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Divided Vs Undivided Co Ownership: What Are the Differences?

In Canada, divided co-ownership (e.g., condominiums) gives each owner a physically defined portion of the property, which they can sell, transfer or use. Conversely,...
Bhavya Kamra
5 min read 43 views

10 House Bidding Tips to Buy A Property Without Overpaying

How good it is to finally find a property that feels like home! And how equally off-putting to realise that there is more than...
Aayush kukreja
6 min read 45 views

How to invest in Virtual Real Estate: Exploring Metaverse

The real estate industry has grown beyond its physical borders. It is ready to monetise over non-existent yet real properties, which are not even...
Bhavya Kamra
8 min read 64 views

Elevate Your Finished Basement Benefits in Canada

Since childhood, we have all imagined a basement as a scary, cold place, dark, and gloomy storage space, as shown in numerous movies, such...
Anjali Deswal
4 min read 49 views

Must Know Before Planning Condo Renovation in Toronto

Toronto’s skyline is continually changing, with spectacular condominium structures continuing to reshape the landscape. The city has a booming property market and numerous condo...
Anjali Deswal
5 min read 53 views

Explore Some Affordable And Best Neighbourhoods in Oakville

Are you thinking about moving to Oakville but worried about the costs? You might be surprised to find that Oakville has several neighbourhoods that...
Rishabh Baisoy
7 min read 67 views

Guide To Heritage Property Insurance in Canada

In Canada, some insurance policies for heritage properties cover the cost of using traditional materials and methods for repairs! This means your historic home...
Rishabh Baisoy
5 min read 53 views

From Condos To Co-ops: Understanding Home Ownership in Canada

Many Canadians have dreamed of owning a home, and home ownership is one of the biggest financial steps a person can take. Buying a...
Bhavya Kamra
5 min read 68 views

What Are The Best Pre Construction Condos In Toronto

Toronto is a paradise where the skyline is always evolving, and the future is as bright as the CN Tower’s nightly light show. Pre-construction...
Mansi Saini
3 min read 78 views

Tackling Taxes: Best Tips for Real Estate Agents To Save…

Real estate is about grind and hustle. But it’s also about skill and strategy. Beyond the regular buying and selling, property taxes in Ontario...
Aayush kukreja
4 min read 82 views

How Does An Easement Affect You And Your Property

In the realm of property law, easements can be a source of both opportunity and restriction. Ever wondered if that neighbour’s right of way...
Amrita Sinha
6 min read 82 views

Everything About Canada’s Trust in Real Estate Services Act

Did you know that the Trust in Real Estate Services Act (TRESA) in Canada was designed to regulate the industry and enhance consumer protection...
Vamika Garg
5 min read 295 views

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