Who doesn’t like a warm home? Coming home and coming back to the comfort zone actually feels like home. Well, home decor is completely subjective, and it is definitely a personal choice to add things that might make you feel at home. Some people prefer adding scents, some people like adding warm rugs around their house, and some just like a basic couch by the fireplace to sit and have a piping hot cup of coffee.

These ideas can be arbitrary, but there are a few key pointers that might help you increase the warmth in your home. Here are eight ideas and hygge home decor tips that might help you make your home warmer, more comfortable, and cosy that you might want to come back to every day after a hectic day at work. 

Warm Lighting

House warm lighting

Lighting is one of the most basic components when it comes to making your home look warmer. Even if it’s a seasonal celebration, lighting makes everything better for sure. How warm and welcoming does our homes really look around Christmas? We are guessing, extremely! 

Choosing the right lighting becomes a priority pointer to consider in order to make your room look warmer, and we don’t mean just visually. The colour and texture of the walls must be kept into consideration before opting for a lighting accent in your room. 

Lightings with warm undertones, especially the yellow ones can be used at places to create a sense of cosiness and warmth. Yellow light accents might just add the right amount of warmth to your room. Paired with wooden furniture and some indoor plants, the warm lighting would definitely help you maximize the cosiness. 



The addition of curtains pertains to the colour, tones, and mood of the room. The curtains add to the aesthetics of the room along with adding another tone to the room via the natural light that enters from the windows. The curtains also help add to the empty corners of the room, which in turn brings warmth and cosiness to the room. 

One can soften the space, or bring a statement corner into the room. Adding a soft fabric curtain in monotone with the mood of the room would warm up the room, but a textured fabric curtain in a statement contrast colour might affect the vibe of the room in a different way. An accent element balancing the tones would complete the overall look of the room. 

Wall Paints and Textures

Home Wall Paints and Textures

Wall paints and textures are the basic elements that are the initial step to establishing warmth in a room. The wall paints and textures might vary from neutrals to colours that are soft to the eyes and textures including glossy/matte or many other finishes that make you feel comfortable. 

The wall colour is the base of the room and the rest of the room, and the materials applied to it depend on the same. The room can be monotone using contrasting colours around. Comfort might be subjective, but the idea of keeping things neutral along with warm lighting is a tough one to argue with. 

People can opt for wall paints under the category of the Scandinavian style of interior styling and then proceed further. Separate wall claddings can also be used in order to produce warmth and insulation in the room.

Flooring and Rugs

Flooring and Rugs

Flooring can also cater to the element of producing warmth and cosiness, the hardwood flooring that can be used in a room to create cosiness and warmth. Hardwood flooring with a rug and a cosy furniture setting might just do the job of maximising the cosiness in the room. Adding a few accent lights would complete the frame of the room. 

Rugs would add up to the warmth of your house interiors and cater to the feeling of cosiness. There are various tips and tricks to place and set up a rug in a room, which can be explored depending on the volume and features of the room. 

Rugs are available in various fabrics and sizes and according to the need of the same. The correct rug adding to the warmth of the room can be placed. Can we paint a picture in your head, where a faux fur rug has been placed next to the fireplace with some warm lighting around the room.


Throws are an additional element that would add to the cosiness of a room in your house. A snuggly throw blanket with the right colour and the right fabric would only add comfort and cosiness to the room.

With warm interiors done in the Scandinavian/minimalist style. Throws added in the same tone/contrasting tones would add to the comfort of the room.


Home Decor Planters

Plants not only cover up empty and negative spaces but also add to the vibrancy of the space. Adding the colours and freshness inside a home decor. The installation of the planters also determines how they are being used in making the space cosier and more welcoming. 

Planters with monotones also act as a statement element and add to the cosiness of the room. 

Use of Materials

The material used in home decor is not only reasoned when it comes to the flooring or cladding inside the room but is also considered while placing the furniture. For Instance – Wooden sofas along with the correct cushion material and interior involving planters might be a good addition in order to make your space look cosy and warm.


Home Decor

Candles: Candles not only add warmth to the room aesthetically, but if anyone chooses to go for scented candles, the comforting scent would definitely make it more comfortable and homely for you. 

Artwork: Artworks make a place get some literal definition. Anything from the picture wall, to an accent wall ornate. With pictures and paintings having aesthetic, sentimental, or home decor value makes the space more familiar and comfortable. 

Using various lighting techniques: This might include inculcating ferry lights or cotton ball lights in your open areas or installing them in your rooms correctly in small sizes and maybe with a string. 

DIYs- Adding DIYed elements not only adds a personal touch to your space but adds value to your spaces in terms of warmth and cosiness.

Wrapping Up

Canada Real Estate market keeps progressing and people end up buying houses and property for subjective purposes. Even after buying the best property in town, making it a home is something that matters and keeps you intact. These are the basic tips that might help you keep your home decor warm and comfortable. “Comfort” is very subjective, playing with neutrals and warm tones are pretty much basic and what people are inclined towards. 


How to insulate a cold room?

There are many ways and methods to insulate a cold room, but the easiest way is to re-insulate the walls in order to spray foam insulation into the wall cavities. You can apply foam insulation in the wall cavities via small holes and fill in the small gaps and enclosed spaces. 

How to insulate windows cheaply?

Following are the methods that can be used to insulate your windows in winter: 

Air sealing using Foam tape

Insulate with bubble wrap

Insulate plastic film around the glass

Re-caulking windows

Investing in thermal curtains. 

Installing Low-E Storm windows over existing frames.

How to keep a poorly insulated house warm?

A House can be kept warm in a poorly insulated space via the following methods:
Installing Radiator Panels

Insulate hot water pipes

Designate a heating room

Try soapstone heaters 

Close your curtains

Keep items away from the radiator

Draft-proofing your doors