Ever look at your kitchen and feel like something is missing? Well, maybe it does. Even with a perfectly done kitchen, adding something personal would give it an essence of warmth and coziness. Apart from making personal amends, if you are looking for some kitchen renovation ideas and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, go ahead with the DIY concept. As we are moving towards modular and user-friendly kitchens, storage has become a prime element. From creating space for storage, we have reached the pinnacle of creating some innovative ones to not just store your kitchen necessities but also add some aesthetic value.

Apart from storage, lighting is also a prime element to focus on when it comes to kitchen remodel ideas. Many DIY ideas involve playful uses of various types of lights. Lights in a jar and lights in a colorful container will accentuate the overall ambience of your place.

Installing Hanging Cabinets

Hanging cabinets are basically cabinets set up on the wall that are fixed with screws. These can be used as display shelves in the kitchen.

Steps to install a hanging cabinet in the kitchen:

    • Remove all the drawers and doors of the cabinets in order to avoid any unwanted damage in the process.
    • Mark the exact position of the cabinets on the walls using a tape measure and a pencil.
    • Start installing the upper tier of the cabinets from the corner.
    • In order to install the base of the upper cabinet, begin with determining its height from the base cabinet. Start by adding the height of the base cabinet along with the thickness of the kitchen countertop, which is usually around 1-1.5 inches. After this, add 18 inches, which is the space between the upper and the lower cabinets. After adding up all the dimensions, the base of the cabinet will be placed.
    • Look for the highest point where the cabinets would be installed, and mark that part with chalk across the wall. Install the studs at the marked positions in order to support the cabinets while installation.
    • Check for the levels in the studs and the evenness with the help of shrimps. Make sure the screws are not extremely tight until being leveled and flushed neatly.
    • Secure the cabinets together by using clamps.

These were the basic steps to install hanging cabinets while working on the kitchen renovation project. In order to make them look more interesting, you can also add some personal touches, including the hanging of fairy lights around the cabinets.

DIY Chopping Board with Planters

Chopping Board with Planters

Call it adding aesthetic or convenience, but adding these planters to your chopping board will add minimal aesthetic value to your kitchen accessories. And if you are looking to add some of those herbs to your meal, you can just pluck a few from the side and chop them on your board in no time. You can take small tray-like containers where the herbs can be planted.

Adding Painted Plates as Wall Decor

This can be a creative method to use some reusable plates that you might have stocked in your kitchen storage. Embrace your artistic flair, and hang them in your kitchen, making them a part of the decor. This can be one of those low-cost ideas that can instantly brighten up the place.

Painting DIY Cabinets

You can also give your cabinets an aesthetic makeover by painting them in a way you would prefer. Begin with smoothing out the surface of the cabinets using sandpaper, and then coat the cabinet with the paint of your wish. You can also go with different pattern designs or something out of preference to make the cabinets look more interesting.

Coffee Stand

Coffee Stand

Coffee can be poured easily with the use of a coffee stand that can be DIYed from a wood pole desk lamp base. The clamp can be used to hold the filter and the cup for coffee can be placed on the base. This can be one of the functional DIYs helping you with your daily routine, and of course, for pouring coffee.

DIY Storage Jars: Kitchen Cabinet Tips

You can always use the old jars to store the basic ingredients. You can also go ahead and showcase your artistic side on those jars by either painting them with porcelain paint.

The Cup Tree

You can add a mug/cup tree in your kitchen by organizing them on a stand that you can DIY. You can either build your own stand or look for a similar stand with hooks to hang your cups on. This can be incorporated near your coffee machine in your kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Rug for Kitchen Renovation

You can DIY your own rug, which can turn out to be an aesthetic and useful addition to your kitchen. You can pick a fabric of your choice and if you are someone who loves to sew, this can be like a fun Sunday activity for you.

Kitchen Storage Cart

Kitchen Storage Cart

Storage is one thing that makes any layout come out more efficiently. All the extra utensils, small appliances and dishes can be stored in the storage cart and can be used from it when needed.

DIY Decor Pieces

Adding the right and personal decor pieces to your kitchen space will give the element of personal touch. You can DIY the pieces according to your preference, install planters or some warm lighting with it. For this DIY, you can carve out wood and paint it and install it in your kitchen.

Kitchen Herb Stand

This can be a very innovative method if you are someone who loves herbs and greens around the kitchen space. You can go for basic herbs and plant them in the vertical stands.

Lighting Tips

Kitchen Lighting Tips

There are various methods to install additional lighting sources in your kitchen renovation, which can go from fairy lights in a container, to installing focus lights near your countertop. If you are looking for some aesthetic ideas, you can also add minimal and warm lighting sources to those hanging cabinets.

Re-modelling your House while Working from Home

You can go with installing a modular office station in your kitchen while planning your kitchen renovation project. You won’t be needing much space, only some adequate seating area and storage space including shelves, or a recessed wall cabinet can also be incorporated. This station can be installed in one corner of the kitchen and the rest of the space can be used every day.

In a Nutshell

DIY-ing and putting up something personal while kitchen remodel ideas makes it look stellar as if you have put loads of effort into it. The above-listed ideas are a few tips that can help you DIY some basic elements. Some greens, lights, and storage units are the basic elements to pay attention to.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to modernise a kitchen cheaply?

To modernise your kitchen affordably, focus on small but impactful DIY projects. Update lighting with modern fixtures or fairy lights, repaint cabinets in contemporary colours or patterns and replace old handles and knobs with sleek, modern designs. Adding creative storage solutions and refreshing wall decor with painted plates can also enhance the modern appeal without a hefty price tag.

How do I spruce up my kitchen?

Sprucing up your kitchen can be as simple as adding new decor elements or reorganising the space for better functionality. Install DIY hanging cabinets for extra storage and display, use a fresh coat of paint on walls or cabinets, and incorporate DIY storage jars with artistic touches. Adding a kitchen rug or a coffee stand can also enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen.

How to make a basic kitchen look more expensive?

Elevate a basic kitchen by focusing on elegant lighting solutions and high-quality finishes. Paint your cabinets in neutral, classic colours and install stylish cabinet hardware. Use DIY planters and herb stands to add greenery, and create a custom kitchen rug to add a touch of luxury. Hanging art or decorative plates can also give the kitchen a more refined look.

How to have a classy kitchen?

For a classy kitchen, maintain a clean and organised space with a neutral colour palette and tasteful decorations. Use under-cabinet lighting for a soft glow, and display elegant items like fine china or glassware in your DIY hanging cabinets. If your budget allows, opt for high-quality materials in visible areas, such as marble countertops or solid wood for cabinets.

How do I add luxury to my kitchen?

Adding luxury to your kitchen can be achieved by incorporating sophisticated elements such as a kitchen island with upscale finishes, designer light fixtures, and high-end appliances. Consider marble or quartz countertops, install a backsplash with unique tiles, and use plush kitchen rugs. Customising storage solutions to keep countertops clean and clutter-free also contributes to a luxurious feel.