It is well said that humans never get rid of their needs and especially, their wants. They always look for something more, leaving them with unreasonable financial plans. In the grand scheme of things, while investing in their first property, individuals might forgo of money saving tips that can help them in the long run.

After a phase of life, all we desire is to cherish our time with our loved ones and hold the ownership to call the place a home. This blog concentrates on money saving tips that will assist you in making better real estate decisions.

Wise Money Saving Tips for Homeowners in Canada

Owning a house in Canada is a great pride. One who lives in a country with a middle-level income must know the struggle of cutting off the extra expenses and building a secure future. But mostly, some unaware tricks also increase the possibility for you to buy a home sooner than planned. Here are some of the best ways to save money and walk a step ahead towards a prestigious lifestyle.

  • Keep Away the Unnecessary Expenses from Your Pocket

Stop Unnecessary Expenses to save money

It is advisable to establish self-control that can help you grow with the restricted financial flow. This means you may set a rulebook over the money you spend and keep a track of it. Start segregating your expenses under three basic umbrellas: rent and maintenance, commutation expenses and food.

Try having a notice on what you cannot cut off from your daily routine, and dismiss actions that are hampering your budget. You may find a rental property near to the marketplaces that may help your gran your prerequisite easily without car travels. So, say you are paying $600 for your house rent and saving $500 on travel, that’s good news, isn’t it? You may also start researching coupons which can actually save out good amount of money in your wallet. This may even demand you to party less and stay home on weekends. However, that may help your throw a house party the time you become a homeowner.

  • Try the Side-Hustle to Cheer Later

Side-Hustle is a money saving tips

In today’s scenario, work from home and freelancing opportunities are flooding the market. If you are ready to give it a trial, this can be a second source of income for you. For example, you may take projects from individual firms and provide their services with money.

This may include some of your skills and plus points to be your strengths here. In case, you love spending time in writing or are maybe an expert in business analytics, you can grab such projects easily and make good money out of them. If academics is your forte, then you may incorporate some freelancing apps that offer teachers the ability to teach from their comfort zone as per their schedule. There are even some skill learning certificates that grant students to learn and earn at the same time.

  • Eliminate Debts from the List

Eliminate Debts

Before you step inside the home buying process, the down payment for it is the hardest part to deal with. A common mistake that middle–income people make is losing their patience and increasing the burden of credited finance. If you are already paying a high-interest rate loan of 19%, this is horrifying and an unproductive idea to initiate the home buying process.

It is hard to clear out the consumer loans you have taken to move forward in the plan. Hence, the best way to save money is by implementing a balance transfer card. One may also go for a consolidation loan that enables the loan payer a strength to clear out the obligation shortly. This adds up a good impression to your credit score and even facilitates quick sanction of home loans too.

  • GIC is the New Fuel

Guaranteed Income Certificate

This technique is an additional way to save your money where no long waits are expected for a high-interest return on investment. Under the Guaranteed Income Certificate, the account holder has the flexibility to decide the tenure till when they want their money to be stored and when can they take over the control again from the bank.

Potential buyers who are desperate to buy an abode in Canada are unskilled in terms of money saving tips and can surely try out this method. Here,  caution needs to be present while not withdrawing the money before the decided time. This may reduce the interest rate as a matter of the penalty for disrupting the disciplined tenure.

  • Safeguard Your Money with a High-Interest Rate Saving Account

High-Interest Rate Saving Account

There are multiple financial institutions that offer saving accounts at high-interest rates. This can be a great solution for your home down payment. This works on the mechanism where the paychecks are garnished through automation and is collected in the saving account.

For better understanding, let us take the inflation rate at 2% on which the tax rate will be around 33%. This configuration needs you to gain at least 3% from your savings account. Here, the loophole can be a tax-free savings account where the account holder does not oblige to pay any tax amount on the return of their savings. This source of savings is best from the GIC and can be a credible money-saving tip to follow.

  • Rely on RRSP Homebuyer’s Plan

RRSP Homebuyer’s Plan - Money saving

A lot of people want to own a home, but the unsaid truth is the hardship and prolonged processing behind buying a new house. If it is your first homeownership, you should definitely look forward to an RRSP Homebuyer’s Plan. This is a financial backing the home purchasers get from their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) for the home down payment. That means up to $25,000, a person can withdraw the amount tax-free. Interestingly, if you are buying the home along with your spouse or your brothers, you can get $50,000 under HBP.

RRSP is a tax-sheltered account that allows the investor to invest in multiple segments. It can be a savings account or Guaranteed Investment Certificate where the contribution is 18% or less of the last year’s overall income or the current year’s RRSP limit. These money saving tips is can be a saviour for you than financing from any borrowing method.

End Thoughts

It is tough to plan and tougher to implement those plans successfully. It is obviously inconvenient to suddenly change the lifestyle you were living but remember the significance of saving always grants you a secured future. With upgradation of life, a home is not just an investment we do financially, this is an emotional journey we decide to carry as a legacy. And after all the discussion over finance and the best ways to save money, we must not overlook the importance of tax benefits the owners get after buying a home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I save for a house in 6 months?

Depending upon your efforts, a homebuyer’s effective planning can help them save $10,000 in just 6 months. But this figure can vary depending upon your basics and miscellaneous expenses.

What costs the most when building a house?

There are major 5 things to consider expensive while building a home: The Plot, The Foundation, Framing, Plumbing & HVAC Systems, Windows and Doors

How do you reduce a builder quote?

All the builders focus on making money which is justified, but the homeowners should also be wise enough to learn the money-saving tips. Following are the tricks to help buyers effortless: Plan Practically, Research the Market Thoroughly, Be Reasonable, Negotiate with your Builder, Do not miss out on Contracts

Should I tell the builder my budget?

This is an obvious thing for your builder to ask you with the purpose to understand your imagination and ability effectively. It is advisable for all the home purchasers to not to hesitate and let your builder know about your specifications and plans that can bring your the best they can with a money-saving tip.

How do you respond to a contractor quote if not interested?

It is good if your research your contractor quotes and find the best suitable contractor for your home construction. For this, you may give a two-sentence answer such as “Thanks to find time for us but we are looking forward to a different bit”. You may conveniently even answer them through a phone call or a message, or even a mail.