Finding your dream home can be overwhelming and so can figuring out the perfect neighborhood. Usually, people migrate to different countries, states, and cities for various purposes and scouring a perfect home is something that requires patience and energy. In scenarios like these, being comfortable becomes important and a necessity. With good neighborhoods come better mental health, better community dynamics, etc. In totality, growing up in a healthier neighborhood would in turn lead to happy homes. If someone is looking for an intimate and a cost-efficient home ownership alternative, there are many options in the category of affordable housing in Toronto as well that can be opted for.

Defining Home Ownership

Home Ownership

But, here are a few key pointers to make you understand what all you might be looking for to complete the picture of your perfect home. The emotion of feeling unhappy with the home that you own can be daunting in various ways and coming to the same feeling everyday can make it worse.

On the other hand, home ownership makes it better by providing a sense of safety and security, happiness and a healthy environment. These are the few steps to achieving a home that makes you happier and can be achieved in the following ways:

Home-ownership results in improved locality and community altogether, catering to more civic engagement. Being around similar communities develops a sense of pride and care in them. For people to make sure of where they are living, keeping the neighborhood in check also becomes important. There are many neighborhoods that offer affordable housing in Toronto. At the end of the day, what is better than a comfortable home at affordable prices?

Effects of Home Ownership on Lifestyle

Home Ownership lifestyle

Higher quality home environment also affects the upbringing of the kids and with better surroundings and better communities, kids tend to stay on the positive side of the mental health band and perform better in various fields. This better neighborhood quality also comes with a better sense of upbringing. According to the researched figures, 13-23% children perform better academically in a higher quality home environment and have fewer behavioral problems. They also jotted down that the skills of these children also increase by 7%-9% in a good quality neighborhood.

The lifestyle of people is pretty subjective and a favorable lifestyle results in greater freedom and happiness because people tend to feel happier in their own spaces. Homes come with crafted values, intimate settings and are built with the lifestyle that makes them happy and according to the researches, this is even more common in women. It is a well known fact that home-ownership gives the satisfaction that house for rent in Toronto might give.

Having a stable lifestyle and a home-ownership leads to stability, which also leads to psychological well-being and mental health, especially in the elderly. This also comes with a sense of freedom and financial advantages.

Other Factors Making Home ownership and lifestyle happier in Toronto

Making Home ownership and lifestyle happier

Drive-Thru Province

If you are looking for affordable housing in Toronto or in other Canadian provinces, this can be one of the considerable options that you can opt for. For eg: New Brunswick is known for its renowned optical illusion in the planes that makes one feel like riding up a rolling hill.

Better Neighborhoods

People migrating with families look for an intimate neighborhood with all the basic amenities nearby. Their main concern is to have a healthy and happy neighborhood with a tight-knit community, which in turn would lead to happier homes and families.

Buying the House of Your Dreams

Compromising on the needs for your home can be one of the factors that  might make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable in your space. Make sure to jot down all the necessary features and elements that you would like in your home and cross-check them while you are buying your house.

Only a happier house will turn into a happier home and nobody can buy your happiness. You might also opt for affordable housing in Toronto, if you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative of the same.

Neighborhood in Toronto

Toronto goes back to rich history, with an amalgamation of trendy shops and restaurants that has been blended beautifully with the original fabric of the city including century-old buildings.

The richness in community and the key elements of Toronto as a city are one of the prime reasons why taking a house in Toronto would make you happy.

The Old Town is one of the prime destinations of Toronto, including multiple food joints – St, Lawrence Market. Titled as one of the best markets since 1803 by the National Geographic, this place would definitely get to your good side and is perfect for quality time with family or your better half with all the eating outlets, clothing and jewelry outlets in the area.

Another district named Distillery Historic district which is a pedestrian multi-cultural village with the dynamic cultural diversity that Toronto comes with is not something hidden away and it is fairly evident in the art galleries, performance venues that the city appreciates. All these little things make the neighborhood feel more lively and hence somewhere to build a happy home.

Districts in Toronto makes it special to grow your home: Affordable housing in Toronto

Affordable housing in Toronto

The Entertainment District

If you are a person who is hit by the “wanderlust” boom or someone who loves exploring, is passionate about performing arts, music, and culture, this might just be the place for you.

Bearing all the city’s major attractions, your days might begin from CN Tower and nights might end at some aesthetic restaurant in the district, or with a walk on the Canada walk of fame.

Yorkville + the Annex

Fashion enthusiasts, pay attention! People who are into fashion, this might just be the street you’d want to walk through. From every designer boutique to top brands including Chanel, Tiffany, etc you will see stores lined up on the street along with particular cuisine dining areas.

Chinatown + AGO District + Kensington Market

This would be a heaven for food lovers and there is no denying that. Referring to every culture that Toronto has embraced, this district brings that out in a dynamic way. Apart from cuisines, the market is also graced with vintage clothing shops and live stalls. This neighborhood is also graced with an art gallery.

Liberty Village + King/Queen West

If the word “lively” had an infrastructural allocation, this would be it. Not only this district comprises shopping arenas, but also art and design studios. Having a bad day? Why not have a stroll with your family in Liberty Village?

All of the above mentioned factors can be the key pointers directing towards the pros of Toronto being an amazing city to own a home and grow old with your family. Here is another aspect to having a happy home-ownership, which is affordable housing!

Affordable Housing in Toronto

housing in Toronto

There are two variants available when it comes to affordable housing in Toronto. One of them is simply known as affordable housing, whereas the second one is known as rental housing. Both do have their own pros and cons. However, according to the research made, it is evident that people who are homeowners are happier than the ones who opt for rentals, where the cost is at or below the average market price.

Housing providers or sellers are also kept responsible for holding out day-to-day operations of projects in the affordability bandwidth.

Another alternative to affordable housing in Toronto is opting for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI), which is commonly known as subsidized housing. This is basically a situation where any subsidy issued by the government is provided to households on the basis of their income in order to pay rent.

According to the city of Toronto, in most of the cases, the rent in any subsidized housing is fixed on 30% of a household’s monthly income and adjustments. The RGI units are essentially provided by the housing providers including the Toronto Community for Housing Corporation.

Mostly affordable housing depends on the affordability factor and is proportional to the income.

  • When the median household income in Toronto is compared to that of Moncton, the graph varies from $83,020 to $79,460.
  • The average cost for a detached home in Toronto is $1,230,00. When compared to Moncton, the cost of the same would be $174,00. As per the calculations, the living in Moncton falls in the category of affordable housing in Toronto.

Summing It Up

Anyone’s living style and lifestyle is completely subjective and there are many factors that come into play when it comes to deciding what typology of home should be bought. There can be completely subjective perspectives to look for when buying a home in a certain place. Toronto is one of the most preferred cities to live in Canada, with a phenomenal lifestyle, spirited neighborhoods, and energetic pace in the air of the city. Toronto rent cost might be a bit expensive but investment in the city will surely lead to happiness.Home-ownership makes people happy because of the security that it comes with, especially if you are looking to make a family in Toronto.


What is the Average Toronto Rent Cost?

In Toronto, an average one-bedroom apartment would rent around CA$1,938 per month. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment, the rental cost would be around CA$2,628. 

Is living in Toronto more expensive than London?

The Living cost in London (United Kingdom) is more expensive than that in Toronto. The rate is varied by 37%

Why do people address Toronto as the 6th?

This is basically an official area code in Toronto and was used by Drake in one of his raps. This makes “The 6th”, a branded version of Toronto.