Remember your cross-country or a cross-town move? It most likely ended with two golden words “Never again”. However, you may not always have the luxury of remaining in the same house for a long period of time. You will eventually find yourself in the midst of cardboard boxes, packaging materials, along packing tape one more time. Refer to this moving checklist to make things go more smoothly.

It specifies not just what you need to consider but also the best times to complete an array of tasks to reduce the stress of moving out with a moving checklist. Print it out, tick each item off on a weekly basis, and maybe your next relocation will conclude with the words “I’m home.”

Without further ado, scroll down to check out the moving checklist.

When Moving Day is Eight Weeks Away

Moving Day is Eight Weeks Away

It is recommended that early-stage planning is way better than last-minute hassles. You   can mitigate the stress if you start planning almost 2 months before the moving day. Therefore, it is recommended to book your flight in advance.

Get Done with Flight Reservation

Before beginning with any other task, book your flight to the destination city if you haven’t done it before. You must book domestic flights one to four months in advance as per the travel advisors.

List Everything You Wish to Carry

Prepare a list and note down all your belongings. Decide what to take to your new house and what not to. Look for the items that you want to sell or donate before moving to the new location.

Take Measurement Dimensions of Your New Home

You will need to take measurements of the furniture together with the appliances to ensure that everything fits well in your new home. Leave the things that are not going to fit within the new place.

Evaluate Financial Situation & Plan Relocation Budget

You may plan your future actions based on what is affordable as per the current situation. Investigate your relocation alternatives. Would you prefer to relocate on your own or hire a professional company to get the shifting done?

Get in Touch with Reputable Movers and Packers

If you have decided to do it yourself, get in touch with a few truck rental firms and evaluate their costs and terms. Start these processes as soon as possible if you are moving during a busy period, such as month-end or middle-to-late spring and even during summer holidays.

Request a Leave of Absence from Employment

Request time off from your job beforehand. It will help you to focus on the most important aspects of the moving out procedure.

Convince Your Family

Moving to another place can be difficult. You need to take your family into consideration       and prepare them to relocate. Thousands of emotions and memories are associated with home, thus, moving out isn’t an easy feat.

This was the first phase of your moving checklist. The second phase starts when the moving day is about six weeks away.

When Moving Day is Six Weeks Away

Moving Day is Six Weeks Away

Notify people as well as institutions about your relocation. This list includes your landlord, family doctor, employer, school authority, and bank executives.

Here is what you need to consider before your moving day arrives.

Look for New Service Providers

In your new city and even neighborhood, you need to start looking for a reputable health provider along with a top-notch school for your kids. Make sure your providers have your new address in case you have decided to count on the existing ones.

Make a Moving checklist Schedule

Schedule an appointment with the movers and packers. Scrutinise whether you will require additional items such as moving blankets.

Make Arrangements for House Cleaning

Deep cleaning can help you find out the missing items and as well as prepare your property for future occupants.

When Moving Day is Just a Month Away

Just a Month Away

Time passes before you even realise it. So here is the next phase and the things you need to start considering when only 4 weeks before moving to the next home is left.

Make a Request for Your Records

Get copies of the medical records as well as your toddlers’ transcripts. You are going to need them as soon as you relocate. Thus, prepare in advance.

Visit the Veterinarian with Your Pet

Make an appointment for your pet’s thorough examination and obtain all of their health certifications and immunization records. If you are relocating to a new area, learn about parasites such as ticks and chiggers.

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Want

Organize a garage sale, sell them online, donate unnecessary items, or gift them to the family as well as friends. Consider this an opportunity to free yourself from unnecessary trash.

Arrange Moving Boxes and Supplies

Why pay an extra amount for the packaging boxes when you can actually arrange them. Newspapers, entry boxes, everything comes in handy. Get them and start packing your belongings.

Time to Cancel Existing Subscriptions and Memberships

After a month, you won’t be using all the paid memberships and subscriptions. To avoid the last-minute hassle, do it now. Cancel them out and update your service provider about your relocation.

When Moving Day is Fourteen Days Away

Moving Day is Fourteen Days Away

Get Done with Vehicle Servicing

If you have to drive your car to the new house, go for the servicing. It needs to be in good condition to avoid last-minute interruptions and hassles.

You Should Change Your Mailing Address

To ensure that your mail gets delivered to the new address, get in touch with the US Postal Service to file an official address change request through the Address form.

Utilities Should be Transferred

Arrange for your previous home services that need to be disconnected from the very next day you move out. Contact the designated service providers across the new city to ensure that all utility services are operational on the D-Day (Move-in day).

Get in Touch with Technicians

Hire a professional person for tackling any sort of repairs if required in your new home.      Get it fixed so that the next tenant can live in a home with utmost ease.

Just Seven Days Before Moving Day

just seven days away

When your moving day is just a week away, get done with the following tasks in your moving checklist:

Make a Call to the Moving Company

To avoid any last-minute shocks, follow up to confirm that the movers and packers are coming or not.

Say Your Goodbyes

Organize a farewell party, spend some quality time with all close friends and for the last time visit most favourite spots across the town.

Check Packing Progress

Most of your belongings should be packed and labelled by this point. If you are doing any   cleaning/repairs, make sure you have got all the supplies you need.

Name the Boxes Based upon Priority

This way, as soon as you enter your new house, you will have everything you need.      Don’t forget to plan how you will transport these packing boxes to your new residence.

Invest in a Babysitter

Call a babysitter on a moving day to keep your children as well as pets out of the way. Consider sending your dog to a daycare or boarding center, if you are moving within the same region.

Pay Pending Bills

It’s high time and you need to get done with every task adequately. If you have got bills to pay, pay them off. Additionally, if you are moving within the same locality, make sure that you update the records.

Large Furniture Pieces Should be Disassembled

Disassembling the large furniture can help in easing up the moving process. If not done, you will have to count on complex packing, which will increase the packaging and moving burden.

Carry out any Scheduled DIY Fixes

Repairs, including fixing wall gaps as well as touching up the damaged paint, can be tackled when most of your belongings are in boxes and you have more space.

Moving Day is Just Two Days Away

Just Two Days Away

Clean and Defrost your Refrigerator

Prep all the household appliances for travel by emptying, properly cleaning and ensuring they are completely dry. Wrap them up with packaging material to prevent transport scratches and damages.

Secure All Valuable Items

Make sure that you have packed all your valuable belongings together with crucial documents.

When Finally Moving Day Arrives

Make certain that you have everything you require. Recheck everything you are going to need for the trip.

Look For Forgotten Goods

A final walk-through will be quite helpful. Consider it as a recheck of what is left behind. Make sure that you don’t leave any belongings in your old residence.

Examine your Documents

Go through the moving paperwork carefully and then sign it. If required, read it twice. Know the charged fees to ensure everything is in place.

Express your Gratitude towards Movers

Get ready with certain refreshments for the movers. They are going to work hard to move you to the new location. Offer them refreshment along with some cash. Show some gratitude towards them as they have made the task easier for you.

Share Relevant Information

To ensure that the movers drop everything at the correct location, tell them every possible relevant information. If  possible, try to be with them as a path finder.

Take Care of the Mess

Now, when you are about to leave your old house, don’t leave it in a messy condition.

Bid Farewell to Your Residence

Lock it up, check all windows and doors and say your goodbyes. The time has come to settle in your new house and create new memories.