When buying a home for your family, you need to decide which property fits your budget and is the right match for your family. It would be best if you also examined the house’s surroundings, neighbours, and condition, such as the benefits of Semi-detached house, to determine the value of the house. If you are planning to buy a semi-detached house, read on to learn everything about the characteristics of the house.

What is a Semi-Detached House?

What is a Semi-Detached House

Semi-detached houses are duplex dwellings which are ideal for a nuclear family. The main characteristic of such a house is that it shares a common wall with another house. The two semi-detached homes are identical in construction and layout. For instance, if the shared wall belongs to the bedroom in one house, it is the same in the second house. However, the owners have their backyard and front yard or garden, irrespective of the structure.

Detached vs Semi-Detached House

Detached vs Semi-Detached House

Unlike semi-detached, detached houses are independent-standing buildings. They do not share a wall with any other house. Hence, they do not have to consult or acquire the permissions of their neighbours before any maintenance or repairs. As a consequence, detached houses can be expensive.

Pros of Semi-Detached House

A semi-detached house is a preferred type of accommodation by many families because of the following benefits of Semi-detached house :

  • Lower Purchase Price

One of the most significant benefits of Semi-detached house is their affordability. The upfront costs of these houses are lower than those of detached houses because of low building costs and fewer construction and utility expenses. Mortgages for semi-detached houses are more easily obtained, and, consequently, down payments and monthly payments are also less, in some cases saving $1000 a month. However, a semi-detached house in a reputed and respected neighbourhood would cost more than a detached house in a less desirable locality.

  • Savings in Maintenance

Savings in Maintenance

A semi-detached house means a shared roof and lawn, which also means shared maintenance costs between neighbours. The cost of replacing roofing or siding, snow removal, and lawn mowing can all be negotiated among the neighbours. Additionally, the yard and roof of this type of dwelling are generally smaller. Thus, it is a good choice for people on a budget as the maintenance of the roof and yard does not take up much time and money.

Semi-detached houses also considerably lower your heating and cooling costs as you share a roof, so when either of the neighbours makes heating and cooling provisions, you also benefit from it. However, if the neighbours are irregular in their maintenance, you could negatively bear the consequences.

  • Garden Space

Garden Space Pros and cons of semi-detached house

Garden space is one of the best advantages of living in a semi-detached house. They provide an extra space outside the house for decorating your entrance pathway or even the side garden space. You could install a family swing or hammock to enjoy a sunny afternoon during winter. Or, you could even use the area to grow flowers or your organic fruits and vegetables. Bush hedges in these spaces could also serve as a division between you and your neighbour’s garden.

  • Suitable for Family Life

One of the benefits of semi-detached house is that it provides you with large spaces, both inside and outside the home. The large garden space these houses offer is good for large families with children as it allows them to play outdoors. Also, the households around you would probably be occupied by similar families; hence, you and your kids could socialise around them.

  • More Spaces than Townhouses and Apartments

Pros and cons of semi-detached house Townhouses and Apartments

Although similar to semi-detached houses in some respect, townhouses’ structure differs from that of the former. Instead of one, the town home has two walls attached to two other houses, one on each side. The houses are in a row and smaller than semi-detached houses. They are narrow in size while semis are wider, another advantage of living in a semi-detached house if you have a large family.

Apartments are single flats in multi-storey buildings. While semi-detached houses have neighbours on the side, apartments have neighbours up and down and sometimes in front and side. The apartments are more suitable for a single person. On the other hand, buying or renting a semi-detached house is advisable if you have a family or are starting one.

Cons of Semi-Detached House

The semi-detached house has its own set of problems, as mentioned below. 

  • Potential for Lots of Noise

One of the biggest drawbacks of semi-detached houses is noise. Noise from one home transfers easily to the other due to a shared wall. In this aspect, detached houses are at an advantage as the neighbours do not necessarily have to deal with noise coming from other households or vice versa. If you prefer quiet and calm surroundings and are planning to buy a semi-detached house, you must inquire about any noisy households near or around you. A way of reducing noise transfer is by soundproofing the wall.

  • Lack of Privacy

The biggest disadvantage of living in a semi-detached house is the lack of privacy. In this type of house, you share not just a wall but also a driveway and front and back yards. This implies that you might come across your neighbour once a day. If you have a nosy neighbour, then there is a high probability that your neighbour knows about your daily routine, leaving little scope for some privacy.

  • Reduced Curb Appeal

One of the biggest concerns about semi-detached houses is the reduced curb appeal. The mismatched decoration and finishing of the roofing, front door colours, and the house’s external walls effectively ruin the house’s appeal.

It is also possible that one household makes their porch and garden aesthetically appealing, while the other neighbour may not make similar efforts to improve the outer appearance of their house. A well-maintained garden could also have a negative impact if the other household’s garden space is unmaintained and weeds grow.

  • Arranging Repairs

If your side of the house needs repair that you think is long-term and might affect your neighbour to some extent, you need to make them aware of this. When the construction or repair is near the shared border between the two houses, you might also need to seek their permission. Consequently, if you think the reparations will benefit both properties, you could try speaking to your neighbour and see if they would take on the cost of the reparations. Reparations might also lead to continuous noise that may be quite disturbing. In these circumstances, you can talk to your neighbours and devise a solution accordingly.

  • Limited Parking Space

A considerable disadvantage of living in a semi-detached house is the lack of space around the house and in the front yard. The parking space is also very limited as you do not have a garage. The garage that comes with your home may be shared by your neighbours, limiting the space allotted to you.

Wrapping up

After going through the pros and cons of semi-detached house, it can be concluded that the place is suitable for nuclear families with a limited budget and just starting their families. Even working couples with no kids could shift to this kind of dwelling. However, it is better for you to first survey the house’s neighbourhood before deciding on your home.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a semi-detached house?

A semi-detached house is a double-storey dwelling for single families to move in.

Which is better, semi or detached?

Both houses have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision of which home is suitable for you depends on your budget, the house's location, and the area's demographics.

Is it noisy living in a semi-detached house?

The level of noise depends on the nature of your neighbours. A household with small kids would be noisy, while those with teenagers might be quiet if the parents do not party frequently or the children host one secretly. If your neighbours are seniors or elderly, the noise would be considered equal to none.

Are semi-detached houses more energy efficient?

Semi-detached houses have an advantage that when your neighbours cool or heat their homes, since both the houses share the same roof, your house would also receive the cooling and heating effect. To some extent, this makes semi-detached houses somewhat energy efficient.

What's the difference between a duplex and semi-detached?

A duplex could be in townhouses, semi-detached houses, or detached houses, but a semi-detached house refers to a particular type of house.