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Detailed Synopsis of Municipal Accommodation Tax in Canada

The Municipal Accommodation Tax in Canada is a hotel tax that is becoming increasingly popular among Canadian municipalities. MAT is a tax on the...
Shivam Singh
5 min read 74 views

Real Estate Tax Laws in Canada

The real estate tax in Canada, like any other country, has its norms and specifications. If you have to sell or buy property in...
Vaishali Rustagi
5 min read 230 views

Why Do You Need a Title Insurance?

Before knowing what title insurance is, you will need to know what the term ‘title’ implies. The title refers to the legal ownership of...
Meghna Chakraborty
6 min read 329 views

Empty Home Tax : What it is and How to…

You all must be aware of property tax, which the property owner pays to the local government where the property is located. But if...
Saranga Saxena
4 min read 320 views
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