Valentine Day 2023 falls on February 14, Tuesday. It is celebrated across the world with different names and histories of origin. For Valentine’s week in Canada, stores are decked up in pink and red, restaurants are fully booked, and an envelope of love surrounds the planet. This article focuses on the why, what, when, how and who of Valentine’s Day. 

What is Valentine’s Day and Why is it Celebrated?

What is Valentine's Day and Why is it Celebrated

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Every year around February 14, stores and even streets in some countries adorn shades of red as the colour for the week. Restaurants, concerts, movie halls and famous destinations witness an influx of people celebrating love. People go for activities like pottery painting, drive-through films, candlelight dinners, sky-light lighting and picnics. Valentine’s   

Valentine’s Day is observed as the day of love. People celebrate Valentine’s day with their loved ones by buying gifts and spending time with them. The day is celebrated to show appreciation to your loved ones. The history of Valentine’s Day branches to several cultures and traditions. In current times, it is celebrated to honour one’s loved one. 

Valentine’s Day History & Traditions

Valentine’s Day History & Traditions

The history of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to Greek, Pagan and modern history. It is a non-religious holiday. Even though the day is celebrated with roses, delight and joy, its origin story is morbid. 

The most known origin of Valentine’s Day is when King Claudius got Saint Valentine’s executed in the third-century Roman Empire for aiding persecuted Christians. There is another story with Saint Valentine’s who brought back the eyesight of the jailer’s blind daughter. One folklore says it was because one Saint Valentine got forbidden Christian soldiers married.  

In Greek history, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in significance with Zeus and Hera’s marriage. When we talk about paganism, Valentine Day 2023 gets a different name. Lupercalia is celebrated on February 15 as the day celebrating fertility. The Luperci (priest) sacrifices goats and a dog. The sacrifice was followed by a feast, post which the Luperci would cut whips out of the animal skin and hit any women who came near them while they ran around Palatine Hill. 

Valentine’s Week in Canada

Valentine’s Week in Canada

Valentine’s Week in Canada starts on February 7 and ends on February 14. The days look as such

Date Day
February 7 Rose Day
February 8 Propose Day
February 9 Chocolate Day
February 10 Teddy Day,
February 11 Promise Day
February 12 Hug Day
February 13 Kiss Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day

The days from February 15 to the 21st mark Anti-Valentine’s Week. Anti-valentine’s Week is a funny version of celebrating Valentine’s week. The week looks as such. 

Date Day
February 15 Slap Day
February 16 Kick Day
February 17 Perfume Day
February 18 Flirt Day
February 19 Confession Day
February 20 Missing Day
February 21 Break up Day

Anti-Valentine’s Day is a comedic way to celebrate Valentine’s week in Canada. Many people use this week to prank their partners, families and friends. 

What Do People Do On Valentine Day 2023?

What Do People Do On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day in Canada is a commercial holiday where a person writes letters, makes hand-made gifts, and buys gifts and flowers. Many people take their partners on dinners and dates. Valentine’s Day is the day with the record for the highest number of marriage proposals. It is also the day most people get asked out by their potential partners. Many families celebrate Valentine’s Day to show appreciation to each other. Since it is considered the day of love, students also take cards and flowers for their teachers. 

If you are looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for your partner, you can pick anything from the list below. 

    • Buy or make your loved one their favourite food. If you are a decent cook, an attempt at surprising your partner with a home-cooked meal is an excellent way to go. Play pleasant music while having a candlelight dinner, and dance to your song afterwards. 
    • Take part in painting and pottery workshops and paintball fights like Kat and Patrick, take them to a concert or make a reservation at their favourite restaurant. 
    • If your love language is gift-giving, there is nothing better than making a hamper for your loved one. Put their favourite items or something which they would regularly use like clothes, shoes, jewellery, their favourite snacks etc. 
    • Have the handmade gifts bug? Make them gifts like a photo album, a vision board of things you want to achieve with them, write them ‘Open When’ letters or make them a painting. You have all the creative freedom. 
    • If you want to go overboard with Valentine’s this year, especially if you’re going to propose, book a short getaway with your partner. 

Public Life on Valentine Day 2023 in Canada

Celebrations of Valentine’s Day is the same worldwide. The traditional Valentine’s Day customs include giving your significant other flowers (often roses or something pink or red), chocolates, gifts, dining in a romantic venue, clothes and jewellery, cakes, and stuffed toys. Valentine’s Day Gifts in the shape of hearts are an absolute hit. Many couples even make their romance official by popping the question to their partner on this Day. Parks, movie theatres, drive-ins, restaurants, museums and famous sights are usually busy with couples. 

Valentine’s Day Flowers and Gifts

When it comes to gifting, one of the most gifted items on Valentine’s Day is flowers and chocolates. Several shops put out themed foods and gifts. Red and pinks are dominant colours during Valentine’s Day. Many stores have discounts for pairs for Valentine’s Day. No partner? Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friend group. Instead of Secret Santa this year, have a round of Secret Valentines among your friends or family. 


Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your family, friends and that special someone. Valentine’s week in Canada will be epic, like every year. Spread a lot of love around you and treat people with kindness. If you don’t have a special someone, buy yourself some flowers and gifts and take yourself out on a date.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Valentine’s Day a Public Holiday in Canada?

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday in Canada.

Since when is Valentine’s Day connected to romantic love?

Valentine’s Day has been related to romantic love since the 14th and 15th centuries.

What gifts do girls want most on Valentine’s Day in Canada?

Most Valentine’s Day gifts for her include flowers, chocolates, jewellery, clothes, and something of utility.

What gifts do boys want most on Valentine’s Day in Canada?

Most Valentine’s Day gifts for him include flowers, a watch, clothes, chocolates and anything they can use daily.

Do Schools celebrate Valentine’s Day in Canada?

Students celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing cards and letters for friends. Some schools in Ontario have banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day, keeping financial equity in mind.