out, you will feel surreal and have a big smile that reaches from ear to ear. After all, you did walk the world’s highest skywalk. You will receive an achievement certificate that allows you access to a few other attractions in the CN Tower.

Health and Safety Precautions

    • People above 34 kg (75 lbs) and below 140 kg (310 lbs) are permitted on the platform.
    • Children aged 13 can go on the EdgeWalk, but the 13-17 age group needs a family member to accompany them.
    • EdgeWalk is operative throughout the year, but the activity may get closed without prior notice due to weather disturbances.
    • There are regular checks from bottom to top to ensure the safety of the guests and the team. 
    • CN Tower has been awarded the Safe Travels stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council and the Tourism Industry of Ontario.
    • People, who have booked their walk but are experiencing any symptoms relating to Covid-19, are advised to remain under observation and wait until they get better to visit.  

Wrapping Up

You must have swum in deep waters; now it’s time to walk in the sky. EdgeWalk is perfect for celebrating any occasion. Whether you are graduating, celebrating your birthday, a reunion, or even on a first date, book your CN Tower EdgeWalk Tickets to make the day memorable. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the things I can do as a part of my EdgeWalk experience?

With your EdgeWalk ticket, you can also access LookOut, SkyPod, Glass Floor, and Observation Deck. Book your reservation at 360 Restaurant to experience a complete overall view of Toronto while treating your taste buds.

When should I arrive for my EdgeWalk?

It is advisable to turn up 30 minutes before the booked time. Before reaching the waiting area, you must pass through various security checks, and there is no guarantee of how much time they may take.

What should I wear during my EdgeWalk?

You will be provided with a jumpsuit that you need to wear up to the EdgeWalk. Also, it is advisable to wear sports shoes when going for a walk. If you are not wearing shoes, you will be provided with one during the EdgeWalk.

What can I bring with me on EdgeWalk?

You are not allowed to bring anything to the edgewalk. It would be best to leave your phone, camera, and everything else outside in a locker, with the key attached to your jumpsuit. Even wedding rings need to be taped before stepping out.

Can we take photos during our edgewalk?

No, you cannot take photos on the EdgeWalk. But do not worry about not capturing the memorable moment, as the guide has a camera attached to their helmet. You can purchase the video and photos after you come down.

Is EdgeWalk wheelchair accessible?

Yes, a wheelchair is available for those who need it and meet the criteria for need. The jumpsuit and wheelchair are facilitated with all the requirements to keep the person safe and help them enjoy themselves to the fullest.