Canada is the second-largest country in the world that falls under North America. It has 10 provinces and 3 territories which are considered among the friendliest places to live on this earth. Canada is probably one of the well-established nations in the world that covers each aspect of a healthy and balanced life both personally and professionally. For this reason, most people keep Canada on priority when buying properties. As one gets better health insurance, education, and a peaceful environment to spend your best life ahead. Getting a house and settling in Canada could initially feel like a lot but once you do good research on the market and prioritize the important points than buying or getting a rental property in Canada could be a smart financial decision.

As the country maintains a very healthy quality of life and provides great employment opportunities as well so for such reasons, Canada has become the best place to buy a rental property because many people from the whole world visit the place. So, let’s figure out some important factors that you must know before buying a property in Canada:

Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investment in Canada

Real Estate Investment in Canada

New or experienced, everyone has some knowledge about what they are doing or what they are exactly looking for. And it is always good to measure all the angles before investing your hard-earned money on anything. But above all real estate is always considered as one of the best investment plans that promise strong returns over a longer period.

We know you must be excited to own your dream home or even just invest in real estate for now but being a beginner, you must be having a certain set of baggage as well. Okay! Lessening your pain and house hunting worries even if you are a beginner in the real estate market, we have come up with some morals that you can follow when buying real estate, especially in Canada.

First thing first, figure out where you want to live in Canada

As you know that Canada is one of the biggest and most chosen countries in the world, thus, finalizing your preferred location will ease the process of buying an apartment in the country. And the best place for real estate investment depends upon your priorities. So, choose the location wisely considering your job, future, family, and neighborhood all in one frame.

Thus, take your time discussing it with your friends, family, and real estate professionals before making the decision that will sound right for you as location plays a major role in home buying for everyone. Now, moving forward knowing the value of location, you need to check your finances and your requirements accordingly as suggested below.

Filter what sort of property you wish to buy

Not all properties are the same, each comes with a different size price according to various factors. So, it would be better to look at your options first.

Types of Property

Types of houses

Condo house

A condo or an apartment is a unit in a multi-story building. If you wish to buy an apartment, then you will not get the entire property or the whole building and will only get the rights of that single house/flat.


A semi-detached unit is a property that brings in the land and entrance to the owner and shares the same wall with a neighboring home.


A single-detached unit is a building that is built on its own property and therefore, shares no walls with the neighboring buildings. You own the entire property and therefore you are completely responsible for the building and the land. Therefore, such sort of building tends to be the most expensive housing in Canada.

Triplex or Duplex

A triplex or duplex is a single property that has been segregated into multiple, separate units. It could attract some buyers as they can rent out the left-out units with the purpose of offsetting the price of the property.


A townhouse is a house that is connected to the other units on both sides. These types of homes are typically found in major cities of Canada.

Analyze your Budget

After solving the above two important riddles, now it is time to check your affordability or the buying capacity in terms of owning your house. Well, before jumping into all of this let us tell you that just like other countries in the world, Canada also provides home mortgages to ease the home-buying procedure for the buyers or investors.

So now, check on your budget keeping in mind the mortgage approval concept.

Mortgages in Canada

Canada Mortgages

A mortgage is a big help to keep your cash flow smooth even after spending a big amount on your property. Thus, make sure to get a pre-approved mortgage for the property you wish to buy as it filters the remaining procedure.

So, if you are about to buy an apartment in Canada, first know the basic down-payment rules which are 5% of the total property price. And if possible, try paying a big down-payment in order to avoid the high interest on the mortgage loan.

Make the Best investment in Real-Estate

Once you are done with all the important things before buying an apartment in Canada next, we suggest you ask your real estate agent to help you put an official offer for your property. Real estate in Canada is competitive so do not feel demotivated if your official offer isn’t accepted on the first go.

Besides the above-mentioned list, buying properties in Canada comes with a few more criteria to look for:

Additional Terminology

We have come up with some more concepts to help in buying any property in Canada. Always know there are several hidden expenses when buying a property so make sure you keep variable expenses in mind while making a budget.

Home buying is not a sudden rush of decisions, right? So always keep in mind the hidden expenses that never come with complete accuracy. It’s always good to budget out your expenses considering property tax, maintenance cost, and home insurance.

Know the Risks while Buying Property in Canada

Risks while Buying Property

Real estate is based on materialistic things and the practicality of the market; thus, you cannot just skip the risk factors which you might face at times. Some of the most crucial risk factors to bear in mind:

  • You might not get the rental interest that you expect.
  • You could end up maintaining your house with expensive repairs
  • Property taxes could rise over time.
  • The economy of the local market could change.
  • You could meet bad tenants, which might leave you to repair your house at a high cost.

Hey, do not worry! You are not alone to focus on these risks if this would have been the only scene that everyone faces, no one would ever buy a property with the purpose of investment.

But not worrying does not mean you can ignore it. No investment comes with a full warranty and guarantee. Only what you require to do, you must be aware of current market conditions whether it be with your property or your finances.


The feeling of holding the keys to your first dream home in Canada is just unexplainable. You walk through the whole house, each room knowing that it’s all yours, and let your fantasy run wild with many such plans. As the years pass by, each place of your home becomes an album of your milestones and memories, keeping in your good and tough times. So, you don’t only buy a house, but you carve out a life for your family and yourself.

Well, if you also wish to create a live album to make sweet memories with your family, then simply follow the above-mentioned tips. These tips will help you buy an apartment in Canada with ease. Following each tip, one on one will fasten and simplify the home buying process.


How do I start to invest in real estate?

Below are a few steps to start your investment in your apartment buildings:

– Gather current property market knowledge

– Reach out to experienced investors and create a strong network

– Reach out to create a sample deal offer

– Practice analyzing the deals

– Visit a property personally

Best place to buy a rental property in Canada

Canada is the biggest country that brings in some of the best opportunities to excel in life, thus all the career freaks visit the place for a time period to learn and grow themselves. If you are searching for the best place to buy a rental property in Canada, then below are the names:

– Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

– Halifax, Nova Scotia

– Calgary, Alberta

Can I get PR if I buy an apartment in Canada?

Buying an apartment in Canada does not allow applicants for permanent residence or any further advantage. Investors for cost-effective immigration, based on their work experience and knowledge, still need to meet all criteria to become eligible for all the requirements irrespective of their nationality or any property proprietorship in Canada.

Do I require 20% down to buy a rental property?

Most people know that an investor needs 20% of the total price of the property. Therefore, there are many other options that permit you to go for a lower deposit, just as opting for a lender’s mortgage insurance.

What is the minimum price you can put down for an investment property?

If you finance the real estate property with the purpose to invest your money, you’ll surely require at least 20% down of the total price of the property.