Best Food Trucks in Calgary, Alberta

If you are a resident of Calgary or if you are planning to visit soon, it is important to know what the city is famous for! Well, the cosmopolitan has much more than Stampede! Before you make an itinerary, know that the way to all tourist locations goes through your stomach! And, what better than enjoying delicacies at Calgary’s famous food trucks?. Let us walk through this blog and look at this list of best food trucks in Calgary that we have specially curated to fit your taste buds. 

Canadian Bear Balls

It won’t be a good food list if we don’t start it with a Canadian speciality like Bear Balls YYC. Have you guessed what they serve yet? It is obviously their national dish, poutine! Apart from ginormous poutine dishes, this food truck in Calgary dishes up doughnut holes with Canadian toppings like maple syrup and lobster rolls. 

Their food truck is seen at many public events as well as private parties. This is a clear swipe right for you! 

    • Instagram :
    • Contact for event booking : 403-681-9256

Uzu Taiyaki

Uzu Taiyaki

We all love hearing the ice cream truck ring right? Try some Asian-style options from the best ice cream Calgary. This ice cream is served with a bubble waffle cone and has taken the hearts of people in Calgary. To balance the heat, they also offer milkshakes and summer drinks at the store and food truck at a reasonable rate then why not try it now? It is one of the best food trucks in Calgary.

    • Instagram :
    • Location : 1-110 2nd Avenue S.E, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0B3

Waffles & Chix

Waffles & Chix

If you are craving some Southern-style Belgian waffles and fried chicken, Waffles & Chix is the stop for you!

They call themselves the “soul food of the South” and we won’t disagree that this waffle food truck lives up to its name. Interestingly, they are also the first ever truck to offer this cuisine, so track them down now. With the softness of their waffles and the juiciness of the crunchy chicken, they have made it successfully to this list of amazingness. 

    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Location : 12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 7A4, Canada

Mumbai Bites

Mumbai Bites

People will shout it even in Calgary now! Mumbai Bites is unique in offering non-traditional Indian street food found in Mumbai. Flavourful burgers, poutines and wings are popular, while the rose milkshake pairs perfectly with the spicier food options. They have a diverse taste palette and are the best food trucks in Calgary. 

    • Timings
      • Monday – 5:00 pm to 10 pm 
      • Tuesday – 5:00 pm to 10 pm 
      • Wednesday – 11:30 am to 10 pm 
      • Thursday – 11:30 am to 10 pm
      • Friday – 11:30 am to 10 pm 
      • Saturday – 11:30 am to 10 pm
      • Sunday – 11:30 am to 10 pm
    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Location : 13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE Unit 6, Calgary, AB T2J 6T5, Canada
    • For Food Truck Contact : 825-365-2483

Family Squeezed Lemonade

Family Squeezed Lemonade best food trucks in Calgary

The best beverage of Stampede Calgary 2014 is here to serve you yet again. When you find yourself craving something cold, we suggest a tall glass of old-fashion or fruit-infused lemonade. 

The family-run food truck has freshly cut ingredients without the use of any artificial flavours. Family Squeezed Lemonade is also one of the oldest food trucks in Calgary. Make sure to sneak a sip! 

    • Website :
    • Contact : 403-681-9256
    • Instagram Handle :

Calgary Mini Donuts

Calgary Mini Donuts best food trucks in Calgary

Feeling something sweet yet again? Don’t worry because we have endless options to satisfy your cravings. This signature item of food trucks in Calgary can be easily spotted on menus across Canada. Calgary Mini Donuts is a family-owned business that started back in 2004. This is an affordable snacking option loved by every Canadian. Their hot mini donut food truck is available at music festivals, farmers’ markets, weddings and events to all food aficionados. 

    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Email : [email protected] 
    • Contact : +1 (403) 8354656 ( Barry Holmes)

Bento Burrito

Bento Burrito best food trucks in Calgary

If you adore Asian Fusion then, this is a top choice when exploring the best food trucks in Calgary. The made-on-order handheld goodness from Bento Burrito is a burst of flavour and goodness. It is best to try them out on your lunch break for a quick bite as they have a lighting fast service.

    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Contact : (403)991.9696
    • Email : [email protected]

The Dumpling Hero

If you are a lover of Asian Food, the Dumpling Hero is a great place to satiate your hunger. The place has an extremely loyal customer base that also won them the Best Rookie Calgary Stampede 2019. 

Their golden menu has won them plenty of fans, and by gold, we mean real GOLD! What! 

The Dumpling Hero introduced a star of the show item is the “Golden Kraken” curated with a monster mountain of crispy golden squid legs, drizzled with spicy mayo, sprinkled with Nori and sesame seeds and garnished with edible gold. 

    • Instagram :
    • Contact :  +1(403) 973 3628
    • Email : [email protected]

Smoke N’ BBQ

best food trucks in Calgary Smoke N’ BBQ

Cold season of Canada and some smoking hot Barbecue spread? Why not? 

If you adore home-cooked meals, this is the place for you. The station of this chain is located out of Okotoks, but you can find their food truck Calgary during public events. Moving around serving people, the location of their food truck is updated weekly on their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

The best thing about Smoke N’ BBQ is that they prepare their brines and marinate them fresh from scratch. The place offers a medium price range food menu but a supreme flavour palette that you can enjoy. Smoke N’ BBQ is a popular place for food enthusiasts which means it is one of the best food trucks in Calgary. 

    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Location :
      Head Office : Minuteman Press Okotoks 101-315 Woodgate Road, ABT1S2N3, Canada, 403.938. 3424
      Newly Opened : 17thAvenue, 124A, 122-17 Avenue Se Granary Road 226006- 112 Avenue West

Not Just Curry Ltd.

This Calgary-based food truck offers one of the best Indian food in Calgary. The truck was founded by Chef Salil Gupta who holds seventeen years of experience working with luxury hotels. The diverse menu of Not Juts Curry offers kebabs, lean meats, lentils, snacks and dessert options for you to try. They offer catering services for banquet events, and functions as well as in-flight meals for chartered airlines. Their must-try dishes hold; butter chicken, Delhi samosa chaat, achari fish, chicken Punjabi noodle burger and much more. 

    • Website :
    • Instagram :
    • Location : Redstone Street & Redstone Way Northeast, Calgary, AB T3N 1B5
  • Grab Your Forks and Spoons

This is a very common saying that the way to one’s heart goes through the stomach and aren’t denying that! These mouth-watering food items from some of the best food trucks in Calgary got us thinking of booking a flight to Calgary soon. Are you in? 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the most popular food truck in Canada?

The most popular dish in Canada is Poutine and many of the food trucks specialise in serving it in different varieties. Some of the most popular food trucks are Family Squeezed Lemonade, Mumbai Bites, Mini Doughnuts, Bear Balls and Smoke N’ BBQ.

How much do food trucks make in Canada?

$35,978 per year or $18.45 per hour is estimated to be the intermediate food truck salary. Food trucks are a fast-growing business in the coming times.

What's the healthiest BBQ food?

The healthiest BBQ food includes Turkey meat as it is less processed and contains less fat as compared to any other meat.

Are Indian restaurants in Calgary worth visiting?

Indian food has received a lot of love over the years, and it is common if people to ask for a plate of Butter chicken with garlic naan or some Samosas to go. Indian restaurants in Calgary are definitely worth a visit.

Who is the target market for food trucks?

As per sources, approximately, 43% of income is earned from people between the ages of 25-44, as they are keener on changing their taste palettes and trying new things.

What is a healthier substitute for doughnuts?

A healthier substitute for doughnuts has to be a whole-grain toast topped with cinnamon.