Mississauga is renowned for being home to Canada’s busiest and largest airport. However, what remains unknown are the historic villages, vibrant art and recreational parks that reveal the true nature of this Toronto Township. We have enumerated the list of the true hidden gems in Mississauga that would render an even better experience than the popular destinations. here’s the list of some Best places to visit in Mississauga

Places to Visit in Mississauga

Visit these attractions and parks in Mississauga for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

  • Lakefront Promenade Park

Lakefront Promenade Park

Hidden in plain sight is Mississauga’s several kilometres long waterfront and Lakefront Promenade Park is one of the best places to savour the experience. This place is an amalgamation of numerous smaller parks sprawling across 104 acres. 

They provide an endless opportunity of relishing everything the park has to offer. The area consists of numerous playgrounds, beaches, marinas, hiking and biking trails, beach volleyball courts, splash pads, and stunning views of the lake. Visit it on a sunny summer day for the best escapade!

  • Danville Final Approach

places to visit in Mississauga Danville Final Approach
Credits : Skies Mag

For those who love visiting environmentally conscious entertainment arenas, Danville Final Approach is it. It is a result of the collaboration between the City of Mississauga and Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). A massive landform, this area was created to accentuate the existing stormwater systems and develop natural areas. The Danville Final Approach, though tucked away around the industrial area, offers an array of recreational facilities. 

It is also home to numerous tournament plays with proper sports lighting, changing rooms, and washrooms. But, what steals the show is the viewing platform, soaring around 25 metres above the adjacent area. The platform renders stunning views of the Pearson International Airport. The rolling hills also offer one of the most famous tobogganing experiences in the city, peaking in winters. 

  • Peter’s on Eglington

places to visit in Mississauga Peter’s on Eglington

Don’t be surprised to find a restaurant on the list of hidden gems in Mississauga because it is worth the mention. Peter’s on Eglington serves some of the most mouth-savouring dishes and its interior decor is at par with the beauty of the food. The intriguing exteriors portray a place beyond the realm of time. 

The decor resembles a fancy diner in the 70s with lavish trim and a massive yet stained glass ceiling that is awe-inspiring. Do give the restaurant a visit if you want to get a taste of the best deli sandwiches in Mississauga. 

  • Brickyard Park

places to visit in Mississauga Brickyard Park
Credits : Canada

Situated in the area of the Cooksville Brick & Tile Company, Brickyard Park has a long-standing history with Mississauga. The old quarry that existed from the 1920s until the closure in 1995 is now filled with water and serves as a small pond. 

The park offers a variety of facilities like a soccer field, splash pad, 2 baseball fields, and a playground. The park is also accompanied by a trail from where you can savour the ravishing views of the Toronto skyline. 

  • Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

places to visit in Mississauga Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens
Credits : mississauga

For those who don’t know, there are numerous parks in Mississauga that offer a great waterfront. Along with other beaches, villages, and parks, this is also one of the most underrated and hidden gems in Mississauga. The Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens is named after a master rhododendron hybridizer and a resident of Mississauga, the late Dr. Joseph Brueckner. 

Sprawling across 18 acres, this is the largest garden solely dedicated to Rhododendrons in Canada. The park’s unique microclimate helps the Rhododendron to burgeon, also owing to the massive White Pines and the northern shore of Lake Ontario. The flowers bloom every year from May to June, displaying an exquisite exhibition of colours. 

  • Wahoosh Falls

places to visit in Mississauga Wahoosh Falls
Credits : Ontario Hiking

Many tourists miss out on this mesmerising waterfall that the locals relish. The Wahoosh Falls is one of the most exciting places to visit in Mississauga. The falls are tucked away right behind the bustling Mississauga Road and Burnhamthorpe. It is usually recommended to plan a long visit to the waterfalls for the best experience. You just need to promenade for a few minutes, down into the valley to get a view of the Wahoosh Falls, which is actually quite small. 

  • Burnhamthorpe Credit River Crossing

Burnhamthorpe Credit River Crossing

Hidden gems in Mississauga are actually right under plain sight. The Burnhamthorpe Credit River Crossing is situated along the buzzing stretches of Burnhamthorpe road. It is situated on the bridge, crossing the Credit River. There are two lookouts on the Northern side of the bridge. This is the precise point that offers mind-boggling views of the Credit Valley. 

These observation posts are ideal to witness a sunset in Mississauga and also savour the beautiful autumn colours. The Credit Valley changes into fiery colours of yellow, orange, and red and will definitely leave you awestruck. 

  • Leslie Log House

Leslie Log House
Credits : Trip Advisor

The Leslie Log House is a fine example of the early-19th century log situated along the quiet expanse of Mississauga Road, north of Derry Road. The home was originally located just north of Streetsville, but was transported here to preserve and maintain it as a gift to future generations. This log house was built in 1826 by John Leslie. The Leslie Log House has always been used as a family throughout its history. 

Over the years, the house has seen a number of renovations and alterations. However, the authenticity of the structure has been kept intact. The walls have been constructed with craggy hand-hewn square logs. They have ornamentally dovetailed joints at the corners. 

  • Bradley Museum

Bradley Museum


Bradley Museum is one of the most intriguing hidden gems in Mississauga tucked away in the middle of Clarkson Village in a 70-year-old maple grove. The property sprawling over 2 acres dates back to the 1800s. It was once brought back to life, rescued from demolition, and donated to the Township of Toronto Historical Foundation.  

The heritage buildings of the museum were transplanted into the actual museum from several locations. This property also spans Lake Ontario, offering fascinating views of the Toronto skyline and the lake. 

  • Hancock Woodlands Park

Hancock Woodlands Park
Credit : Canada

Parks in Mississauga are a combination of those popularly renowned and those tucked away for visitors to explore. Spread across 10 acres, this park is located in a small neighbourhood, and is home to a family of Landscapers and Horticulturists. 

The park has been a family property ever since and functions as a nursery or supplying ornamentals for its use in landscape projects throughout Mississauga. The Hancock Woodlands Park renders you an opportunity to relish the wooded sanctuary and landscaped home grounds for naturalised and native plants. 

  • Meadowvale Miniature Village

The historical district of Meadowvale Village is the last entry on the list of hidden gems in Mississauga. It is a recreation of several old buildings from the village’s history. Even though it is private property, it can still be considered among the fun places to visit in Mississauga. 

This miniature village consists of a general store, blacksmith, schoolhouse, church and library. Every little thing is made up of reused materials. The building is also full of numerous artefacts depicting the village’s past. 

Let the Treasure Hunt Begin!

These hidden gems in Mississauga are the ideal way to explore the essence of the city. With several great attractions and places to visit in Mississauga, you will not have even a moment of dullness. So, whenever you are visiting Mississauga do not forget to check out these underdogs along the way.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Why is Mississauga a good city to live in with family?

Excellent housing, strong communities, great schools, and shopping arenas make Mississauga a decent city to reside.

Which is the best month to visit Mississauga?

April is the best month to visit the hidden gems in Mississauga.

What is the best area in Mississauga?

Sheridan, Erindale, and Port Credit are some of the most popular areas with attractive places to visit in Mississauga.

What is the employment rate in Mississauga?

The employment ratio in Mississauga is .57 which means that for every 100 residents in the city there are 57 local jobs.

Why is Mississauga famous?

There are numerous hidden gems in Mississauga like the vibrant art and the historic villages that make it a famous city.