Looking for a fresh start? Want to live away from the hustle-bustle of city life and have friendly faces around with mesmerising scenery? Try considering Newfoundland instead of the typical places; it is a hidden gem by the Atlantic in Canada. Situated off the eastern coast of the North American mainland lies Newfoundland, the most populous region of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Covering an area of 108,860 square kilometres, it ranks as the 16th largest island in the world, the fourth largest in Canada, and the largest one in Canada that is not located in the North. This place isn’t your typical ‘Top 10 Retirement Destinations’ fluff. It is a province that defies expectations and redefines the art of living. Moving to Newfoundland offers much more than just breath taking views. It will provide exceptional riches, making it a living experience unlike any other Canadian province. 

11 Things To Know Before Moving To Newfoundland 

In this blog, we will talk about 11 great things about moving to Newfoundland, which might be the perfect place to call your new home.

  • Safe and Secure Environment

Safe and Secure Environment in Newfoundland

Newfoundland stands out for its remarkably low crime rate, setting it apart from several other areas in Canada. This province is successfully providing a safe and secure environment, with crime levels considerably below the national average, making it a preferred choice for people moving to Newfoundland. Most people who move to a new city prioritise finding a safe and secure place to raise a family. The officials in the province work closely with the community to ensure a safe living environment by emphasising community policing and encouraging community collaboration.

  • Newfoundland’s Warm and Inviting Neighbourhood

Among the friendliest people in Canada are Newfoundlanders, who are renowned for their warmth and friendliness. People here are willing to make it simple for those moving to Newfoundland, with their big smiles and are always ready to start new conversations with strangers. This sense of belongingness and support can be felt everywhere, from small beach towns to metropolitan centres. Even if you are looking for something as small as a recommendation for the best fish and chip shop, Newfoundlanders are always ready to help and give recommendations.  

  • A Feast for the Senses

Oh, the food of Newfoundland! It is a lovely fusion of ancient customs and seaside concepts, resulting in an incredible variety of delights that reflect the area’s traditional culture. The Merchant Tavern, Adelaide Oyster House, The Sprout, Tavola, and several other restaurants will leave you speechless. But do take a moment to read the reviews and talk to the locals! From mouth-watering fish to other seafood dishes, there is no shortage of alternatives to tantalise your taste buds. Additionally, Newfoundland offers a range of other delectable treats, including moose, toutons (a breakfast staple), and the classic Jiggs’ Dinner featuring salt beef or turkey, cabbage, and potatoes.

  • Cost-Effective Housing Options

houses option in Newfoundland Canada

When it comes to housing in Newfoundland, the word ‘affordable’ isn’t just a term; it’s a reality. It offers some of the most economical housing prices in the entire country. Whether you are searching for a cosy apartment in the heart of St. John’s or a house in a coastal town, there is a suitable option for every budget. The province has some of the lowest average monthly rent and utility costs in Canada, according to the Canadian Rental Housing Index. These affordable prices make renting or purchasing a house in Newfoundland easier, particularly for first-time homebuyers in Newfoundland who benefit from lower down payments. While rental rates may vary across different regions, they generally remain more affordable compared to many other provinces in Canada.

  • Newfoundland’s Breathtaking Scenery

Forget your Pinterest boards; Newfoundland’s landscapes are the real deal! A living masterpiece that unfolds one splendid view at a time. Newfoundland’s natural landscape is a stunning masterpiece, featuring rugged coastlines, mountains, fjords, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a dream destination for nature lovers, as you can watch whales and see icebergs. Amidst this stunning beauty lies a raw wilderness of natural hiking and walking trails near the city. It’s a place where time appears to stand still, allowing you to enjoy the beauty that defines Newfoundland’s beautiful landscape.

  • Newfoundland’s Diverse Culture

In Newfoundland, culture is not confined to museums or dusty textbooks. Rather, it is a lively and integral part of the island that permeates every aspect of life. The locals speak a unique and fascinating English dialect that can be studied and appreciated. This dialect has its own dictionary, which can be consulted to understand any unfamiliar words encountered. And since the Mi’kmaq are descended from the Beothuk tribe, who are no longer in existence culturally, visitors to Newfoundland can also engage with and learn from these people. The Beothuk were the indigenous people of Newfoundland and represent the oldest culture in North America.

  • A More Relaxed Lifestyle

life in Newfoundland Canada

Life in Newfoundland is relaxed and easy-going, making it low-key compared to the more populous provinces. This place is perfect for individuals looking to live in a smaller community and have a slower pace of life. The focus is on cherishing the present and building connections with others, whether through local festivals or just taking strolls by the harbour. Nature also plays an important part in this relaxed way of living. There is an invitation to halt, take in the fresh sea air, and indulge in the peaceful surroundings with large open spaces and stunning scenery at every turn.

  • Less Travel Time

Unlike in major cities, where you may have to deal with long drives lasting as long as 2 hours, here you will find the opposite. Most places from here are just a short 5-minute drive away. Even if you hit some traffic, it will only take 8-15 minutes to get to where you need to be, so you can spend more time doing what you love rather than being on the roads! And let’s not forget the winter season, when you can enjoy a scenic drive amidst the snowy wonderland. With such hassle-free commutes, you will be smiling all the way to work, even on a Monday morning!

  • Newfoundland’s Art and Music

Although hip-hop is just one of the many musical genres that are enjoyed in Newfoundland, the region takes great pride in its rich legacy of traditional Celtic and folk music. In addition to this diverse musical landscape, the province is home to a dynamic arts scene featuring community plays, slam poetry, and art installations. Both local talents and artists from the mainland come together to give high-quality performances that charm the audiences. Beyond the realm of music and performance, the province’s artistic spirit extends to colourful galleries that showcase the craftsmanship of local artisans. From paintings to sculptures, these creations draw inspiration from Newfoundland’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. 

  • Employment Opportunities in the Healthcare and Engineering Sector

Health professionals and engineers are in great demand in Newfoundland, just like in other provinces. The booming oil industry further intensifies the need for skilled engineers in the region. If you possess the qualifications in these fields, you have a good chance of securing a well-compensated and rewarding position in Newfoundland that not only benefits you but also contributes to the community. 

  • Top-notch Education at Affordable Costs 

Newfoundland’s education system is both exceptional and remarkably cost-effective. Memorial University of Newfoundland offers a wide range of courses spanning various disciplines, attracting a diverse student population, including locals, students from different provinces, and around 3000 international students. Students can relish a harmonious blend of academic and social life in St. Johns, a city teeming with lively social opportunities and abundant outdoor activities. Here, individuals can pursue their educational ambitions without exorbitant expenses.


As we conclude, it is safe to say that Newfoundland isn’t just a location, but a lifestyle choice With its awe-inspiring landscapes, low crime rate, mouth-watering food, vibrant cultural scene,  affordable housing options, and welcoming communities, Newfoundland offers more than just a location change. So, if you’re prepared to trade the ordinary for something extraordinary, moving to Newfoundland is waiting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Newfoundland famous?

Newfoundland is renowned for its stunning landscapes, dynamic culture, hospitable populace, and robust maritime legacy.

Is it worth living in Newfoundland?

Living in Newfoundland can be worth it for several individuals. This province is renowned for its beautiful natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and profound sense of unity among its residents. Moreover, the crime rate remains low, commuting is convenient, and the province offers accessible and excellent educational opportunities at an affordable cost.

Why are houses so cheap in Newfoundland?

Houses in Newfoundland can be considerably cheaper because of various factors such as lower demand, a smaller population, and a lower cost of living compared to bigger Canadian cities.